How To Find Domestic Violence Counselling, Helplines And Support In India

How To Find Domestic Violence Counselling, Helplines And Support In India
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Are you a domestic violence victim in India? Learn about types of domestic abuse and domestic violence survivors, counselling, helplines, and support in India.

If you’re a domestic violence victim in India or know someone who is experiencing domestic violence, this article will help you understand what is domestic violence, how to empower yourself against domestic violence, and how to find domestic violence counselling, helplines and support in India.

Read this article on domestic violence in Hindi – भारत में डोमेस्टिक वायलेंस (घरेलू हिंसा) के ऊपर संपूर्ण जानकारी

Are you facing domestic violence during lockdown? Helpline numbers have been overwhelmed during the COVID-19 lockdown, as calls to domestic violence hotlines have increased significantly.

If you don’t feel safe to talk about domestic violence during lockdown, but have access to a Smartphone and want a women’s helpline no for domestic violence, download the SHEROES app for women and connect on the SHEROES chat helpline.

SHEROES Helpline

If you feel you don’t deserve to be treated the way you’re being treated you may be experiencing domestic violence. Connect on the SHEROES helpline to understand everything you need to know about domestic violence.

आपको लगता है कुछ गलत हो रहा है या नहीं भी लगता पर तकलीफ होती है तो वो घरेलु हिंसा हो सकती हैं। अपने शक, सवाल या जो भी बात आप पूछना चाहें कमेंट करें।

On the SHEROES app for women, you can attend regular live chat sessions with mental health counsellors and other experts.

What Is Domestic Violence In India?

The first step to overcoming domestic violence is learning about domestic violence, increasing domestic violence awareness and understanding domestic abuse meaning and what it entails.

Domestic violence is not only done by husbands. It is called domestic violence or domestic abuse even if it is by your parents, in-laws and other family members too.

Are you being harassed by your husband or in-laws? Do they blame you for everything? Were you asked to leave your marital home? Can you force your parents to provide for you?

Women in India have many legal rights that can make a huge difference in their present life and future. Know your legal rights and understand the laws against domestic violence in India, so you can be confident, aware and also fearless.

If you have any legal issues or queries about your legal rights, post your comments on the SHEROES app for women and get advice on legal protection against domestic violence in India from a domestic violence lawyer,

Ask The Advocate

If you’re afraid of contacting the police to lodge a domestic violence complaint, connect with SHEROES Champion, Adv Megha Batra, or post a question in the Ask Out Legal Community on the SHEROES app for women.

legal protection against domestic violence in India


Types of domestic abuse

The signs of domestic violence (DV) are not always obvious and a lot of women don’t report that they’re being abused. Even the woman’s own family is not always supportive at such times, because of the shame and guilt that surrounds such issues.

However, domestic violence is a serious threat to women in India, so you need to know the signs of an abusive relationship and how to react in the situation.

One concern that women face is understanding what comes under domestic violence and how to prove domestic violence in India. There are many types of domestic violence, including:

According to Susmita Barman, domestic violence isn’t only about heated arguments, physical abuse or emotional torture. There’s also economic abuse which our society, family members, male members, neighbours, relations, friends and also women and girls consider to be as normal.

What is economic abuse? When an abuser takes control of or limits access to shared or individual assets or limits the current or future earning potential of the victim as a strategy of power and control, that is economic abuse.

In economic abuse, the abuser separates the victim from her own resources, rights and choices, isolating the victim financially and creating a forced dependency for the victim and other family members.

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The cycle of violence

Domestic abuse falls into a common pattern or cycle of violence. Your abuser’s apologies and loving gestures in between the episodes of abuse can make it difficult to leave. If you’re being abused, watch the video below to understand the pattern you may have fallen into.

The cycle of violence describes the phases an abusive relationship moves through in the lead up to a violent event and its follow-up.

It also explores why women stay in abusive relationships for reasons beyond low self-esteem, isolation, family pressures and lack of community support.

It will help you understand why women are often reluctant to leave a violent abuser or even admit that they are being abused.

Image Source

According to The Recovery Village, if you’re in an abusive relationship, you may think there’s no way out. But there is, and the dangers of staying can be far worse than those of leaving. Remaining in the toxic, dangerous environment of domestic violence can put your life at risk.

Staying could put others in your life at risk as well. Oftentimes, abusers take their anger out on anyone in their path, even — or especially — children. And aside from the obvious physical dangers of abuse, there are a number of potential emotional consequences to keep in mind for everyone involved, including depression.

Domestic Violence Victims In India

Domestic Violence Facts In India

Domestic violence and abuse in India is not just a problem of the lower and middle classes. It is very prevalent even among prominent and famous people too.

But, there is hope for women as there are strong laws against domestic violence and abuse in India. Domestic violence Indian kanoon gives a lot of power to women.

And yes, there are always some opportunistic women who will try to abuse the legal system by misusing the domestic violence act of India.

But just because people sometimes misuse the law does that mean we should not have laws? After all the statistics of domestic violence by husbands in India are horrific.

According to the National Family Health Survey (NHFS-4) released by the Union health ministry, every third woman, since the age of 15, has faced domestic violence of various forms in the country. Most of the times perpetrators of this violence have been the husbands.

The survey also found that 31% of married women have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional violence by their spouses. The most common type of spousal violence is physical violence (27%), followed by emotional violence (13%).

The survey did not even mention economic abuse as domestic violence in India, even though that is a significant type of abuse among domestic violence victims in India.

The domestic violence facts in India are truly horrifying and merit a serious discussion into the mind of the Indian abuser, the learned helplessness of the abused woman and how to provide domestic violence support and legal help to domestic violence survivors.

Actor and director, Nandita Das, has released a short film titled Listen to Her, featuring herself and her son, on the rising cases of domestic violence in lockdown.

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Interview With a Domestic Violence Counsellor 

The television series, Big Little Lies, covers the cycle of violence in a way that everyone can understand and highlights the role that a supportive and compassionate counsellor plays in helping victims of domestic violence.

Naaree.com caught up with Barkha Bajaj, the Executive Director and Head counsellor for Aks Foundation, which specializes in domestic violence counselling in India and helps abused women deal with domestic violence situations in Pune.

In this interview, she outlines the options available to women suffering from domestic violence in India.

How severe is the problem of domestic violence in India?

It is quite severe – 80% of our calls are of domestic violence. Also, a lot of violence in India is not looked at as violence. As it is a patriarchy a lot of violence against women is expected and accepted.

What has been your experience with women who call in for help with domestic violence situations?

They need support more than anything else. There is a lot of self-blame, confusion, guilt and shame as they love their partners but are also fed up. A lot of them feel helpless and hopeless as they feel stuck in their situations.

How do the Aks Foundation and other organisations go about helping such women? What kind of support can women look to you for?

We provide 24/ 7 support through our crisis lines. Within Pune, we also provide legal support and advocacy where our volunteers go with the domestic violence survivors to the hospital or police station.

One line is dedicated to domestic violence counselling services. We also liaise with other NGOs or look for other domestic violence legal services in India if the call is outside Pune.

What is your advice to women who are suffering from domestic violence and dowry demands? What is the first thing they should do when faced with such a situation?

If they want to leave, the law is strong and they should use legal channels. However, the first thing is to tell someone they can trust and get support. Don’t hide it and suffer alone.

How can women be aware of signs of controlling men and those prone to Domestic Violence? Can we take clues from how his parents treat one another?

Well, there are red flags for eg:

  • Extreme jealousy
  • Isolating behaviours
  • Controlling- who she sees, what she wears
  • Intimidation and threats
  • Emotional manipulation- making you feel guilty all the time

Power and control wheels are available online – which show you strategies used by perpetrators. (You can download a printable copy of the power and control wheel here to help you understand what you’re going through)

Women often overlook red flags, thinking they can change the man once they are married to him. What would you like to tell such women?

We can only change ourselves and we cannot change someone else unless they want to change. Trying to rescue and change someone is a lost battle.

What change in mindset is required, for women and their families, to avoid getting into a situation involving domestic violence?

Education – gender sensitization, talking about gender in general and gender-based violence. This should be part of all school curriculum.

What parting advice would you like to give young unmarried women in India?

Know the signs of power and control. Domestic Violence is about power and control so be aware. Also, if you feel in your gut it’s a bad decision – get counselling. Also, financial independence is important. 🙂

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How To Empower Yourself Against Domestic Violence

My biggest life lessons have come from the realisation that people treat you the way you ALLOW yourself to be treated and that your relationship with others is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

Watch this TED Talk where Katie Hood reveals the five signs you might be in an unhealthy relationship — with a romantic partner, a friend or a family member.

One step of the cycle of abuse is the fantasy that the abuser will improve. Please understand this – THEY WON’T!

  • Don’t live in the false hope that things will get better someday.
  • Don’t look to other people to save you from your abuser.
  • No one can help you if you’re not willing to help yourself.
  • Only YOU can take action on your own behalf – legally and emotionally.

An abusive partner regularly reinforces the idea that you can’t escape, and that you can’t manage without them, because this is what they want you to believe, so they can keep control of you.

So what to do when your husband beats you? You must get financial, legal and emotional help to get out of the situation before you become another domestic violence statistic in India.

Financial Self-Help Guide For Domestic Violence Survivors

Most domestic violence survivors also experience financial abuse, which is often used as a tool by the abuser to keep you in his control so you lack the financial independence to escape from his abuse.

In this comprehensive financial self-help guide for domestic violence survivors, you’ll learn financial tips for keeping your financial documents safe, how to inventory your assets and debts, and ways to start setting aside some money of your own.

घरेलु हिंसा की शिकार महिलाओं के लिए आर्थिक रूप से सक्षम होने की गाइड

While you can consult a financial lawyer to find out how much money or property you’re entitled to after the divorce, it is always best to work towards creating financial independence on your own.

Here are some ways that SHEROES helps women create financial independence and recover their self-esteem and self-confidence.

The MARS Partner program helps women get certified as remote professionals so they can apply for legitimate remote jobs in various roles – including customer service, sales/lead generation, content creation, travel, remote sales jobs in the insurance industry.

working remotely meaning


Emotional Self-Care For Domestic Violence Survivors

Get free online counselling for women on the AskHEROES free chat helpline, where you can talk about anything personal or professional in your life. Your conversation is 100% confidential and secure.

Overcome the habit of learned helplessness to achieved greater autonomy and break through the limitations or the beliefs implanted by family and society, that imprison you and keep you from choosing the freedom you deserve.

Learned helplessness is a phenomenon in which someone has been conditioned to anticipate discomfort in some way without having a way to avoid it or make it stop.

When people believe that they are powerless to control what happens to them, they start to act helpless. After enough conditioning, the person will stop any attempts to avoid the pain, even if they see an opportunity to escape.

What you need to remember is that you have the power to change. You can extricate yourself from bad situations and negative people who hold you back and abuse you. Learn how to overcome learned helplessness and improve your life.

Do you lack the courage to leave an abusive relationship? Chat with a counsellor on our free online counselling chat helpline for women.  develop the inner resources you need so you can find the courage you need and get help leaving an abusive relationship.

SHEROES Helpline


Legal Help For Domestic Violence Survivors In India

Want to lodge a complaint against domestic violence? What are the domestic violence laws in India and how can a victim of domestic violence get redressal?

SHEROES Champion, Adv Megha Batra, offers some answers to commonly asked legal questions about domestic violence.

What’s the first legal step that women should take in case of abuse?

At the time of the abuse, you must complain to a police officer immediately and get the medical report done as this will be used as evidence.

If you’re not in a condition to go for a written complaint, Dial 100 (police helpline) as soon as possible, as the complaint is recorded automatically and this will help you proceed with legal action.

A complaint of mental or physical violence can be filed in court anytime, but at the time of filing the complaint, you need to list each and every fact and incident of abuse and torture.

Editor’s note: Be smart and record everything using your Smartphone audio or video, if possible. Do not delete abusive texts, emails, or anything that can be used as evidence in court.

What rights do daughters have if they are being abused by parents?

Daughters have the right to take protection from the court and an unmarried daughter can claim maintenance and other residential rights from her father. She can file a complaint again them as well.

If you’re afraid of contacting the police to lodge a domestic violence complaint, connect with Adv Megha Batra on SHEROES, or post a question in the Ask Out Legal Community.

Domestic violence cases can now be resolved out of court, with the help of NGOs, counsellors and police who can counsel a woman “with regard to the course of action which she can take including joint counselling/mediation with her spouse/husband or her family members/in-laws.”

The guidelines further state that a violated woman must be informed about her right to choose her future course of action and that she must be guided with regard to her legal rights under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

To learn about the domestic violence complaint format, how to file a domestic violence case and what is the punishment for domestic violence in India, connect with a counsellor on the AskSHEROES free chat helpline for women.

If you want to know what domestic violence punishment in India you can inflict on your abusers, here’s my advice. If you’re facing domestic abuse, DON’T waste your time trying to take “revenge” on those who are trying to harm you.

It is a futile and endless journey and will leave you and your loved ones much worse off than if you just pick up your things, leave, and focus on building a new life for yourself and your children.

You must put all your energies into healing yourself and your children, not into punishing or getting back at your errant spouse. Moving forward and healing your emotional wounds is the ONLY way to get your life back.

The best revenge is to build a successful life without your abuser. ~ Naaree.com

Get free online counselling for depression, relationship counselling, career counselling and more on AskSHEROES free online counselling chat helpline for women.

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Inspiring Domestic Violence Survivor’s Stories

Pooja Krishna's #TakeCharge Story

Pooja Krishna

In 1997 while I was working with one of the leading computer institutes, I met this person and we developed a friendship. That, in turn, resulted in our marriage in the year 1998, against my family’s wishes as it was an intercaste marriage. Immediately after our marriage, he started doubting me, as by then he was unemployed. It gradually turned into mental torture and physical abuse.

I contacted his family in Uttar Pradesh to intervene. His father came to Mumbai and we took him to a psychiatrist. There he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and was advised to be kept under observation in the hospital or to be constantly in family care under proper medication.

Then, we decided to move back to UP at his parents’ home. At that time, as I was working I had to serve notice period to leave the company. Post that, we shifted to UP in June 1998. He was under the medication and gradually he recovered. Then he joined a Management Institute in Kanpur in Aug 1998.

As I was pregnant and wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t go with him. I went to stay in Kanpur in October. His behaviour towards me was the same as before, the tortures and abuse continued. I was pregnant and fragile and not getting proper care and concern from him and was totally at his mercy.

My gynaecologist became my mental anchor and was by my side. I tried taking sleeping pills many times to die as I had no strength left. But, I survived every time.

Click here to read the rest of Pooja’s courageous story.

Download the SHEROES app for women and share your own #TakeCharge Story on the app.

Inspiring Domestic Violence Survivor, Ruchi Singh's Story

Ruchi Singh is an inspiring domestic violence survivor, International Keynote Speaker, Mindset Coach and YouTuber. In an exclusive interview with Naaree.com, she talks about her experiences, inspiring life lessons and her goal of becoming a change agent for other survivors.

“I own my life and I help others to own theirs.”  When I read this powerful line I just knew I had to meet the person behind it. That’s how I connected with Ruchi Singh and I’m so glad I did.

I own my life and I help others to own theirs. ~ @RuchiSinghTalks

I never guessed that behind her gentle smile was someone who’s overcome the kind of hardship and trauma that few people can bounce back from. But once I heard her inspirational story I knew that I had to share it with you. I know you will draw your own courage and inspiration from her story of survival.

Domestic Violence Helplines In India

In this post below, we’ve tried to provide some numbers of helplines for domestic violence in India. Except for the AskSHEROES chat helpline which is global, some of the helplines below may not cover all geographies.

But if your city or town is not listed below, you can contact the National Commission for Women (NCW) in Delhi.

And yes, we know that men are victims of domestic violence. As our inspiring domestic violence survivor and mindset coach, Ruchi Singh states, “When you go through pain, you realise that pain has no gender.”

Domestic Violence

The domestic violence helpline numbers below may be labelled as women’s domestic violence helpline in India, but they should also work as men’s domestic violence helplines in India because violence does not distinguish between its victims.

Please note: These helplines for domestic violence in India are based on our research, and we are not responsible in case these domestic violence helplines do not work. Please report any domestic violence hotline numbers that are no longer active in the comments below and we will delete them.

  • AskSHEROES Chat Helpline

AskSHEROES Chat Helpline

SHEROES is an app exclusively for Indian women. On the AskSHEROES Helpline, you can talk about anything personal or professional in your life. Your conversation is 100% confidential and secure.

SHEROES Helpline

Get free online counselling for depression, relationship counselling, career counselling and more on the AskSHEROES free online counselling chat helpline for women.

  • All-India Email Helpline

National Commission for Women – The apex national level organization of India with the mandate of protecting and promoting the interests of women.

Click here to register a domestic violence complaint with the NCW

National Commission for Women,
Plot No.21, FC33, Jasola Institutional Area,
New Delhi-110025
Working Hours – 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.
Working Days – Monday to Friday

Emails for complaint redressal:

The National Commission for Women has launched a Whatsapp Number for help & assistance to women experiencing Domestic Violence in the wake of the COVID-19 Lockdown. See the tweet below for details.

  • Domestic Violence Helpline In Pune

For women involved in a situation of Domestic Violence in Pune, please contact the helpline of the Aks Foundation in Pune below. They are available 24/7.

Aks Helpline Numbers: 8793088814 to talk to our volunteers anytime.

For legal advice, call: 8793088815

For psychological counselling, call: 8793088816.

The following organisations can be contacted in Delhi:

  • Women’s Organisations In Delhi

Shakti Shalini: 1091/ 1291 (011) 23317004

Shakti Shalini Women’s Shelter: (011) 24373736/ 24373737

SAARTHAK: (011) 26853846/ 26524061

All India Women’s Conference: 10921/ (011) 23389680

JAGORI: (011) 26692700

Joint Women’s Programme (also has branches in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai: (011) 24619821

  • Dial 1091 for Women’s Helpline in Bangalore/Bengaluru

Vanitha Sahayavani

Toll-Free No: 1091 (24/7)

Local: 080-22943225

Established in 1999 by the Bengaluru City Police, Vanitha Sahayavani provides immediate rescue and support for women in distress.

Accessible through toll-free number 1091, Vanitha Sahayavani provides free tele-counselling, police assistance, crisis intervention, services in case of domestic violence, harassment and abuse. Vanitha Sahayavani operates from the Office of The Commissioner of Police – 24/7.

  • DIAL 1298 for Women’s Helpline in Mumbai

DIAL 1298 Women Helpline, a toll-free women-dedicated service managed by Ziqitza Healthcare in Mumbai has successfully helped more than 38,000 women in distress through its network of 80 partner NGOs.

Launched in 2008 with the support of 10 NGOs, DIAL 1298 Women Helpline offers women across socio-economic strata legal, psychological, psychiatric, trauma, medical and other kinds of counselling through its associations with a variety of women-oriented NGOs.

The Helpline addresses a wide range of complaints including dowry harassment, eve-teasing, abuse, domestic violence, cybercrime, divorce and maintenance, sexual harassment at the workplace, among others.

This domestic violence helpline was initially launched with the support of 10 NGOs and now works closely with over 80 NGOs in and around Mumbai.

DIAL 1298 Women Helpline is a referral helpline service. Any woman who needs help can DIAL 1298 and it will connect to Silver Innings Foundation.

The foundation will refer the caller to an NGO that will either address the issue at hand and provide counselling or negotiate with the family members to resolve the issue. In instances where the woman requires immediate assistance, then the call will be forwarded to 103 Police Helpline.

DIAL 1298 Women Helpline

Did you find this article on domestic violence in India useful? Get free online counselling for women in India and learn what is counselling, how it can help you and what it can’t do for you.

Join us on the SHEROES app for women where safety, empathy and trust are built into the platform at every level.

Author bio:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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signs of domestic abuse

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Domestic Violence Awareness
How To Find Domestic Violence Counselling, Helplines And Support In India

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  • My Mom’s brother is an alcoholic. He keeps drinking day and night. My Grandma stays with him and my mom’s sister who is physically & mentally challenged. My Mama( moms brother) beats up my old Grandma after coming back home drunk. And he keeps demanding money ! He’s not ready to work. He just sits at home and drinks all the time. Everyone in the family has given him numerous warnings. But nothing goes into his crack head! My Grandfather died because of him. He used to beat him too. What can I do to keep my grandmother safe. It’s her house..she’s poor yet she feeds him without asking anything but in return he’s beating her..when she refuses to give him money or asks him to go do a job…He wont let her be in peace! She doesn’t deserve this..What should be done this case? How can we throw him out?

    • You need to consult a legal expert to know your options, Juhi. All I can tell you is that your grandmother has made her choice by taking care of him. Maybe you just need to accept that and get on with your own life.

  • maa’m if ill run also i will be needing financial support
    so plz maam help me to contact ngo

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    my parents torchers me through out day n night they have decided that they will make marry to a man whose age is 30 i am unable to contact anybody for my help
    i want to study further more so my frnds father decided to adopt me so he’ll take care of mines
    but my parents r not allowing i am abuse badly they beat me with anything which they get in their hand

  • My father is very alcoholic. He often used to abuse my mom from my childhood itself. We also tried to get away from him but he came and convinced us. He used to drink and smoke infront of us everyday. Now he is forcing me to marry someone else who i am not interested in. For that also he is physically abusing my mom. I really dont want to live this life. Please save my mom and my sister from him

    • Nathiya, I feel for you. But no one can save you or your mother or your sister if you’re not willing to save yourselves. How can you look to other people to save you? Only YOU can save you. Say Enough is Enough and leave! Stop letting him convince you to come back.

      • I can understand mam. But now he is forcing me for marriage which i am not interested. For that he is using violence against my mom to convince me. I dont know what to do mam. Now i am having the feel of dont want to be in this life and dont want to see this tortures anymore.

  • Hi,

    I am looking for help to my sister. But I don’t know whom to reach out,where to start. She is tortured physically, mentally every day. Her husband is alcoholic every day he humiliated her.

    He is not earning anything and whatever my sister earn he takes all the money forcefully and get drank.

    If you have any helpline number ( NGO) , who can helps us in Uttar Pradesh, district-Bareilly .

  • I need help for a minor in India that is being abused by her father. It is imperative that she be removed from the home before he kills her. Can you tell me who to contact?

  • Hello Mam,

    My Sister get married 1.5 year back, it was arranged marriage, her husband is good, but family members like his younger brother, mother and his Sister with her husband are fighting every now than, abusing her and try to beat both my sister and her husband , we are form lucknow, We are talking them and trying to solve matter, but it very aggressive now. what is you suggestion on this? should we take help of police etc.

  • we are parents of 2 child one son and daughter. daughter is younger, she is 17yrs old. she want to do love marriage we have no objection but she is still under 17yrs. how we can marry her? now she start abuse and beaten up both of us. please help us

  • I had a relation past…but due to some issues ith has broke up…now my marriage is fixed…but my x is torturing and harrassing me..he says that he will show some personal messages and photos to my fiancee and parents…what should i do?

  • I am married since last 9 years, i have 2 kids a daughter of 8 years and a son of 6 years. Since last 5 years my husband is not working he drinks beats me, he doubts on me. I am working and taking care of my family then also he beats me badly and abuses me. As i have done love marriage my parents dont talk to me or support me. Pl help me

  • Everytime my mother beat me and I am helpless. She stopped my studies, I am 27, I want to be a working lady. She stopped connection with my friends and force me to leave my boyfriend. I want to survive. Please help

    • Hi Malini. You are 27 years old. What is stopping you from leaving your home and living on your own? If you are still letting your mother control you at this age, you have not learned how to set limits with others. Please go to a counsellor and learn how to be firm with people in your life and tell your mother that she cannot control you. Move out and live by yourself or with roommates.

  • Hi, I m 18 years old girl from Kolkata. I am suffering from my parents. They mentally teacher to me. But now it goes to maximum point. They use slag to me. Even my mom told me that I am a loose character… Its last min position to me. I have to die. Please help me.

    • Bristi, there is no need to take such drastic action. Life is worth living even when you have abusive parents. Please go to a counsellor and talk to them about your parents and learn how to deal with their abuse. Unfortunately, you are still young and need to become independent so you can leave home and make a life on your own.

  • Hi,

    I reside at Mumbai. It’s been 2 years I am married. During arguments, 4 -5 times my husband has grabbed my arm tight, twisted my hand, pushed me on the bed and pushed me away from the bed. Is this a form of physical abuse?

  • Hi,

    I am from Bangalore. Post maternity my in laws and my husband’s mama has spoiled my husband and now my husband doesn’t want to take me back home. I went there multiple times but still he doesn’t want to accept it. There only motive is i want to surrender to them and listen and do whatever they say. Its actually not good for my baby. My husband is not in communication with me. I need legal help . How am i supposed to proceed.

    • Please contact a lawyer, Harini. And ask yourself why do you want to go back to a man who doesn’t care for you? Please have some self-respect. Make your own life and stop depending on this abuser to provide for you.

  • Really good and educative posts.. my monstrous dad he commits domestic violence at his own will.. in our house since past 30 years, some of his family members support him dearly (his 2 magician sister), and we cannot do anything.. as we all are entangled in his magician net.. how do we stop it, we are just silent sufferers.. just pray that his magician sisters along with him are burnt in hell forever..

  • I need help…. Need education on hoe to report the domestic violence.

  • hi,
    I am 22 years old girl from Delhi, tortured by my brother who is alcoholic.
    Yesterday, he abused my elder sister and after that, he kicked me in my stomach abused me.
    His nuisance is increasing day by day.
    Every night he comes he abuse us not only to my sisters but also to my parents. this is going on for 8 years.
    Is this considered as domestic violence?

  • Mam I have an Enquiry too that this all torture happens because of a women only ,why the women who bring us as their daughter in laws, who themselves never were a good daughter in law and lived separately from their own inlaws torturing them always by controlling her husband and their son cannot see us living happy with our husband and her son!
    My mother inlaw aborted my child saying my parents do voodoo and convincing my husband an MBA from US that ur unborn child will b abnormal so abort him due to her parents black magic and he believes her and I consented to abort coz he lost the respect and I wanted to divorce him.
    But Indian society forced
    Me back with him again and he became a bearable man and now I hav two kids with him living those monsters is not easy and everyday challenge to grow my kids in this environment wher I cudnt do job due to my kids! But my husband supports me financially after lot of bickering every month so I can say my life is not perfect but not sad like many other women now I know when to give my inlaws a bitchful reply and a shout!

    But there is alway a nude sword on my neck that again anyday he might change as trust is gone and abusive he is always from the start so I know he won’t change and I don’t know in this type of adjustment I don’t see any point of leaving him as he is giving me everything but after a beg!
    So all women and future mother inlaws please teach your male child to behave from start and start respecting women!

  • Hello mam
    Actually I want to knw if a women stay with a men in leave in relationship and they have child to nd the men was torture her for physically or mentally so what can she do for herself or how can women helpline help her

    • Please contact the National Commission for Women – The apex national level organization of India with the mandate of protecting and promoting the interests of women.

      Member Secretary: ms-ncw[at]nic[dot]in
      Joint Secretary: jsncw-wcd[at]nic[dot]in
      National Commission for Women,
      Plot No.21, FC33, Jasola Institutional Area,
      New Delhi-110025
      Working Hours – 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.
      Working Days – Monday to Friday

  • Hello Ma’am,
    My name is Sana and I’m 27 yrs old and belong to very middle class family. My prblm is that when I was jst 19 yrs old in 2010 I got married and I was suffering from domestic violence in which my in-laws also encourage my husband and they never stoped him. I have suffered that for 5 yrs and never told that to my parents coz they love me so much and they can not handle my pain and I also don’t want to leave my husband. one day he beaten me very badly that I can’t walk or even I can’t talk then I called my father and he took me back and we filed for divorce and got divorce in 2016. But till date they don’t have returned dowry and jewellery which my father has given at the tym of marriage. I don’t know how will I get any support to get my things back. Plz guide me I can’t see my fathers pain.

  • Hi I m writting this to you for your advice and support.. I m Deblina from kolkata who is undergoing torture mentally and physically.. My husband and I married and started staying in Bangalore and everything was going well we were happy until when I stopped working and bringing money he started tourtouring me beating me hitting me abusing me with worst slang started forcing me for sex forcing me to do house work while I started falling sick and the he started to threaten to kill me and attempted to murder me by pressing my neck with wall hitting me beating me but I kept quite.. Every day he started doing this and when he was done with beating me he used to force me for sex and when I said no he used to say it’s mutual after all this I still kept quite as I started falling sick day by day one day he tortured me and tried to push me out of his home for financial crisis and I couldn’t tolerate and I left and he emotionally blackmailed me so that I come back and I returned .. This continued and suddenly one day I got to know I m pregnant and I was scared to say Anupam Das(husband) about this as I know he would definitely kill me but I still informed him as I expected that our baby would end all this negativity of my husband so I informed him and he was OK after knowing that but he didn’t want to accept he planned to kill our baby.. What he did was took me to gynecelogist and confirmed that everything is fine so that I don’t report to police and he after a month started torturing me again and again he attempted to kick my belly he tried many things but I begged him to stop and also said that I would report complaint or commit suicide so he called his mother and father and involved them in his plan to abord our baby so his parents started convincing me and blackmailing me saying that they’ll accept me and officially get us married if I avoid but I don’t accept and they all started tourtouring me all together and after 3month 6 week he and his mother force fully made me to abord our baby.. And I couldn’t find any help and now they are forcing me to get dowry only then they’ll accept me this is what they are doing to me please save me and my married life help me please..

    • Deblina,

      We have forwarded your email to the Women’s commission in Delhi. However, we have to ask why you seem so helpless. Are you not a grown, adult woman who can take her own decisions? If so, then please leave this abusive home and find another place to live. Get a job. Be financially independent. Stop acting helpless and get your own life together.

  • Hi mam , from 1yr I’m badly suffering from domestic violence from my husband and inot laws.. I have given complaint against them all in local police station.. please give me active contact details for Ahmed nagar district to charge 498… plzz

  • I’m facing mental and physical torture from my husband and in lows since 1yr, my husband fights with me for more dowry ..I hv complainted against them all…this all comes undr act of domestice voilence… kalam 498. Bt local police station registered simple case… what should I do? Plzz suggest me contact details for Ahmednagar district… to charge this case under 498..

  • Hi my sister marriage has been done six months back it’s been arranged marriage after first meeting n before marriage his husband used to spend lots of tym with her lots of conversations but after marriage only fighting always trying to manipulate her that u r wrong u r guilty n u should b srry never ever do dis again n ur family is wrong only wants to leave her at his parents home wants that his wife should live like a servant for his father n mother never do complaints n demands n foget ur parents never used to motivate her in anything even if work whole day for him or his mother the man n his mother n his sisters always do planning n plotting how to control her n make her unhappy please suggest me Wat should my sister do as she don’t want to loose his husband too bcz she has loved him from the vry first day n she thinks may from nxt morning he used to luv her n respect her feelings

    • This is all part of the cycle of abuse. A man who abuses you is not a man who loves you, no matter what he says. Abusers never improve. The abuse will only get worse the longer she stays with him. She needs to leave and start life on her own.

  • Hi i am from punjab. I waz in usa on visitor visa den i got married their to an indian guy who is originally from delhi. He use to drunk n may be some other drug things too because he owns his smoke shop there.i came back when i came to know that i am pregnant .he cancelled my visa n want to get divorce from me.Please help me.

    • Preeti, consider yourself lucky to have escaped from this criminal’s clutches. Please give him a divorce and move on with your life. Focus your efforts on being a mother, becoming financially independent and providing for your child.

  • I live in Mumbai II want to do love marrage but may family is against it,
    For which they beat me and they are always saying that they will kill me or my lover.
    I m a working women,but then also they are pressurized me to marry another guy
    Please help me otherwise they will harm me.

  • Pls advice me.I got married in Jan 2016.I was under domestic violence and dowry harassment for 4 months.I literally escaped out from my husband by my neighbour uncle when my husband tried to kill me. I came back to my family on July 11 2016. I have filed case for divorce.Till now the case is in court.He accepted for mutual divorce.however he denies all allegations.He doesnt feel guilty of his violence towards me????.I was the victim and I need justice Divorce can save me but what if he does the same to other girl.My mistake was I did not go to police and give complaint during the problem since I dont want my mom to know my suffering?? He used me and now he is free to live happily. Me n my family are suffering with the words from the society. Is there no punishment for him.???
    Is divorce the only solution??? I have got lot of beatings and got hurt physically and mentally by him and his family.But now no punishment for them..How is this fair..Pls tell me what should I do. Any help..

    • Christina, I commend you for getting out and filing for divorce. Stop feeling bad that this man will be punished. Karma will take care of him eventually. It is not your job to seek revenge or to punish him. Focus on your own life and career and stop focusing on him. Leave the past behind and look to the future. Many women are not as lucky as you.

  • Hi, I live in Cochin, Kerala and have been married for 6 years now. my husband verbally abuse me and always asks me to leave the house. This all started after I refused to pay the rent for the house that we are living in. Now even his father has started saying the same thing. Please help me… I have a daughter who is just 2 years old. I can’t go to my parents because mine is a love marriage. Kindly give some guidance on how to handle the situation.

  • Hi Mam. I’m from Patna. Please provide me any active women helpline number where I can complain against domestic violence. I’m stuck in worst situation. Please help me.

  • I need helpline numbers and shelters available in ap and telangana
    Please send

  • My friend’s father in law always threat her that they’ll do complain against her that she is harassing senior citizen.but in real they harass her everyday from last 21 yrs

  • Hi my friend is married for last 21 years . After 18 years of marriage she gave birth to a child. Her in laws was get upset because of baby’s birth. Her mother in law always tease her . Now they harass her everyday . His husband is God fearing and good by nature. After their baby’s birth her in laws told them to give their office to their younger son . Her brother in law is not a good person. His wife always tease her . Her mother in law and brother in law and his wife use very abusing language and even hit her and her baby many times. Now her father in law threading her everyday that he’ll complain against her . And he’ll lodge a complaint that she is harassing senior citizen. As she is very sincere and honest girl . Please let us know that if her father in law will complain against her than what she’ll does.

  • Hi.
    My marriage is an love marraige bt my mother inlaw doesnt like me she always use to fight wid me on 9july my husband snt me my home n said i vl come n take u home later bt after a week he snt me notice stating for divorce nw thy r nt tlkng wid me n nt even sayng anythg n says v wnt divorce pls suggest me any help as its being just two mnths for my marriage n thy leave me n ask fr divorce pls hlp me n suggest for help in pune.


  • Hi,
    I have filed a DV case against my brother. I lost my dad 2 years back. Form that time I am facing DV. He don’t give me money for my day to day expenses and also for my treatment. I am a patient of osteoporosis. I filed the case one month back​. Today was my statement date it got cancelled. Again I got date after 10 days. This procedure takes too much time. Is there any option to get help at the earliest.

    As I’m unemployed and my dad left huge monthly income.

  • Hi,

    It has been 7 months of my marriage and my husband beats me very badly. I am now not able to tolerate this insult anymore. I don’t have any family support as I married this man out of my own will. Please help me

    • First please lodge a complaint with the women’s cell of your local police station. Then call one of the helplines above for legal advice. Prepare to leave your home and start out on your own. A man who beats you is not a man who loves you, no matter how he behaves on his good days.

  • Respected Sir/Mam

    Mam my sister husband works as a Textile Engineer in Vardhaman Textile at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. They do love marriage and they have two children’s but now my sister husband abusing to my sister and their children’s almost every night after he gets drunk. Many times he beat my sister badly and day by day his nuisance are increasing. Please mam give any suggestion how I help her and give me the helpline number related to domestic violence.

  • Hi
    I am a mother of 3 month old infant. My husband and in laws start torturing me when I was 7 months pregnant at that time I avoided that and came to my parents place after my delivery.Then my husband changed the rented flat and he is not giving me the address I am asking him for address from past 2 months and he is saying ki I don’t want to live with you. I am unable to understand what to do please help.

    • Lalita, My question to you is this. Why do you want to go back to an awful human being who:
      – tortures you
      – doesn’t want you back
      – doesn’t care about you, your child or your feelings?

      Really, why? When this man tells you, in no uncertain terms, that he doesn’t want to be with you, why don’t you get the message and move on?

      Please hire a lawyer and file for divorce from this person. Start a new life on your own and with your child. If your parents can support you for a while, all the better.

      • I cann’t do this as of now as my all certificates and job related documents are with him I will take this step but before that I want all my documents back.
        How can I get those documents without going there.

  • Hi,
    Can anyone help me to pass helpline number related to domestic violence from Bangalore. Where i can get prompt response?


  • Hi,
    I hear my neighbour abusing his wife and children almost every night(after he gets drunk). Sometimes I can hear he throws things also at them. Although the family seems very normal in the day time, can I help the lady and kids without me being involved formally?? I feel pity for the children as the environment is not good for them.

  • i have completed four years of my marriage after completing six months of my marriage my husband started beating and abusing me and my parents, my sister and mother in law is always saying what your father can give to you we have already seen in your marriage every time both the ladies are abusing my parents and me ,if i am informing about all these issues that didi and mummy is abusing me with very bad language then my husband started beating me without understanding the issues.and now they are stopping me for doing work as well i am working but now i had left my job just bcoz of family pressure.what should i do i am not able to understand .

  • My name is ann .. this is my boyfriends phone number his account. Sorry but I’ve no account that’s why . I love him his name is James. We have been together for 2 years now we r thinking of marriage. But he has anger issues he is very short temper he always beats me even says dirty words to me. But I hide it from everyone thinking maybe he will change one day he even tried to kill me twice. But I am still with him because I love him and I want to marry him.. but the way he treats me I can’t take it anymore. But I don’t know what to do because even if I leave him I come back again. Is this love? Does he love me? Or am I a fool? Thinking of a happy ending with him?
    Everyone told me to leave him.. my parents. Family. .friends even his dad but I didn’t listen because of our old memories happy ones where there was no violence. .I never cheated on him I didn’t even thought of but he always doubts me ..I’m innocent. . Please help me I’m still crying now because few hours ago he kicked me really hard many times on my back but I’m still quite. Not he got his toe nail broken while kicking me but he is still blaming it all on me.

    • Dear Ann,

      A man who hits you is NOT a man who loves you. Period.

      Get away from this abuser as soon as possible and start healing from this abuse.

      Get your own life, career and build your self-esteem before you get into another relationship.

    • how can u suffer oll dis n still say he loves uh…he doesnt luves u dear…jst leave him if u dnt want to suffer more dis pain ..hes is such a torchering persn ..how cn u even think of living with him fr whole life..wht he was in startng was jst a drama to get uh n nw dis is his realty..jst leave him n live a better life..u will feel mch bttr aftr few months n thank urself fr leaving him n u wll also find a prsn who will luv u n care u n respct uh ..wht he does is nt luv..he treats u as his slave

  • I live in joint family….n a housewife ….my father in law is alcoholic n retired….he drinks n abuse by picking fight …..husband is away for job …..they advice that if he is under influence….don’t talk to him ,don’t react blah blah …..Is it really so easy to deal every other day …..we want peaceful atmosphere at home ……..kindly suggest

  • Respated sir mam
    Mam my sister husband in army there both do love married by now my sister husband use to bet her all the time and he take her phone that see can’t connect us plz mam gave any suggestion how I help her she have one son they live in dehradun.. Plz mam…

  • Mere sasural se mujhe dhamki wale calls as rahe hai SaaS sasur aur band ke ke pati ko chor do nhi toh goli maar dege mujhe

  • Madam,

    Good afternoons,

    My younger sister is in very bad conditions because her husband is badly harassed her on daily basis. She is living in west Bengal, Alipurduar junction.

    Please help me.


    • Meena, please contact one of the organisations listed above.

      • Pls help Harry his wife & her family demoralised intimidating isolated and locked Harry in illegal centre for 2 years. Possessed all his family property from the father on her name. She was so demanding wants to live a luxury life can’t track by bus. She came with one suit only when she got married. today father in law can’t talk with his children bcos in Harry’s absence she delivered a daughter on birth certificate Harry’s name father in law is the father and to keep her mouth shut he transferred the family property on her name. Can you help Harry pls to bring justice.

  • Please help me to find the way to get freedom from this violence. Tell me the needful no in gzb whr I can send my details . Plz do answere

  • my sister has gone through a lot of pain and harassment .. her husband doesn’t even work nor he has taken any initiative … he uses drugs and injections .. beats her .. physically abuses her .. we registered a case against him in NCW and after counselling there’s no change in his behaviour .. my sister she is not ready to go and stay with him ,they have a 8 year old son .. she currently stays with us and works .. her husband daily harasses her to come with him abuses her and us too … we are really under threat and we cant go and launch official complaint with the local police station due to social pressure and they are financially strong too… we want to register a case against him for dowry and physical and mental torture and attempt to murder as well .. please help …

  • Hey, i have a friend but the scenario is bit different, her parents are abusive & want her to marry the boy they select, and she denied, now they are forcing her, & sometimes said that we will kill you, & you are gonna die by our hands if you will not marry, although they are abusive but gave everything whatever needed for her..but now she is scared so is this came under domestic violence, or she can get a help? She is not financial independent.

    • Yes, Viren. This definitely classifies as emotional abuse, although it’s very hard to report when it’s your own parents who are abusing you. I recommend that your friend call the numbers in the article above for psychological and legal advice.

  • Hi

    I am a victim of domestic violence as my husband is very insecure and blames me for everything has beaten me up also ,once i called 100 helpline too ,but cancelled it as my husband ran away from home ,there was fight everyday for everything,now i am staying with my sisters and i have a 4 years old son ,my husband keeps threatening me that he will commit suicide and kill my son too so that blame can fall on me ,he stalks me when i go to work and still comes and fights in my sisters house ,he does not let me take my stuff from the house ,harassing me very day . Please advise .

  • I am abhinav singla a boy of 17 years. In the past I also tried to do suicide by hanging and drinking poison but unfortunately, I am still alive . My father and my grandfather still torture my mother my sister and me physically and mentally. My father and grandfather both have becomes devil.Many family friends and relatives try to explain them but they did not listen to anyone rather they become more harsh to us.My paternal side is completely standing with my father and grand father.They too torture us. My father had a many bad habits of gambling,betting etc in which he losses near about 50 lakhs. My father also have outside affairs too. I am a +2 commerce student of DAV. They both don’t let my too study and do a lot of torture with three of us.Kindly help us.

    • Abhinav, We are really sorry to hear about your ordeal, but we cannot help you directly. Instead, we recommend that you contact one of the organisations listed above. They will surely be able to help you.

      • Sorry, I could not stop from writing this note. I understand if your organization is not equipped to intervene when people ask for help, but this is rather strange to see that you ask them to contact x, y, z if they need help. Someone, writes to you that either they are being abused or they see their neighbor being abused, they provide the address etc, and you still ask those individuals to contact someone else for help. Then how are you being helpful? Please remember that it takes a lot of courage for a lot of them to write what they had written and ask for help. That’s it. They may not seek help or write once again.
        Kindly refrain from giving answers that you cannot intervene. Please tie up with other organizations and you forward the details of persons seeking help if the help they are seeking is beyond your purview. Yes, they have knocked on a wrong door for help, but if you do not do anything, they will not another door once again.
        I hope you give a consideration to my concern.
        Thank you.

        • Kvaddiparti, we understand your angst, but we also have certain limitations that make us unable to help directly.

          1. We are a publication, and do not have a helpline or offer legal or psychological counselling services.

          2. We are ill-equipped to understand the legalities or intricacies of the case and do not want to trouble the organisations concerned with cases that do not have merit.

          3. It is ALWAYS better for the person themselves to reach out to the organisations for help as they can explain their case best.

          4. You have to be willing to HELP YOURSELF FIRST. As the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves. If you’re not willing to take positive, decisive action, why should anyone else step forward to help you?

          This is why we have provided the numbers to contact on the page above and urge those facing domestic violence to themselves get in touch with them.

  • Hi, my name is x ,,
    I have neighbors (tenants) recently shifted from different state and they have a strange behavior at their home ..

    I am not sure but they tend to beat torture someone on daily basis …

    I hear female voice screaming and shouting banging on walls it’s just that I don’t want to get into any kinda problem so I dint report dirctly

    Location is c 508 achal building kalyan complex yari road Andheri West..

    I have reported this to the owner of the house and probably they have given a warning but I am concerned about the person in the house getting tortured

    I really don’t want to disclose my name anywhere if u need anything u can ccontat me on my email I will revert

    If you immediate highlight this would be great help to the person in need …

    • Thanks, but it would help if you could call one of the helplines listed above and report it.

      • M suffering frm emotional torture frm my in-laws…frm past 4 months… And my husband is not bothered about it..he never supports me…my parents are against for giving police complaint wat should I do…

        • emotional abuse is also a serious one, in fact, it’s far more serious than physical abuse, but unfortunately, it’s overlooked upon others bc they don’t leave a visible sign for naked eyes to see, like physical abuse, doesn’t mean they aren’t affected, here it’s skin deep 🙁 , I feel you ma’am. I’d recommend you to call one of those helplines and file a complaint against your in-laws. That would be the best to do.
          we’d support you, please don’t be afraid to do something against them, it’s for your best, your husband would understand.

      • Please help,
        My mother is being mentally..emotionally tortured by my brother. He has damaged household prop. Writes suicides notes blaming her for his death. At times posting it on walls. On msgs.. post them on doors. Demanding money from her. He abuses almost everyone in house including her. Neighbours n al hav heard him hurling cheap words on her. Please help her. There is so much more than al this she is facing on daily basis. She is scared all the time n is not able to gather courage to take legal actions against him.

    • Please report this to your nearest police station and tell them which house the violence is happening in. Then leave it to them to take action. There’s little you can do if those people are not willing to take action.

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