Good Bragging: Change the Way You Think about Self-Promotion

Good Bragging: Change the Way You Think about Self-Promotion
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Often the difference between a person who is successful and one who isn’t is the way they promote themselves. For women who have always been taught that modesty is a virtue, self-promotion doesn’t come easy.

Ronnie Ann Ryan suggests that maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at bragging and ask if there is a difference between arrogance and self-promotion.

Most people simply hate braggers – individuals who walk around constantly promoting themselves and talking about their accomplishments. In our society, this behaviour isn’t looked upon highly.

But what’s so horrible about self-promotion? Have you ever noticed that the people who excel in this activity get ahead faster?

Natural braggers appear to have the only number one in mind – themselves, and this self-aggrandizing behaviour creates resentment among others.

Keep this key fact in mind: Self-promoters get attention, get noticed by management, and get promoted. They also land new accounts, close big deals and obtain new clients.

Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at bragging. Perhaps there is a difference between arrogance and self-promotion.

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. How many opportunities am I missing because I’m unwilling to talk about myself and my accomplishments?

2. If I don’t talk about myself and my achievements, who will?

3. If I don’t share my enthusiasm for my accomplishments, how will others discover what I’m good at and enjoy?

Whether you like it or not, talking about yourself is a completely necessary activity, especially given today’s highly competitive business environment. It boils down to this simple fact – self-promote or fade into the sea of those who don’t.

If you are starting to think there may be something to this, you can shift the way you think about bragging to make it more palatable.

Try this: reframe the idea that self-promotion, when done well, is a fine art of sharing who you are to draw people in by telling a good story.

Personal stories create interest, while they illustrate your skills and accomplishments. The key to this art is to carefully plan what you want to communicate, add human interest, emotion, and gestures, and practice until the whole thing sounds natural.

Recently I taught a class on “Good Bragging” and was thrilled to see the transformation of every single participant by the end of the session. The group started out by admitting their strong dislike of braggers.

Yet, by the end of the evening, people realized the enormous benefits of stating more than just the facts.

They found the stories exciting, interesting and a great way to get to know each other. These strangers bonded beautifully as they practised the bragging techniques in just 60 minutes.

What happened? The participants began to feel good about themselves as they reworked stories to better represent their true personality.

Self-confidence rose visually for some, as students began sharing more from their heart, and stopped worrying about what others would think. I was witness to the beginning of several self-esteem makeovers.

How might you benefit from learning the art of self-promotion? Would you like to contribute your ideas, get credit for projects, boost your self-confidence, get promoted, or find a better paying job?

So much more is possible when you confidently tell people who you are and what you’re capable of in an entertaining and informative manner.

It turns out bragging is a very good thing and a practical skill anyone can learn. And, when it’s done well, people not only want to hear what you have to say – but will be curious to learn more!

Get past these concerns and start building awareness of yourself among management or other business influencers to get the career recognition and compensation you deserve.

Visit http://www.SuccessExpressCoaching.com for powerful insights to build confidence, become bolder, and brag without being obnoxious. You only get one chance to make a good impression. Discover how to effectively rev-up your personal presentation and tastefully self-promote. Get noticed, get promoted, get new clients, and get what you want and deserve in your career and personal life as well.

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Good Bragging - Change the Way You Think about Self-Promotion

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