Glamorous Careers For Indian Women: Fashion Modelling

Glamorous Careers For Indian Women: Fashion Modelling
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Fashion modelling is one of the most glamorous fields of work that offers enormous opportunities to travel, explore the world and interact with people from all walks of life.

Working in fashion keeps you in the limelight and offers prospects for instant fame. Here, we explore fashion modelling as a career option for Indian women and tell you what it takes to make a mark in this field.

The Career Potential of Fashion Modelling

Times have drastically changed as Indian society is increasingly driven towards perfection. The definition of beauty is changing and we have large companies seeking women who represent the current ideals of glamour.

The fashion industry is booming now and the awareness of the beauty and fashion products has been a major factor in its growth.

To reach out to customers and sell their fashion and beauty products, companies need to display their stuff through advertising. This is when a fashion model comes into the picture.

Prerequisites & Qualifications for Fashion Modeling Jobs

Education is definitely not one of the prerequisites of this profession. However, you do need to have a sense of style and charisma along with pleasing or striking facial features and a fit body.

A good posture and poise also matter. To look beautiful is essential in this industry and fashion models need to constantly stay abreast with the latest trends.

It is recommended that freshers get a graduate degree in Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design or a related discipline to gain an understanding of the industry and diversify their options. A degree or diploma helps in pursuing a related career in later years as the career span of a fashion model is necessarily short.

You could also take up short courses in model walk and grooming. A course in dance will also help improve your poise, posture and sense of rhythm. These courses will help you enhance your portfolio and start a venture of your own if things do not go as planned.

Moreover, it can also provide a strong platform for networking and opening up new opportunities, which is essential in a glamorous field like fashion modelling. Good looks alone cannot catapult a fashion model to fame. You still require hard work, diligence and the will to survive in this competitive world.

It is equally important to build links and connections in the fashion industry. It helps to learn from each experience and find a mentor who can guide you through the finer aspects of this business.

Must-Do’s for Wannabe Fashion Models

A good portfolio is the only way you can showcase your talents and abilities as a fashion model. Consider hiring a good fashion photographer and have a composite card for others to reach you. A well prepared resume would also help clients recall your attributes.

Improve your visibility by attending fashion shows and events. Even when you are not working on an assignment, take care of your skin and maintain a fit body – you should be ready to roll even if you are hired on the spot. It may also be a good idea to invest in a fashionable wardrobe and makeup.

The Downside of Fashion Modelling

Although it may seem glamorous on the outside, fashion modelling is not all about being glamorous and famous. The career demands a great deal of time and strict discipline with diet restrictions, fitness regimens and odd working hours.

Stress levels are unusually high and work may not be consistent. It helps to be emotionally mature and stable to avoid falling into the traps that come with incessant partying and networking.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a model’s shelf life is very short, so you must consider alternative career options in casework that eludes you for a long time.

Fashion Modeling Job Prospects

There are ample jobs and opportunities for fashion models as long as they are professional and hard working. There is always a demand for fresh faces, especially in India.

Despite the global economic crisis, there has been a spurt in consumerism which has led to an increase in the demand for luxury products.

As far as getting hired is concerned, you can either freelance as a model – a more difficult and uncertain way to go about getting gigs – or work with one of the many fashion modelling agencies.

Your Earning Potential

A low budget fashion show pays about Rs 5000 to Rs.20,000, whereas an established model will be able to fetch about Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 per show. Print modelling, billboard advertisement and featuring in music videos also fetches good money for models.

The Fashion Model LifeStyle

Despite the challenges and drawbacks, fashion modelling remains one of the most glamorous, lucrative, stylish and desirable professions for many Indian women. It may take a lot of grit and hard work to get your big break, but once you are established, there is no dearth of opportunities.

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