Five Steps To A Happier You

Five Steps To A Happier You
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It’s important to re-charge our batteries and energise every now and then to live in a way that is satisfying, happier and enriches our soul. Sakshi Singh gives you five ways to help you along the road to happiness.

Got bills to pay? And debts to repay? Your job getting you down and your colleagues not letting you climb the ladder? There’s a solution for everything. All you need is a will to find it.


As I write this article to share how life will try everything to bring us down, but how we are capable of bouncing back up, empowered with just the will to smile, the song in my media player switches to “Sunscreen” and I feel like everything is falling in place. For this article tries to capture the essence of the beautifully written song and how we should be leading our lives.

It’s easy to get bogged down every now and then when things don’t work out. We tend to find more reasons to stress and worry than to be cheerful and happy from the inside. Hours are spent at spas and salons to look good externally, however we do little for our internal beauty, which brings out the external and outer glow in our appearance. It’s important to re-charge our batteries and energize every now and then to live in a way that is satisfying, happier and enriches our soul.

Here are five ways to help you along the road to happiness.

1. Master the art of forgiving

Forgive, forget and let go. It’s not easy but it’s something you need to do for yourself to ease the pain and live again. It’s a ritual that you owe your heart, and perform to heal your soul and live, laugh and come alive. Whether it’s a friend who said a harsh word, or a lover who did you wrong, remember what they said or did, and forgive them once and for all. And when you do it, you will feel liberated and experience a joy that you will enjoy and cherish for the rest of your life.

2. Love and give like there’s no tomorrow

It’s not important to how long you live but how you live and make the most of the time here. Think of positive ways of touching people’s lives. We are all here for a limited period and we don’t know when it’ll come time for us to leave. But for as long as we’re here, we have the opportunity to love and spread smiles. Be there for people when they need it the most and never let a chance go when you know you can be of help to someone in need.

Love unconditionally and surround yourself with everything that makes you want to be the best to people. It could be a good book, your favorite music, your loved ones, whatever it is that makes you happy, do it more often and it will work as your mood enhancer.

If your neighbor comes asking, instead of getting angry and frowning every time they bang at your door, offer them what they need with a big smile on your face and maybe a little something extra, like a home made sweet dish or a handful of candies, and build a lovely relationship with your people next door.

3. Do the things you love, and do them often

All of us have our ritualistic behaviours, “feel good” activities and hobbies that uplift us and allow us to go back refreshed into the grind of life. Actress Perizaad Zorabian treats herself to a huge chocolate cake every time she feels upset. Others go for a long jog or dance away in their living room. Do whatever makes you tick, and “follow your bliss” to find happiness.

4. Express yourself

I used to hold myself back as a child, as an adolescent, as a young adult. Fortunately I discovered the will and the reason to express myself, not hold back and allow myself to feel free. I say what I feel, do what pleases me, allow myself to soak in the freedom of my will. The chained feeling, the claustrophobic silence, the “should I” “could I” feeling has now made way for a happier, liberated and freer me.

Life is all about expressing yourself to others and who knows, what you say or do could transform lives, touch people, and heal hearts. But until you say or do and express, you never know what could happen. You could discover the most beautiful friendships when you speak, communicate, express and connect whereas you could lose out on all this if you remain confined to your own self.

5. Build a bank of happy memories

One of my favourite happy quotes is, “If you can look back on your life with contentment, you have one of man’s most precious gifts — a selective memory.

No mutual funds. No SIP’s. No fixed deposits. No real estate. In the long run, when you have crossed that middle age and lived more then half of your life, all that’s going to matter and make you smile is the bank of memories and not the “bank balance”. And as someone wisely said, “We do not know the true value of our moments until they have undergone the test of memory.”

Cherish each day, capture the moments in your camera, in your mind and value the times spent with your close friends and family. I know several people who carry cameras along with them to do that. While not everyone finds that very feasible, our mind and our heart is well equipped to capture the most beautiful, little things in life that are more eternal than the twinkling and sparkle of a diamond.

Your child’s first cycle ride, your graduation day, the moment when your little baby took its first step, and when your partner said those magical words that took you to cloud nine. A memory is priceless. Create a cushion of memories for your retirement, and no other insurance or assurance will you ever long for.

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