10 Franchises You Can Afford On A Budget

10 Franchises You Can Afford On A Budget
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If you’re looking for a good opportunity to be a franchise owner, you need to read this post. Our friends at FindMyWorkspace came up with a list of the most affordable franchise names you can consider.

Starting a business normally entails huge costs and a whole lot of planning especially if you are thinking of building your own brand.

For most working Indian women who have the resources, but not much time to plan and carve a brand from the ground up, franchising an already successful brand is a good recourse.

Franchising is the giving of license or authorization to individuals who want to do business using a certain established company or brand. The franchise is given with a fee, and it could be costly if it is a well-known brand.

However for those who are still starting out, there are a number of franchises that can be obtained with a tight budget but still guarantee a great chance of earning high revenues.

  1. Tree House Play School

Franchise Fee: 5,00,000 to 10,00,000 INR

Tree House Play School is a playgroup and preschool education service known for its good standard of excellence. They provide a fun and conducive environment for kids to learn and play.

This is an excellent franchise for most married women who opt to stay at home, focus on the kids, while earning at the same time. This is also perfect for those who have the passion for teaching and are also great with kids.

Tree House Play School however requires their franchisees to have an area of at least 1,000 sq. ft. and preferably with an outdoor playground. The area could be a rented space or the franchisee’s own property.

As a franchisee, it is your responsibility to decorate and set-up the play school’s interior, but the staff from Tree House will assist you with the materials, decorations, and ideas or concepts for the design.

  1. BrainCarve EduCare

Franchise Fee: 1,50,000 INR

BrainCarve EduCare provides a supplemental learning program that helps kids ages 4 to 16 enhance their concentration and memory skills, and develop the ability to use both parts of the brain.

They offer six programs namely Magic Fingers, Vedic Math, Memory Technique, Thinking Techniques, Abacus and Win in 60 Seconds.

Their franchise is however limited in the Karnataka area, but they provide training for those who are interested to obtain the franchise. This business is also a great way to earn from home and on a part-time basis.

  1. Jawed Habib’s HairXpreso

Franchise Fee: 10,00,000 INR

If you’re interested in earning from the beauty industry, then you might want to open a salon under Jawed Habib’s name. Jawed Habib’s HairXpreso is a fast-growing business since 2009 and has currently 344 outlets around India.

HairXpreso enjoys popularity among the young because of its affordable haircut services. So the chance of earning good profits from this brand is really high.

The franchise fee also includes training and support for you in order to run the business well. Staff recruitment, marketing, and salon designing are also taken care of by the company.

Franchisees are however required to have an area of at least 100 sq. ft. and a minimum of 3 styling chairs to get started.

  1. AutozSpa

Franchise Fee: 8,00,000 INR

If you are into cars and automobiles, then you might want to consider opening a car wash and repair shop like AutozSpa.

AutozSpa already have numerous branches in and outside India, and carries a reputable expertise in the car care industry.

They provide professional cleaning and car detailing services, promising to maintain a car’s classy, brand new showroom shine.

The company will provide financing assistance, staff support, training, business planning, and the machinery and chemicals to help franchisees get started.

  1. Wings Bags

Franchise Fee: 10,00,000 INR

If you’d like to venture into the retail business, then you may want to consider Wings Bags.

Wings is a manufacturer of quality school bags, travel bags and laptop bags. Each bag goes through a tedious quality-check process to ensure that the product passes international standards.

Wings Bags offer two different types of franchise. For those who have the extra space, you can apply as a showroom partner wherein the bags can be displayed and sold.

The company also accepts distribution partners from many areas in India except Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, Bangalore and Jharkhand.

The company will provide advertising and marketing support for franchisees to help jumpstart sales for the product.

  1. Cafe Desire

Franchise Fee: 2,00,000 INR

If you want to earn without the hassle of managing a full-blown business, then you might like considering getting a vending machine business as a means to get passive income.

Cafe Desire is a fast-growing tea and coffee vending machine business that is open for franchisees, even at a home-based basis.

The vending machine can also be installed in shops, small or big offices, schools, and any other public place. As a franchisee, you just need to install and refill the beverage mixes regularly as needed.

  1. Cafe Frespresso

Franchise Fee: 5,00,000 INR

If you really want to own a coffee shop, you can still get one at a minimum cost. Cafe Frespresso is a good business that provides food, great coffee and a nice ambiance for coffee lovers.

Cafe Frespresso already have several branches in India, Malaysia and Singapore. The company will provide training, business strategy planning, and numerous tools to help franchisees grow the business.

  1. Felicita Foods

Franchise Fee: 9,00,000

Another franchise option from the food industry is Felicita Foods, a European-inspired restaurant that serves great European food such as Dutch Pancakes and Italian cuisine.

Franchisees have two options with Felicita Foods. One is a Kiosk franchise which needs an area of at least 80 to 150 sq. ft. The Kiosk will only serve a limited number of items, chosen from the most popular line of Felicita Foods.

The second option is the Concept Cafe Franchise which needs an area of at least 500 sq. ft. This Concept Cafe can offer customers with the full menu plus a good restaurant ambiance.

The company provides on-site support, planning and marketing assistance for franchisees as well.

  1. Monginis Cake Shop

Franchise Fee: 10,00,000 INR

If you’re more into desserts, then Monginis Cake Shop is a good franchise to consider. This Mumbai-based cake shop had been around since the 1960s and is still a strong bakery brand in India.

There’s a high chance of earning good profits from this brand as they are popularly known for its delicious cakes and pastries.

The products are however baked from Monginis own headquarters, and it will only be shipped to different franchisees and distributors around India.

  1. InXpress

Franchise Fee: 2,50,000 INR

InXpress is an authorized partner of DHL, an international courier service provider. The company aims to provide personalized customer service and reliable shipping solutions for clients all over India.

Being a franchisee of InXpress will give you access to its integrated logistics system of worldwide parcel delivery and express transportation services. Franchisees don’t need to have a warehouse or inventory to get started, the company can provide for that along with training and support.

The success of a franchise business does not solely depend on the current brand power of the partner company, but it would also depend on the proper planning, location and overall management of the business.

Franchisees are also required to be at least enthusiastic about the chosen industry, and preferably good with customer relations and service in order to gain good business traction.

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Gemma Reeves is a seasoned writer who enjoys creating helpful articles and interesting stories. She has worked with several clients across different industries such as advertising, online marketing, technology, healthcare, family matters, and more. She is also an aspiring entrepreneur who is engaged in assisting other aspiring entrepreneurs in finding the best office space for their business.  Check out her company at FindMyWorkspace.

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