Develop Your Sixth Sense With Naaree.com

Develop Your Sixth Sense With Naaree.com
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Naaree.com Celebrates International Women’s Day With Free Intuition Workshop

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2007, Naaree.com is organising a free workshop, titled “Develop Your Sixth Sense,” with the aim of helping women get in touch with their intuition and inner guidance.

To enable career women to attend the three-hour workshop, it will be held on Sunday, 11th March, 2007, from 3 to 6 pm, at Hotel Four Seasons, near Prithvi Theatre in Juhu, Mumbai.

Intuition is now considered an essential skill necessary to successful living. Our relationships and careers can, both, benefit from our ability to trust and use our intuition in daily life.

Women are naturally intuitive beings. But in a world where five-sensory, logical and rational thinking is valued over hunches and gut feeling, many of us have learned to distrust our inner knowing. Disconnecting from this source of universal wisdom has weakened women and prevented us from reaching our full potential.

In our effort to empower everyone, and women in particular, to develop and trust their inner guidance, Naaree.com has employed the skills of psychologist and trainer Tarannum Siddiqui, in organising a “Develop Your Sixth Sense” workshop.

Ms. Siddiqui has over six years of experience in training and conducts regular “Enlightenment” workshops to help women and corporate professionals enhance their visionary skills and perceptual insight.

The workshop is open to all, irrespective of gender, and will cover the topics here.

· What is intuition?
· What type of intuitive are you?
· Take the Intuitive Test
· How to use intuition with intention at work and in relationships
· The I AM exercise
· The Telepathy game
· Discussion and sharing

For more information, and to register for the “Develop Your Sixth Sense” workshop, please contact Ms. Siddiqui at . Registrations are limited, so please book your space early.


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