Classic Outfits For The Modern Woman

Classic Outfits For The Modern Woman
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The modern Indian woman has moved beyond the conventional salwar kameez and saree and has embraced western outfits with grace.

Fusion styling has also become the order of the day where you mix the western with the traditional. For example, you could pair a choli with printed trousers or team up a spaghetti top over a flowing ethnic skirt. The key is to experiment and find out which outfits highlight your best features.

Women love to fill up the wardrobes and derive utmost pleasure in shopping. But you’ve got to make sure that you have a few classic pieces. Here are some of the must haves in every woman’s wardrobe.

A pair of well fitted black or grey trousers should definitely be present in your wardrobe.

woman wearing trousers
They not only serve as everyday wear, but can also prove to be the best for a formal sit down official dinner. Paired with a well tailored shirt and a jacket, with minimal jewellery is the best way you can wear your trousers to business meetings.

  • The One Piece Dress

one piece dress

Source: rediff

If you need to attend a cocktail party and are undecided on what to wear, then you can always rely on your little black dress.

In addition to black, you can shop for other one piece dresses online on websites like Rediff.com. Pastel shades and monochromes are great for shorter dresses. If you’re looking at long and flowy gowns, then the colours won’t matter, you’ll look gorgeous either way.

  • The Six Yards Of Fabric

Whether it is the classy Kanjivarams or the rich Benarsis or the light weight Mysore Silk, a silk saree is a priceless heirloom, and you should definitely have one in your wardrobe.

woman in saree

The saree exudes grace and elegance. For your everyday wear you can choose light cottons or flowy georgettes and chiffons.

  • The Ethnic Anarkali

Right from Meena Kumari to Aishwarya Rai, Bollywood divas have always worn the ethnic anarkali. These never to go out of fashion, and are a line of apparel that add an Indian twist at official meetings.

indian bridal dress

Buy an embellished on in rich brocade silk to wear at festive occasions.

  • A Classy Jacket

Whether you are wearing a tee or a shirt or a dress, a formal jacket adds class to the attire. In fact, you could even wear one with a saree, emulating the style of the who’s who of the fashion industry.

Business Style Fashion

  • A Black Suit

A universal choice for any occasion, formal or social, a well fitted black skirt suit or pantsuit is sure to make a lasting first impression.

fashion savvy woman

Dressing right gives a boost to your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself. Make the right choice of dresses and be sure to include these timeless pieces in your wardrobe.

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