Indian Instant Dhokla Recipe With Eno

Indian Instant Dhokla Recipe With Eno
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Want to know how to make instant dhokla? Sanchyeta Srivastava shares an instant dhokla recipe with Eno and gram flour that has been handed down from generations.

My mother-in-law was the one who taught me this Instant Dhokla Recipe. I know she is not among us. But, her soul will be proud of her daughter-in-law.

This instant dhokla recipe has been modernized with some unique touches to prepare it instantly without disturbing its original taste and flavour.

In today’s busy life, Indian working women can be best categorized as super-women who can manage their housework as well as their office tasks and projects intelligently and in a more organized way than in the past.

A lot of help has come from the advent of advanced kitchen appliances, such as Food Processors, Microwave Oven, and many other handy gadgets that help us work faster and efficiently in the kitchen.

Other than these home appliances, there are some very thoughtful Indian food manufacturers who have produced and marketed ready-made spices.

Some are in the form of pastes, and some are prepared and processed food mixtures keeping in mind all the harried working women in India.

Indian women like to fulfil every demand of their husband and children. So, apart from our boss’s demands and expectations, we voluntarily engage ourselves in producing delicious Indian dishes and snacks instantly to make our family happy and satisfied.

As time has passed, we have found a short cut method to prepare some of the patent snacks and dishes and name them ‘Instant’, just like the Gujarati snack, ‘Dhokla‘ or ‘Khaman‘.

This snack has been modernized with some unique touches to prepare it instantly without disturbing its original taste and flavour. So, here is the recipe for the Instant Dhokla.

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Ingredients for making Instant Dhokla:

(For the Batter)
Take 1 cup fine or sieved gram flour
1 cup Curd (beat),
1 teaspoon Eno powder,
1 teaspoon Cooking oil,
1/3 cup Water, and
Salt to taste

(For Tempering)
Take 1 tablespoon cooking oil,
1/2 teaspoon Mustard seeds,
1/2 teaspoon Cumin seeds,
1/2 teaspoon Sesame seeds,
1 to 2 small Green Chilies (finely chopped),
10 to 12 Curry leaves (separated from twigs)
1 tablespoon Fresh Coriander Leaves (finely chopped)


Take a large round or deep bowl and mix together gram flour, Curd, Oil and Salt so well that no lump remains. It would be better if you whip it with a spatula or a flat spoon to make it fluffy.

Let the batter sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. In a steamer or a pressure cooker, pour water with the separator into the steamer. Take a flat utensil or the pressure cooker tray and smudge the inside portion with some cooking oil till the rim so that no place left ungreased.

Add Eno powder and stir the batter slightly with a spoon. You will see that the batter begins to bubble like it starts to ferment. Without any much delay, adjust the utensil or the tray inside the steamer or the pressure cooker so it sits evenly.

Cover the lid without the whistle and put it on the burner on high flame. After 15 minutes and put the burner off. Take the tray or utensil out of the steamer and let it cool for a while, say 5 minutes.

When cooled, cut the prepared Dhokla into small square pieces with a sharp knife. It will come out as cubes and place all of them in a flat utensil.

Now it is time for the tempering and seasoning of the prepared Dhokla. Heat the cooking oil in a shallow pan or pot. Sauté mustard seeds, cumin seeds and green chillies until they crackle.

Add sesame seeds and curry leaves and sauté a little and turn off the flame. Pour the prepared tempering over the Dhokla pieces and slightly turn each upside down so that every side is smudged with the tempering oil.

Garnish the snack with fresh green coriander leaves and slit green chillies. Serve hot or cold with Indian mint chutney or chilli sauce.

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Tips and Variations for the Instant Dhokla:

1. You can use Rava (sooji or semolina) or Oats for variation.

2. You can use Baking Soda or Bicarbonate instead of Eno powder.

3. Do not leave the batter idle after mixing Eno powder, otherwise, the batter can become bitter in taste and the prepared Dhokla may not come out fluffy and spongy.

4. You can make a sugar syrup and dip all the Dhokla pieces into it for soft, wet, and sweet flavour.

5. You will surely like this snack, as it has soft, spongy, and light when you eat it.

Did you enjoy learning how to make instant khaman dhokla with this quick and easy instant dhokla recipe?

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instant dhokla recipe with eno

This is a recipe for the Gujarati snack, ‘Dhokla' or ‘Khaman' for India. This snack has been modernized with some unique touches to prepare it instantly without disturbing its original taste and flavour. So, here is the recipe for the Instant Dhokla. Repin it and click to read the Indian Instant Dhokla Recipe here. #indianfood #dhokla #recipe #instant #healthyrecipes

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