The No No’s of Hair Extensions: Tips From The Experts

The No No’s of Hair Extensions: Tips From The Experts

For the past few years, more and more women see the advantages that having hair extensions can give them. With extensions, any woman is given the chance to style her hair in any way she wants to.

When it comes to managing your hair extensions, here are a few no no’s:

hair extensionsDon’t apply the extensions by yourself.

This is most especially true if this is just your first time. Many women think that they can pull off putting extensions on their own just by following some instructions.

I tell you, there is no Youtube video that can tell you the amount of work that must be put in order to apply the extensions. Because of this, it would be best that you leave this task to the hair experts. It may seem easy at one glance however putting on extensions is quite a complicated process.

If you are not used to such tasks, you will surely commit a mistake that may not only damage the hair extensions but your hair as well.

In addition to that, remember that no hair stylist who knows what he’s doing will glue the extensions to your scalp. If the hair stylist that you have hired is doing this, run as fast as you can.

Don’t focus too much on taking care of your extensions that you end up neglecting your real hair.

Most women spend most of their time taking care of their hair extensions. Although changing the style of your hair extension can make you feel like you are playing with Barbie, you must understand the fact that you are a real person and that you have real hair underneath it.

If you are the type person who wish to try different types of hair extensions every now and then, then you must take good care when you apply and remove them. There is nothing wrong in taking care of your extensions. However, you must not neglect your real hair.

Don’t let the extension stay on longer than recommended.

Since it is not real, except that the hair extensions will get worn out at some point. No matter how good the quality of your hair extension is, it will surely get deformed from all the washing, styling and dressing that it will be getting.

When this time comes, face the reality and have the courage to throw it out. Hair extensions are applied in order to make you look beautiful and not to make you the embarrassment of the town. If you have no replacement yet, then settle with your natural hair.

Don’t glue your extension to your scalp.

I know that this may sound ridiculous but I have met so many girls who did this trick and they end up with an even more damaged hair. Gluing your extension to your scalp is a big no-no. Doing this may lead to hair loss since the glue that you will use will surely take the hair with it. In addition to that, it is possible that your skin will get irritated.

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  • This is some really good information about hair extensions. I liked that you pointed out should make sure that you shouldn’t glue your extensions to your scalp. My sister is thinking about getting extensions and I know that she wouldn’t want to get her hair ripped out afterward.

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