5 Feel-Good Foods That Boost Your Immune System

5 Feel-Good Foods That Boost Your Immune System

By Malavika Athavale

There’s so much written on food & nutrition everyday, that one gets confused as to how much one needs to eat or what one needs to have or what is healthy & what is unhealthy.

Given below are 5 food options which will help you to boost your immune system, in turn make you feel good. Do make it a point to add at least one of these 5 foods everyday.


  • Soya

Consuming soya either as a flour or granules or nuts or chunks is proving healthy for most females. Soya contains phytoestrogens which are close to the female hormones. They help you to reduce peri and post menopausal problems, help you to fight stress and also give you good source of proteins.

30 gms of soya everyday is healthy. Avoid if you suffer from any thyroid related problems. Soya can be had as roasted or sprouted soya beans, soya flour dosas or rotis or puris, soya chunks or granules added to vegetables or dals or as kheema.

  • Flax Seeds

If you are a vegetarian then nothing better than flax seeds to give you your share of omega fatty acids. Fatty acids are usually present in fish oils, so the only closest replacement is flax seeds.

1/2 tsp roasted and eaten everyday has shown many benefits. It is rich in soluble fibre apart from the fatty acids. They help you to reduce sugars, cholesterol and makes your digestive system healthy in turn helping you boost your metabolism.

Green Tea

  • Green Tea

A great antioxidant and a metabolism boosting source. Green tea is gaining an importance in most Indian households.

Green tea can be had in any flavour as leaves or tea bags. Always remember do not go beyond 3 mugs of green tea per day, as they are high in caffeine.

  • Dalia/Lapsi/ Broken Wheat

A great replacement for your daily rice quota is dalia. An excellent source of B vitamins along with fibre, dalia is becoming a common dish in our daily diets.

You can have dalia as in itself or in the form of a porridge or upma or thin dalia dosas. Do remember to cook dalia with triple the amount of water for better digestion and absorption.

  • Cinnamon

Do you want to cut down your sugar cravings, then add in a pinch of cinnamon powder to your bowl of oats or cereal or your cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Cinnamon helps to fight various health issues thanks to the high antioxidant properties. It helps you to boost your metabolism and also controls excessive hunger.

Cinnamon water if taken daily helps to flush out toxins. But do remember excess could get heaty, so 1/4th tsp per day should be the cut off.

Malavika Athavale is Consulting Nutritionist at Eatrite – The Nutrition Clinic.

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