Flexible Work Options: How To Find A Flexible Job After Kids

Flexible Work Options: How To Find A Flexible Job After Kids
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It’s 11 am on a Tuesday. The kids have gone to school and the husband’s off on a business trip for a week. You’re twiddling your thumb and doing all the things a restless “what am I doing here when I should be working” person would do.

Flexible Working

Stop thinking and start acting! This does not mean you just get back to work because you’re bored. It just means that there are things out there which you’ve only ever dreamed of doing and now’s the time you should start doing them!

Society has become very supportive of working women today. Companies have “Flexible Work Practices” which encourage you to be independent, while at the same time give time to your family.

A woman is a nurturer, and the need to care for her kids is innate. At the same time, she is a dreamer, who wants to achieve. She wants to be that painter, or designer, or architect, or writer or software professional.

If you’ve resigned from your job in an industry that interests you and had you engaged all the while that you were there, ensure that even during your break you keep your network alive and busy.

Keep in touch with people who are genuinely interested in helping you. Nothing kills job prospects like going off the social circuit and then resurfacing two years later only to find people saying “Hmm, Jane? Jane who?”

On the other hand, you are looking to explore an option that’s completely unrelated to what you’ve been doing, keep your skills updated. This could involve studying a course online, so that you can time your study periods to suit your baby’s need for your time, your naps, and household chores. Do some research on what the kind of jobs are in the industry that interests you and figure out the ones which will suit your schedule.

The next step would be to look at social networking sites to build a network from scratch, and write/talk to people who could offer you a job when a suitable opening comes up. If you have friends who’re doing what you want to be doing, it’s slightly easier, because they can refer you to employers.

Although the concept of the joint family has now become almost a myth, parents and parents-in-law are very supportive of the working woman, and if you’re lucky to be with them, there’s no stopping you. While this is a boon, remember to never take them for granted, and always give them the space and credit due to them.

When you choose to get back into the game, remember that it’s a little hard in the beginning to get into a disciplined way of working. But once you’re back in the groove, you will really start to enjoy it. Treat the new job as an experience that gives you fulfillment as an individual, and makes you independent while enjoying a balance in your life.

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