Women Entrepreneurs

Copywriting Business: How To Start Your Own Copywriting Agency

June 21, 2011
If you’re interested in offering your own copywriting services to clients, set up your home office and prepare yourself to write, write and write.

The Top 10 Businesses Owned By Women Entrepreneurs In India

June 17, 2011
Women owned businesses are adding significantly to India’s economy. Here's a list of the top ten women owned businesses in India.

Top 10 Customer Service Tips For Sensational Business Success

June 11, 2011
Ensuring the customer who keeps you in business is satisfied is crucial. Here are some simple tips on how to maximize your customer service.

Loans For Business Women: Financial Help For Women In India

June 6, 2011
Finding it hard to source funding for your business venture? Here are a number of sources of funding for entrepreneurial ventures by women in India.

Business Tips For Women: 3 Easy Ways to Reinvent Your Business

June 1, 2011
Let's take a look at THREE easy ways you can reinvent your business. They might not be high drama, but they'll likely get you dramatic results.

Corporate Blogging Tips To Benefit From Your Company Blog

May 30, 2011
Although blogging can be risky a word for businesses, there are several helpful tips that can help bring success to corporate blogging.

Building A Brilliant Business: 5 Business Blocks To Overcome

May 12, 2011
There are 5 main challenges to building a brilliant business. The entrepreneur who plans ahead for potential challenges ends up miles ahead of the game.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas For Enterprising Indian Women

May 9, 2011
Setting up a viable and profitable business venture with minimal capital is certainly possible. Here’s a list of the top 10 small business ideas for Indian women.

Women In Business: Organizations And Associations In India

May 4, 2011
To meet the needs of a growing number of business women in India, several associations are being formed, centering on their unique needs and niches.

Brilliant Business Plans: 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Yours

April 28, 2011
What’s your big game plan for this business year? Have you got your year – your business, your life, your health - mapped out perfectly?