The 10 Essential Keys To A Divine Feminine Lifestyle Business

The 10 Essential Keys To A Divine Feminine Lifestyle Business
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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve often been asked what was the inspiration behind my interview series, 6-Figure Secrets Of Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs.

The answer can be summed up in that now-famous quote by the Dalai Lama: “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

Feminine Business

I believe it to be true… and what’s more, I believe that spiritual women entrepreneurs are the ones poised to have the greatest impact and make the biggest difference. But… we don’t want to give up our relationships, our self-care, our lives to do it.

So I coined the term “Divine Feminine Lifestyle Business” to describe a business that…
• Creates a generous in-come (think 6-figures or more)
• Creates a big contribution. Women business owners giving back.
• Truly supports you and your feminine spirit.
• Truly supports the life you wish to live.

When I asked myself, what does it really take to create a business that hits the “sweet spot” of all four elements above, certain key pieces immediately came to mind. Here’s a quick checklist of the 10 essential components you’ll need:

1. Solve a pressing problem for a specific person. Yes, I’m talking about – say it with me now! – your niche. It’s important to have a compelling niche because people invest in problems they want solved. If you’ve been hearing, “Sounds great, but…” from your potential clients chances are, you’re not solving a problem that’s pressing enough for your peeps.

2. High-end offers. Offering 1-on-1 work at low fees (or giving away too much of your time) is a recipe for burnout, frustration and resentment. It’s also a guaranteed way to keep yourself stuck at a low income level.

One of the biggest mistakes spiritual entrepreneurs make is thinking they’re “not ready” to create a high-end program. Truth is, your high-end offer is what you want to launch first, in order to generate cash flow and guarantee that you work with ONLY highly motivated, committed clients.

3. A business model with multiple streams of income. Even 10 Platinum clients can tap you out quickly, especially if you only want to work 20-30 hours per week. Offering your service in different formats such as teleseminars, group programs and information products allows you to serve more people, without a cap on your time and income.

4. At least one leveraged offer, such as a group program, information product or membership site. In addition to more income in less time, leveraged offers allow you to help people at different points on their path.

5. High-service team. Hear me now, ladies – you can’t do it all yourself. Nobody creates a 6-figure business alone… and quite frankly, why would you want to? Build your team early and if it feels hard, stop and receive support.

6. Systems. Truth is, certain tasks need to happen in your business consistently in order for you to generate in’come, such as marketing, follow-up and client care. You need systems to make sure that they don’t fall through the cracks. The beauty of systems? They can be handed off to someone else, freeing you up for your brilliant work.

7. Your email list. While you don’t need a big list to create multi-six-figures (I’m living proof), at some point you’ll want the leverage that a list of ideal, qualified potential clients gives you. While you don’t want to put your email list before creating income, you do want to give it serious attention if you wish to create a business that generates a lot of income without you having to work all the time.

8. Strategic alliances. A single partnership with the right strategic alliance can fill your business with clients, add thousands to your email list, and much more. No matter where you are in your business, start creating these relationships now. And if you know some movers and shakers already, now is the time to ask, “How can I create a win-win-win partnership?”

9. Extreme self-care. You can’t give when your cup is empty… or when you’re constantly responding and reacting to every quote-unquote “emergency.” Instead, practice extreme self-care and put yourself first. (I first learned this valuable lesson from a multi-six-figure mentor who freely admitted to putting herself before her kids and her husband.)

10. A “goddess state of mind.” Many spiritual women solopreneurs carry a deep-seated lack of deserving. This completely undermines your ability to receive and serve. Instead, flex your receiving muscle and expand your wealth consciousness by practicing a goddess state of mind using this simple question throughout the day: “Is this fit for a goddess?”

Treating yourself like the goddess that you are will uplevel your experiences, raise your standards and expand your sense of authentic possibility!

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