Women’s Issues

Lupita Nyong’o: Get To The Deeper Business Of Being Beautiful Inside

March 8, 2014
Will seeing Lupita as an icon of beauty on their screens make women more more accepting of the shade they were born with?

Has Social Media Empowered Women In India To Speak Out Against Rape?

November 21, 2013
Social media is one of the tools that has empowered women to speak our minds and have our opinions validated by like-minded people out there.

Why Indian Women Must Take Responsibility For Their Own Safety

January 8, 2013
Instead of having unrealistic expectations that law enforcers will act in your interest, learn to trust your instincts and know when it is safe and not safe.

Preventing Rape Requires A Drastic Change In Mindset

January 7, 2013
What is needed today is a complete change in attitudes to women, a change in the legal process, and educating and ‘sensitizing’ men about women’s issues.

Indian Sports Women: Gender Discrimination Against Women Sportspersons

July 13, 2012
Although India boasts of several sportswomen who have made us proud, gender discrimination is far more common in the field of sports than in other field.

Alcohol Abuse In Indian Women: Is It A Young, Urban Phenomenon?

March 24, 2012
Indian women have started drinking as much as men. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) India has seen a sharp increase in the number of women attending it’s meetings.

Becoming A Woman Of Integrity: The Source Of Your Power

January 31, 2012
Today integrity as a virtue is tougher than ever to practice. Women are becoming victims of changing values and increasingly falling prey to temptations.

Sex And The Indian Woman: Are We As Liberated As The Media Claims?

November 16, 2011
The new generation of Indian women is perhaps the first where many have had multiple sexual partners before marriage, and are not socially ostracized for it.

Working Women Less Prone To Domestic Violence, Say Legal Experts

November 8, 2011
Nearly 70% of married women aged 15 to 49 years in India face rape, beating and verbal abuse. Learn how the Domestic Violence Act of India can protect you.

Women In Modern India: The Forty-Something Diva

September 29, 2011
Today's 40-something Indian woman is wise, well-read,well maintained, articulate and tech-savvy, and knows how to carry herself with grace and elegance.