Women In Business

Setting Boundaries At Work: 4 Ways To Deal With Clients’ Demands

April 19, 2011
Want to attract clients and customers who honor your value, time, and self-respect? Here are 4 ways that you can gracefully set boundaries in your business.

Business Finance: Loans For Women Entrepreneurs In India

April 13, 2011
Several financial institutions, public sector banks, private banks and NGOs are now offering to help aspiring women entrepreneurs in India start a business.

Women In Business: Challenging Age Old Ideas Of Leadership

April 8, 2011
Women in business have moved beyond being a source of secondary income to excelling in every field as leaders and entrepreneurs in their own right.

Starting An Online Business? Here Are 3 Mistakes To Avoid

April 7, 2011
50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. Even if you have had your business for awhile, do your due diligence and make changes if need be.

Successful Indian Women Entrepreneurs And Pioneers Who Inspire Us

April 4, 2011
Here are few of India’s women entrepreneurs and pioneers who were among the first in their fields and whose achievements inspire today's Indian woman.

Indian Women In Business: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

April 2, 2011
The role of Indian women in business has grown beyond running boutiques, parlours, secretarial and lower managerial jobs to running full-fledged enterprises.

Business Etiquette: How To Navigate ‘Family Talk’ At The Office

April 2, 2011
When you are talking about your family at work, how do you know if you are sharing too much or if the topic is inappropriate? The following tips will help you determine appropriate 'family talk' at the office.

Work From Home Business Ideas That Cost Very Little To Start

April 1, 2011
Flexible working hours, relief from office pressures, family compulsions or just the need to be independent. Kinnary H. Nensee gives you some ideas to start a home business with very little capital or investment.

Starting A Small Business: Tips For Women Business Owners

March 30, 2011
Starting a small business means being your own boss and though it's an attractive option, you need to do some essential research work beforehand.

Women In Business: How Women Leaders Are Changing The World

March 28, 2011
Women have entered the business world with confidence, which has made the world sit up and take notice.