Healthy Eating Ideas For The Monsoons In India

Healthy Eating Ideas For The Monsoons In India

The word rains or monsoon brings a smile to most of our faces. The beautiful greenery, the breeze which sways the trees; everything starts seeming good in our day to day busy lives.

But with this beauty, also comes a list of problems like water logging, health issues, feeling of tiredness etc. What you eat during this season makes a huge difference.

Healthy Eating Ideas

The kind of food we eat, cook and serve determines our digestive system, in turn our metabolism and thus our good health.

The following tips will help you to keep better health during this monsoon:

• Keep yourself hydrated. Thanks to so much water falling all around us, one tends to forget drinking water. Making it a point to have at least 8 glasses is a good habit in our day to day busy lives. Have not more than 3 cups of hot beverages like tea or coffee. Eating regularly helps to keep our digestive system healthy and maintains a high metabolic rate.

• Avoid roadside foods as much as possible. But if you are in a field job, buy foods like fruits which can be peeled and eaten like banana, orange, sweet lime, litchis etc, biscuit packets, small dal or bhujia packets or tetra pack juices or milk drinks. These options can be great fillers during your long hours at work.

• If you have to eat your main meals out, always opt for foods without curd, or chutney etc. Consume hot, freshly made roti + vegetable or dal + rice or idli/ dosa + sambar etc. If you enjoy sandwiches, always remember to toast them and consume them without chutney.

• Avoid green leafy vegetables as much as possible. But if you do need to consume them, wash them in hot water along with some potassium permanganate. Do apply the same rule for all the other fruits and vegetables as well.

• Do not eat uncovered or stale food. Always make it a point to cook fresh food. If you have time constraints, then make it the same morning, but heat it to a boiling point before consumption.

Finally, always remember hot cup of tea with steaming hot bhajiyas will make this monsoon very enjoyable but avoid consuming it more than twice a week. 🙂

Malavika Athavale is a Consulting Nutritionist who  runs her clinic at Eatrite – The Nutrition Clinic.




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