5 Creative Kids Activities And Creative Things To Do At Home

5 Creative Kids Activities And Creative Things To Do At Home
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Need creative kids activities and creative things to do at home? Boost creative thinking in children with this list of creative ideas to do at home.

Creativity is a much-valued skill in 21st-century learners and is part of the “Four Cs” (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) that will give your kids an edge in the workplace of the future.

Many people believe that technology is making people less creative, but technology is just a tool that can enhance creativity and provide creative ideas for quarantine and creative kids activities when used properly.

In his famous TED Talks, creativity expert, Sir Kenneth Robinson, challenged the way we educate our children, championing a radical rethink of creative thinking in schools and acknowledging multiple types of intelligence.

We are educating people out of their creativity. ~ Sir Ken Robinson
We are educating people out of their creativity. ~ Sir Ken Robinson

Divergent thinking starts with a prompt that encourages students to think critically, diverging towards distinct answers.

In exercises that demand divergent thinking, creativity plays an important role, as students should usually reach an answer they did not anticipate upon processing the prompt.

So how can you teach divergent or creative thinking with classroom activities? Creative kids activities such as writing an essay and brainstorming are examples of divergent thinking in the classroom.

Children are wired to create, so one way to spark creativity and cultivate creative thinking in children is to help them find creative things to do.

If you want to enhance creative thinking for kids, this list of creative ideas for children will not only give your kids a creative outlet and provide creative ideas for time-pass but also boost their creative thinking in life skills.

Creative Things To Do At Home

5 Creative Kids Activities & Creative Things To Do At Home

To enhance creative thinking skills and creativity in children, you can introduce them to any number of these creative hobby ideas and creative art and craft ideas for kids to get their creative juices flowing.

You’ll find many creative quarantine ideas, creative learning activities for preschoolers, and creative activities for students to keep little ones happily occupied and learning new things during the lockdowns and vacations.

1. Creative Toys For Kids

Smartivity is an Indian company that makes educational, science toys, learning toys, and construction toys for kids aged 6 to 14 years old. Their gender-agnostic STEM toys for kids engage their minds and bodies in hands-on constructive, educational fun.

Smartivity provides eco-friendly, creative wooden ideas and wooden toys for kids that use high-quality, re-engineered wood as the primary material.

As fun, educational science experiments for kids at home, these STEM toys for kids inculcate a scientific temper and teach the practical applications of core concepts through play.

Their STEAM construction toys are designed to help your child gain confidence in building things with their own hands. They provide child-safe, mess-free creative kids activities that will keep girls and boys engaged for hours.

The world-class, easy-to-follow instruction manual will help your child build their own STEAM educational construction toys with their hands.

Each Smartivity toy takes about 120 to 200 minutes to construct, so these creative wood projects will give your kids many hours of happy indoor play with the STEM toys they build.


Your kids will not only get a hands-on understanding of STEAM fundamentals but also experience a real sense of accomplishment.

Once these tech toys and construction toys are assembled, kids can conduct more experiments to learn STEAM concepts at work and continue to explore, play and enjoy the variable gameplays for a long time.

Buy Smartivity’s science toys for kids as well as other children’s toys and games on SHOPonSHEROES.

2. Creative Craft Ideas For Kids

There are so many creative craft ideas for kids that you can use to keep them occupied during the vacations, and not all of them require expensive craft supplies from the craft store.

  • Creative craft ideas from waste materials

For example, you can come up with some amazing creative kids activities using these creative ideas for the best out of waste from newspapers and other discarded materials.

Some creative ideas for glass jars and glass bottles include making a beach in a bottle and other ways to recycle bottles by making creative upcycled home décor.

Other creative home decor ideas from waste include turning boring, old tin cans into wind chimes or beautiful lanterns for the festive season.

You can find even more creative ideas for home decoration from waste materials that include creative ideas with plastic bottles, some of which are glitter and glue creative craft ideas.

Keep in mind that you should always accompany your child during these creative projects to ensure they don’t get anything harmful into their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Other creative craft ideas with paper include creative wrapping ideas for making creative wrapping paper, or creative gift wrapping ideas, like these unusual wrapping ideas that make use of waste newspaper.

Encourage school kids to save money and materials on school projects by using waste materials for creative teacher gifts, or find creative chart ideas for chart making.

Old magazines can be used for creative collage ideas while old photos can be used for creative photo gifts and creative photo collage ideas.


  • Creative festival craft ideas

During festival time, you can try out some Christmas creative ideas, like these creative sock ideas and creative snowman craft ideas, creative gift wrapping ideas for Christmas, or even creative Christmas decorations.

Creative Diwali craft ideas can include creative, innovative rangoli ideas, and creative lamp ideas. Spark your creativity with creative oil lamp ideas and make stunning Diwali diya arrangements with these creative lamp base ideas.


  • Creative gifts for friends

Creative handmade gifts for friends are always more meaningful and memorable than commercially bought gifts, and easier on the pocket too. For example, you can use waste materials for creative hat ideas during birthday celebrations.

If you want to give your child’s friends birthday party return gifts that cost little to nothing, you can find creative ideas for handmade gifts, such as creative gift basket ideas, or creative gift box ideas.

You can also make creative gifts for friends and creative best friend gifts such as creative diary ideas, creative sketchbook ideas, creative photo frame design ideas, or creative box ideas to keep things in.

One of the most meaningful and creative gift ideas for best friends is a DIY photo box gift containing your photos taken together. It can become a cherished keepsake to remember the good times you had.

These creative containers for gifts will be greatly appreciated as creative homemade gifts for girlfriends, creative homemade birthday gifts for husbands, or creative homemade gifts for boyfriends for Valentine’s Day.

You can also make creative money gift ideas by designing envelopes to put money for your rakhi sister, or for newly-married couples, or little kids during the festive season.

If your child is old enough for creative sewing projects, you can find creative sewing ideas and creative crochet ideas to make gifts for their friends.

  • Clay modelling ideas for kids

One of the most fun, creative craft ideas is clay modelling ideas for kids. This activity is one of the best creative things to do at home and sensory skills activities to help preschoolers and kindergarteners learn fine motor skills.

You can buy clay modelling kits online with easy clay modelling ideas for preschoolers or clay modelling ideas for kindergarten, which will provide many happy hours of play for your little ones.

3. Creative Art Ideas For Kids

It’s quite easy to find creative art activities and creative art projects for kids to do at home. Some creative drawing ideas for kids include creative doodle ideas, such as these creative doodle art ideas for when they’re bored at home.

Other easy creative art ideas for kids include finger painting, which is one of the best creative art activities for toddlers and creative art activities for preschoolers.

Watch the easy creative paintings video below to learn about new creative drawing ideas and creative painting ideas for kids.

When involved in any creative activity for toddlers, such as making creative art for preschoolers or creative art for toddlers, make sure you use safe and natural colours for finger painting or vegetable colours that can be ingested.

You can showcase your kids’ creative art ideas, drawing ideas, and creative artwork ideas as creative wall art ideas and home decorations.

If you want more creative painting ideas for beginners, this video will show you how to use different types of paint, like coffee grounds to make creative coffee painting designs.

Besides creative painting ideas on paper, you can also find other creative things to paint on, such as creative canvas painting ideas, creative board ideas, and creative sidewalk chalk ideas.

Watch the video below for some creative rock painting ideas to make beautiful creative painted rocks that you can place around your garden or balcony.

If you want to start with easy creative drawing ideas and easy creative painting, the creative art project ideas in the video below will introduce you to some easy creative art ideas on paper.



4. Creative Writing For Kids

If you have quiet kids who enjoy writing (or need quieter creative kids activities), you can introduce your children to a number of creative writing activities and creative writing ideas for kids.

For example, you can get them to write down creative ways to wish Happy Birthday to their friends. Watch this video for a number of creative writing prompts and creative writing topics for kids to help them jumpstart their creativity.

Other creative writing activities you can introduce them to include these creative calligraphy ideas, creative lettering ideas, and creative handwriting ideas.

Creative writing does not only have to be in English. You can introduce them to creative writing in Hindi or any language they are familiar with. You can even find a free creative writing workshop online to help them get started.


5. Creative Play Activities For Kids

Creative play or dramatic play ideas can help your kids learn how to deal with real-life situations. If you want to drag your kids away from their computer games, introduce them to creative play ideas such as dress-up or pretend play.

Getting sun exposure is good for building Vitamin D and immunity. If you have a backyard or a balcony or terrace where your little ones can play outdoors, you’ll find these creative outdoor activities for kids very helpful.

If you’re facing inclement weather during the monsoons, but have a hallway where your kids can play, these creative hopscotch ideas will keep them happy and occupied.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these creative ideas to do at home with kids. You can boost creative thinking in children and ensure that your family has fun during the lockdown and vacations with these creative activity ideas for kids.

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