How To Dress Your Age: Age Appropriate Dressing For Women

How To Dress Your Age: Age Appropriate Dressing For Women
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By Jainee Gandhi

I love wearing tees and jeans. Till few months back, that was like a staple for me. Have to take Aarav (my son) to garden – wear tee and jeans, a dinner – fancy tee and jeans, Aarav’s school meeting – basic tee & jeans. So I have stayed in and out of it like I did in college.

But then it struck me suddenly.  I will be soon turning 30 and although I like to believe that 30s are the new 20s, yet my body, my face, social interactions and many other things around me has changed.

Age Appropriate Dressing For WomenThe Fabulous 30s :

People say 30s is the time to be more serious about life and style and Image.

Hell NO! This is the age where you are not on a fixed pocket money system to shop, you are not under peer pressure, you have a mind of your own.

1. Wear clothes that fit well and make you feel confident. Invest in quality fabrics, cuts and clothes that flatter your body, while steering clear of juvenile prints and tight or revealing clothes.

2. You can still be fashion forward by pairing simple patterns with the right shoes and statement jewelry. My recommendation is bigger pieces of jewelry because you exude the confidence it takes to pull these pieces off.

3. Dressing like a 20year old no matter how much it might suit you won’t keep you looking young. Develop a look that has more sophistication, but retain some fun elements if that is your personality.

4. Develop a style that is you from inside out – if you are feminine, look for fabrics which drape and have some softness.

5. Jeans are a great staple in many wardrobes, look for darker denims in plain washes rather than ripped or torn or distressed. Wear them with a funky sandal or flat or whatever the time and place demands. Throw out or donate jeans that are 5+ years old.

6. Invest in some good blouses (casual and dressy) instead of wearing tees everywhere.

7. Get a trendy haircut by a good stylist who understands your lifestyle and day in general. A good haircut is like a quick makeover, it goes a long way if done well.

8. Invest in good quality creams for your skin. This is important for all ages but 30’s are the most important. The way you treat your skin now, it will show the results later in life.

By no means am I telling you to look drab or wear boring clothes. Buy clothes that naturally fit into your lifestyle. It’s OK to grow up.

Jainee Gandhi is a Certified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute – the pioneer in India in the field. She works on Lifestyle Evaluation, Personal Style Evaluation, Body Shape Analysis, Wardrobe Clustering,   Etiquette, Body Language & Grooming Sessions that will help people create smart impression – thereby increasing their self confidence. She also conducts corporate workshops, Individual Consulting and coaching Educations institutions on similar lines. 

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