Comfortable Career Shoes For Women: Keep Your Feet Happy At Work

Comfortable Career Shoes For Women: Keep Your Feet Happy At Work

Often given the least thought, your choice of footwear at work can make or break your day. That, however, does not mean that you need to strut around in not-so-aesthetic ergonomic slippers in the boardroom.

With a little smart shopping for work shoes, you can keep your feet comfortable without having to lower your fashion quotient.

Women's Business Shoes

You have probably, at some point, faced the repercussions of wearing the wrong shoes at work – sore heels, calluses, bunions, painful shins and achy backs are some of them.

If your job requires you to be active, stand for prolonged periods of time or walk around a lot, it helps to invest some energy in choosing the perfect pair of business shoes to carry you through the day.

Women’s Business Shoes

Wedges: These let you have the pleasure of wearing heels without actually bearing their brunt. They are comfortable and fashionable, and can be worn with almost anything.

Booties: If you are the daring kinds, make space for flat, ankle-length boots in your work wardrobe. However, choose the elegant kinds without the gloss, fringes or metallic detailing. These look great with skirts and even trousers.

Ballerinas: These are an all-time classic and extremely versatile. Whether it is the traditional salwar-kameez, a casual kurti with trousers or a power suit, ballerina-style shoes can complete any attire. Since your feet stay covered, you can tide through dusty outdoors and freezing boardrooms. Make sure that you buy a pair with cushioned heels.

Slip-ons: Choose one with a thick base and a cushioned heel and you are all ready to brave a long day at work. You can even slip them off to put your feet up under your desk. The best part is that you can make them look as formal or casual as you wish.

Pumps: A must-have in every career woman’s wardrobe, pumps spell “power dressing”. Choose one with a lower heel and a lesser “slope”. Make sure that the heel is thick and sturdy, preferably with a “raise” in the front. This will prevent your feet from sliding down to the front.

While comfort remains the highest priority, care must be taken to choose a design and color that is appropriate for the workplace:

– Pick neutral color tones like black, brown, beige and navy blue. These can be matched up with anything.

– Avoid flashy and gaudy detailing, such as big bows, metallic studs and vibrant colors. There are plenty of stylish shoes out there in the market that look classy and dressy without drawing unwanted attention to your attire.

– Do a test walk with a pair before actually buying it. If it doesn’t feel right within the first five minutes, don’t even think about it! Also note if the pair makes loud clickity-clackety sounds when you walk. Anything that is too loud will probably be a distraction at work.

– Leather, suede and fabric are good materials to choose from.

– Always keep your office dress code in mind while shopping for shoes – is there a policy against open-toed sandals or backless shoes?

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