How Can I Find My Dream Job? 6 Tips To Achieve Your Career Dreams

How Can I Find My Dream Job? 6 Tips To Achieve Your Career Dreams
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Have you been asking how can I find my dream job? Learn how to find your dream job for women with these dream career tips and resources.

Today, finding your dream job takes more than just degrees or qualifications. It often comes down to your attitude, self-awareness and willingness to learn and grow.

Though we face an unemployment crisis today, many recruiters lament that there’s no dearth of jobs, just a shortage of the right candidates.

Honing skills that are in demand, updating your knowledge, building a good network of contacts, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in your profession are some of the key requirements to find your dream job.

In terms of career ideas for women in India, many are opting for jobs in areas that used to be male-dominated domain. The glass ceiling is no longer a hindrance for women who have the skills required by top companies and are determined to reach the top.

If you’re willing to introspect and find out what is your dream job, your dream career is very much in reach as long as you have these essentials.

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6 Career Tips To Find Your Dream Job

Whether you’re looking for your first job or are a woman over 40 looking for a career change, this article will give you job search tips to help you find your perfect job.

In this article, we’ll show you how to find your dream job for women with these dream career tips and resources.

1. Acquire The Right Skills

The first step towards getting your dream job is acquiring the right skills for the job you want. Obviously, different jobs require and put an emphasis on different skills.

The quest to obtain the requisite skills begins with selecting a suitable academic programme at college. The programme you choose should help you gain specialised knowledge and practical experience associated with your preferred career.

Check the programmes offered by several colleges and then select the one which offers the latest curriculum and context-related practical exposure.

Don’t limit yourself to colleges in your neighbourhood or country. With the rapid growth of online education, online degrees and certifications are just as valid as degrees you can get at a local college, and cost much less to boot.

You can acquire new skills by taking online courses offered by Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platforms which are free and taught by some of the best professors in any discipline.

You can also consider joining free online courses in the Glow & Lovely Career Community to help you stay ahead of the curve and prepare you for life after the pandemic.

These programs include courses from Learning English to Personal Grooming and Data Science and have been designed in collaboration with leading industry experts. They will help you develop a strong understanding of a variety of different topics.

Once you’ve joined the programme of your choice, work hard to learn about the latest developments in your discipline and constantly update your knowledge.

Acquiring the necessary skills can also occur in your current workplace. Find opportunities in your present organisation to work on projects related to the skills you wish to develop.

Let your current employer know which specific skills you seek to develop and apply for relevant projects. For example, if you’re a software developer and want to build new skills in data science, get involved in projects related to analytics.

Acquiring new skills while you’re with your current employer will help you undergo the transition to your dream job very smoothly.

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2. Know Your Strengths

Identify your strengths and build on them to get the career you have always wanted. You should also select a career path that fits well your strengths.

It goes without saying that different personalities have different strengths, and none of them can be considered inferior to others. If you cannot do something at an expert level and it doesn’t come easily to you, this is simply not your strength.

People who are extroverts can achieve success in client-facing jobs that allow them to interact with people such as teaching, sales, customer service, and procurement (purchasing).

Conversely, many introverts excel in such jobs that allow them a lot of alone time. Here are a few of the jobs that introverts tend to excel in:

Hence, freelance or online work from home jobs may work best if you have an introverted personality.

Identify your strengths even before you enter a college or at least before selecting your career path. If you’re a management graduate, you can either select finance or marketing as your career path depending upon your strengths.

Selecting a career that you’re naturally good at will provide you with many advantages down the line as compared to your rivals in the job market who are unaware of their strengths.

If you’re still wondering, “What is my dream job or my dream profession?”, do a free career quiz to discover what career best fits your innate personality so you can describe your dream job when recruiters ask you, “What is your dream job?”

Once you’ve chosen a career that matches your strengths, try to regularly improve your competencies and skills. Improving your strengths involves finding your passions and purpose.

Find an area that you’re excited about and spend several hours a week mastering skills related to that area. For example, you can become a much better sales manager by improving your emotional intelligence and understanding the psychology of others.

If you polish your skills regularly, you’ll be able to climb the career ladder really fast! Don’t forget to do a practice psychometric test online before you apply for a job as employers use these psychological assessment tools to screen job applicants for suitability.

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3. Identify Your Weaknesses

Identifying your weaknesses and overcoming them is essential to landing your dream job. Even if you know your strengths, you need to be brave and honest enough to admit your weaknesses.

Some of the common weaknesses that might adversely influence your career are procrastination, a failure to see the bigger picture, unwillingness to leave your comfort zone, lack of emotional intelligence and time management.

These or some other weaknesses will prevent you from building a successful career down the line and be responsible for any missed opportunities. Accept your weaknesses and then get help to overcome or work around them.

If you find it challenging to face risks and uncertainty, learn more about potential consequences or possible worst-case scenarios in advance, and it will be easier for you to face uncomfortable situations.

You may find it useful to get a life coach or a mentor while working towards overcoming a weakness. Choose a person who has experience and patience in dealing with a situation similar to yours and ask for advice.

The experience you gain in the process of interacting with a coach or mentor will help you to boost your confidence and be more prepared to face future challenges.

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4. Create an Attractive Resume and Linkedin Profile

A well-written resume should showcase your skills and relevant work experiences and include all the details that recruiters want to see when selecting new candidates.

Check with your colleagues and online job platforms what resume templates would be the most suitable for your occupation and read some professional tips on how to improve your resume.

In case you don’t feel confident in writing a decent and detailed resume, you can get help from a professional resume writer as they are aware of what recruiters expect to see and can offer an attractive resume for a low price.

Many companies now ask for your LinkedIn profile to get more information about your work experience, skills set, professional contacts, and career objectives.

Obviously, LinkedIn offers a better opportunity to showcase your skills than a one-page resume, so you must learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and leverage LinkedIn for career and business success.

Invest some time and effort in creating a strong LinkedIn profile that would include all the information regarding your professional life.

Keep updating your LinkedIn profile with details regarding your current employer, new skills you have gained, and other work experiences. Remember that outdated profiles will not help you to attract recruiters’ attention.

Today, it’s common for HR professionals and recruiters to scour the social media profiles of potential job candidates. Some companies even ask for links to your social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Before you start your dream job search or send in your dream job application, make sure you have clean profiles on social media. Avoid expressing radical views on religion, politics or social issues that might be perceived as offensive by a potential employer.

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5. Build a Solid Network

Building a solid network of excellent contacts is essential to your dream job search. Start by thoroughly researching the key players in your industry.

Browse lists of the best companies for women that offer a positive working environment, an attractive pay structure, reasonable work-life balance, challenging (in a good sense) work atmosphere, and excellent growth opportunities for their employees.

Once you’ve prepared a list of suitable organisations, read employee reviews on Glassdoor to get an insider perspective. You can also do this using a LinkedIn search.

Go to the profile page of your target company and connect with employees working there. You can send invitations to connect with real employees and ask for their opinions.

It would be wise to research additional information such as organisational policies, commitments and rules adopted by this firm. Avoid companies that have been involved in scandals associated with unfair treatment or sexual harassment of women.

If you discover from forums that present employees are not happy with their organisation, exclude it from your dream job search.

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7. Have The Right Attitude

Although there are many dream jobs for women, even the most qualified women can find it difficult to achieve professional growth and their career dreams due to the glass ceiling effect.

Every ambitious woman can get frustrated if her progress is hindered by discrimination or unfair competition in the workplace. But the more you understand what’s holding you back, the better your chances of breaking through.

First, understand the issues that are preventing you from growing. Do you need to cultivate leadership qualities and skills? Then work hard towards channelling your frustration into purposeful action and make a plan.

Go about doing this in a proactive manner. Hire a coach or mentor or learn leadership skills to help you prove to your boss and colleagues that you deserve more.

Today, many women hold seats in board rooms and perform as chief executives in large Indian companies. There’s nothing that can stop a purposeful and determined woman from climbing the career ladder and change her life.

To find your perfect job, you may have to pass through the organisational labyrinth and overcome the hurdles that every Indian woman faces in her professional journey.

Need free career counselling in India? Download the SHEROES app for women and get free career advice from career professionals.

Whether you’re looking for a job change or a new career, these career tips will show you how to get your dream job. We hope they help you find inspiration in landing the job of your dreams.

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