Women In Business

Ladies: How To Divorce-Proof Your Business

March 25, 2011
Though written for American women, with so many Indian marriages now ending in divorce, we thought that this article by millionaire mentor and coach, Ali Brown, would be of interest to Indian business women.

Top 5 Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India

March 24, 2011
Women entrepreneurship in India has come a long way. Here we've listed 5 of the most successful women entrepreneurs in India who continue to inspire us.

Good Bragging: Change the Way You Think about Self-Promotion

February 25, 2011
Ronnie Ann Ryan suggests that maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at bragging and ask if there is a difference between arrogance and self-promotion.

Sumitra Senapaty, Founder, Women on Wanderlust (WOW)

February 23, 2011
Sumitra Senapaty turned entrepreneur when she started Women on Wanderlust (WOW) with the dream of encouraging Indian women to travel on their own.