Self Improvement

Business Etiquette Training: Get The ‘Finishing School’ Advantage

September 22, 2011
An executive finishing school is an institute that offers to 'polish' a person’s skills and train them to deal with situations they may encounter at work.

Self-Nurturance: 12 Unstoppable Things Worth Doing Over and Over Again

September 15, 2011
As women, we could all benefit from filling up our souls with the things that serve our purpose and make us feel like we’re full of life and about to soar.

Three Authentic Voices: Three Keys to Authentic Success

August 28, 2011
Authenticity can be a challenge for entrepreneurs when you don’t trust yourself or believe that you can be who you are, do what you love AND be successful.

Business Communication: 3 Effective Ways To Convey Your Vision

August 11, 2011
Finding it hard to communicate your vision with your employees? Improve the effectiveness of your communications with these tips from the world of media.

Confidence For Women: 6 Tips To Rocking Your Confidence

July 28, 2011
Being a confident, strong woman is living from a place of calm, fully connecting to your inner rhythm and being free of everything that is not authentic to you.

Business Networking Tips For Introverts

July 19, 2011
Are you an introvert who gets exhausted by business networking events? Here are some tips to make networking more productive and even enjoyable for you.

Business Etiquette Tips To Help You Succeed In The Workplace

July 14, 2011
The way you handle yourself in the workplace will greatly affect your success. Make lasting relationships in the office by practicing good manners and etiquette.

Fear Public Speaking? Self-Confidence Takes Small Steps

June 16, 2011
Leadership requires strong speaking skills. Building self-confidence in public speaking can feel like you're building a house one brick at a time.

Shopping Addiction: The Consequences Of Compulsive Spending

June 12, 2011
Shopping addiction may just be a means of escape from the realities of life or an outlet to anger, depression, anxiety, boredom or loneliness.

Presentation Skills: Confidently Stand In Your Power On Stage

June 10, 2011
If you’re delivering workshops or planning to begin giving presentations, then the 3 tips here will help you leap ahead of any other speaker.