10 Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas At Home For Diwali 2021

10 Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas At Home For Diwali 2021
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Diwali 2021 has brought hope and it’s time to take your Deepavali celebration to the next level. Here are 10 safe and fun Diwali celebration ideas for this Indian festival.

Are you getting ready for the Diwali festival and planning your Diwali celebration ideas? If you’re still wondering Diwali kab hai (when is Diwali?), the date for Diwali 2021 is 4th November 2021.

Most Indians know Diwali meaning is a victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. But one of the most important Diwali facts is that this Indian festival is usually celebrated with close family and friends.

Most Diwali activities ideas involve lighting Diwali Diyas, putting up traditional Diwali decorations like lanterns, shopping for Diwali gifts, lighting fireworks, Diwali puja and enjoying Diwali mithai (sweets).

Buying new Diwali attire and Diwali outfits is a fun part of Deepavali celebrations, whether you prefer your Diwali look in sarees or lehenga choli for Navratri.

Now that we’re getting vaccinated and things are opening up for Diwali 2021, you can go back to all the fun ways to celebrate Diwali at home and with friends.

Diwali 2021 may have fewer guests coming home due to some travel restrictions still being in place, but your Diwali celebration ideas and Diwali activities for kids no longer need to be restricted to the home, especially if you’re vaccinated.

Shopping for Diwali gift ideas has gone online and Diwali greetings are electronic as most people just share their Diwali greetings on WhatsApp and social media nowadays.

People are likely to do much of their Diwali shopping online this year, including shopping for Diwali puja samagri. In this article, we’ll share some Deepavali celebration ideas that will help you bring back the joy and fun activities of the Festival of Lights.

Diwali Dhamaka


10 Fun Diwali Celebration Ideas At Home For Diwali 2021

There’s no limit to your imagination when it comes to Diwali activities, and you can come up with some fun activities for everyone. Here are 10 Diwali celebration ideas you can do for Diwali 2021:

1. Write a Diwali Shayari

Get your creative juices flowing by getting your family to write a Diwali Shayari or Diwali poem. You can put this in your Diwali e-cards or WhatsApp messages for a unique and original message instead of just forwarding other people’s Diwali greetings and quotes.

Click here to share my Diwali poem of Hope with your loved ones.

Diwali Poem Of Hope

You can also come up with new and original Diwali slogans, Diwali quotations and Diwali greetings quotes for your Diwali messages and share them in the Just Quotes community on the SHEROES app.

Design a beautiful Diwali e-card with your family photo and include your original Diwali Hindi quotes in your emails, WhatsApp messages and more for a unique and original twist.

Don’t forget to share your original Diwali Shayari in the Poetry and Festivals communities on the SHEROES app.

2. Make Diwali mithai together

During Diwali 2021, there will still be people searching for recipes for easy Indian sweets to make at home. And while you’re at it, why not buy some yummy waffle cookies from Waffle House on SHOPonSHEROES.

Spend some time with your family making some delicious Diwali mithai and make some healthy and refreshing Diwali mocktails with these Diwali drink recipes.

Your kids will love helping out in the kitchen and preparing Diwali mithai is one of the best Diwali activities for kids because it’s educational and fun too. You can buy healthy Diwali snacks and Indian healthy snacks for breakfast, evening tea, and kids in the SHOPonSHEROES marketplace.

Share your own Diwali mithai recipes and Diwali special dishes with other food-lovers in the Cooking, Food and Recipes community on the SHEROES app.

Diwali mithai

3. Make Diwali drawings & Diwali paintings

Get your housing society to organise a Diwali Mandala drawing in your building using these beautiful Mandala art drawings for inspiration.

You can also organise a Diwali diya painting contest for the kids and give away prizes for the best diya painting designs. Or get the kids to create Diwali decoration items made at home and Diwali crafts from waste materials with these best out of waste ideas.

Share images of their Diwali drawing or painting in your society WhatsApp group and don’t forget to share your festive Diwali images in the Festivals Community on the SHEROES app.

You can also organise a children’s contest to paint Diwali candles or Diwali diyas (also called Diwali kandil) and get kids to share their Diwali lamps images on the society WhatsApp group and on social media.

4. Create beautiful Diwali rangoli designs

One of the favourite Diwali craft ideas is doing Diwali ki rangoli. Again, get your kids to chip in and help out. You can find many beautiful Diwali rangoli designs and tutorials on YouTube and social media.

Take inspiration from these Diwali craft activities to create your own spectacular Diwali rangoli and share your Diwali rangoli images with us in the Art, Craft and Photography Community on the SHEROES app.

Diwali rangoli images

5. Put up the Diwali lantern & Diwali decorations

Decorating the home with traditional Diwali decorations such as Diwali lanterns and torans is one of the favourite Diwali activities for kids as they absolutely love making the house look beautiful.

Involve them in your Diwali decorations every step of the way, from making a Diwali lantern by hand to putting it up. They will appreciate it and have memories of this Diwali that will last a lifetime.

Check out the tutorial for making a Diwali lantern at home and don’t forget to share your Diwali decorations images in the Festivals Community on the SHEROES app.

6. Play Diwali games online

One of the favourite Diwali games is Antakshari, and this is a game you can even play online with family and friends on a Zoom call.

Organise an online Antakshari session with your family all over the world and do share a video of your Antakshari session in the Music, Dance and Movies Community on the SHEROES app.

You can even put on your creative hat and come up with new online Diwali games ideas to play with your family at home. After all, you are no longer limited by geography.

7. Play Diwali dress-up

Most people will be buying Diwali clothing online this year. Even if you can show off your beautiful Diwali outfits in person with family and friends, don’t forget to post Instagram-worthy images on social media.

Play Diwali dress-up with your kids in your Diwali clothes and take beautiful images to share on Instagram and in the Fashion and Beauty communities on the SHEROES app.

Diwali dress

8. Tell Diwali jokes

Get together with your family and friends online and tell funny Diwali jokes or any silly jokes you can think of. Share your favourite Diwali jokes in the Memes & Jokes Community on the SHEROES app.

Most people will just be happy to connect and enjoy some Facetime with others they love and telling jokes is one way to keep the conversation light and fun.

9. Sing Diwali songs

Do you know any Diwali songs? If not, check out the fun Diwali songs in the video below. Sing them along with your kids and make up your own Diwali songs too.

10. Diwali dance-off to Diwali movies songs

Bollywood never disappoints when it comes to creating a Diwali mood, so you can find many Bollywood movies with Diwali songs.

Dancing to Bollywood songs at home or having a dance-off with friends online is one of the most fun Diwali celebration ideas you can enjoy.

Here are some Bollywood dance numbers to light up your Diwali celebrations.

Don’t forget to take photos or videos of your Bollywood Diwali Dance-Off and share them in the Music, Dance and Movies Community on the SHEROES app.

When you’ve finished trying out all these fun Diwali celebration ideas and are looking for ways to keep your kids occupied indoors, these indoor games for kids and top educational websites for kids and inspirational movies that inspire kids will help you keep your children happy and occupied at home.

The reason we have not mentioned Diwali fireworks in this list of Diwali celebration ideas is that most of them are not eco-friendly and are harmful to health and the environment, besides causing distress to animals and pets.

Many State governments in India have banned crackers for Diwali 2021. However, if you do want to burst crackers, we urge you to get eco-friendly or green firecrackers or e-crackers that are not as polluting.

Download the SHEROES app for women and share your Diwali celebration ideas, images and videos with our women-only community. We wish you a very happy, safe, and prosperous Diwali 2021!

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About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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