Ladies, Build A Career In Insurance From Home (Even If You’re 10th Pass)

Ladies, Build A Career In Insurance From Home (Even If You’re 10th Pass)

Learn how you can build a career in insurance from home with Shriram Life Insurance Company even if you’re just a 10th standard pass housewife or student.

In times of crisis, the benefits of having life insurance become clear to us, and advice from a trusted financial advisor is even more crucial to make the right decision.

Because of their natural empathy and superior social skills, women make the best financial advisors. That’s why becoming a financial consultant is one of the best work from home jobs for women.

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<strong>Surabhi’s Life-Changing Story</strong>

Shriram insurance agent Surabhi

Surabhi Bhatnagar sold the highest number of policies – 1,620 – in an eight-month period in association with Shriram Life Insurance. She also topped the scene yet again in one fiscal, earning one of the highest first premium incomes of Rs 2.48 crore.

As a 12th Std pass lady with a hidden passion for achieving great things in life and reaching the pinnacle of success, Surabhi quotes her success mantra as “Always believe in yourself and never look back.”

Relying on the support from the Shriram Life Insurance Company team, Surabhi’s dream of providing for her child’s future and having a house of her own has come true.

Would you like to become financially independent like Surabhi? 

To become a financial consultant, you don’t even need to be a graduate. You only need to be 10th pass to apply, but you need to submit the following documents for your application:

  • PAN Card & Aadhar Card
  • Cancelled cheque scan (of your bank account where your earnings will be deposited)

All you have to do is fill out the application and register with the Shriram Life Insurance Company (SLIC), complete the Online Training, and clear a simple assessment.

You’ll complete a free insurance training – which includes an easy syllabus prescribed by IRDAI, such as sales pitch, products to sell, documents required to be collected from the customer on sale etc.

Then submit your documents, receive the certificate and code to become a certified financial consultant and that’s it! You can solicit Shriram Life Insurance Products and start earning from home.

But I’ve never sold insurance products. Will I succeed?

Once you fill the application and submit your documents, you will receive all the training necessary to succeed. We have many success stories of women with no previous qualifications or training, who are now earning a good income as a financial consultant with SLIC.

Today everyone understands the value of having a life insurance policy to secure their family’s future, so it’s not hard to sell insurance policies. And you only have to sell a policy once to earn a passive income every time your client pays their premiums.

So if you want to earn a passive income from home while helping your friends and family secure their future, click the link below to become a certified financial consultant with Shriram Life Insurance Company.

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Click Here to Start Your Career as a Certified Financial Consultant

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