Girls Nights Out: Bonding With Your Gal Pals After Marriage

Girls Nights Out: Bonding With Your Gal Pals After Marriage
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There was a time when marriage meant the utter and complete annihilation of a woman’s social life with the exception of awkward office get-togethers with her husband, his colleagues, and their equally awkward wives.

But since this isn’t the 1950s, marriage now does not necessarily mean that your nights of revelry, debauchery, and designated driver assigning have come to an end.

Girl's Night Out

With a little bit of effort, it is possible to ensure that post-marital girls’ nights out are as much of an fun-filled carnival as they were when you were in college (except for the hooking-up with guys bit).

Here’s how to go about getting together with your gal pals without getting into too much trouble at home.

Most guides tell you that the first thing you have to do before you plan a girls’ night out is ask your husband if he’s okay with it. I say that if your husband isn’t okay with you hanging out with your friends, he shouldn’t be your husband.

Inform him that it’s happening, obviously; and let his acceptance and encouragement, be a foregone conclusion. Obviously, he is not allowed to call you.

  • Call your gal pals

If you’re married, let’s assume so are your friends. Planning night outs was difficult enough when you had to find a date that would suit the schedules of a dozen of your closest friends, but now you need to double that number to include the husbands and/or children that your friends might have.

While a Saturday night is perhaps the best night to do this, I would suggest the night before public holidays. You escape the Saturday-night loser crowd and have plenty of time to sleep off your hangover the next day.

  • Find a themed bar or a club

The theme will instant give you a broad guideline for what to wear; saving time and effort spent in planning and searching for an outfit. If you live in a more tolerant city, I would suggest a nice gay club. That way, you can be surrounded by fabulous looking men with no fear of being ogled at or groped.

  • Rules (or none)?

To get everyone out of their post-marriage, Sati-Savitri shell, decide on some rules to make sure that even the most respectable young woman in the group will end the night swearing like a sailor and grinding like an expert.

Designate a really provocative and popular number as your song for the night which you have to dance to, no matter what you’re doing when it plays. Make up a drinking game where every time someone mentions their husband, everyone does a shot.

  • Pick me up, darling

While you can call a cab, I would ideally recommend keeping your husband on guard for driver duty late at night. When he picks you up, ask him to be prepared with a cold towel, a packet of cigarettes, and a barf bag – just in case. While spontaneity is what really makes a night out legendary, a little bit of planning beforehand won’t hurt.

A marriage where you and your husband can go on separate nights out with your respective mates will not only remove the stifling sense of slavery to routine and co-dependence that a marriage breeds, but also help make you and your man realize how lucky you are to have each other in the first place.




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