Indian Women Entrepreneurs: Shahnaz Husain, Ayurvedic Beauty Queen

Indian Women Entrepreneurs: Shahnaz Husain, Ayurvedic Beauty Queen

Shahnaz Hussain is one of the biggest brand names in herbal cosmetics in India and abroad.  She is a name every household is familiar with, a brand every woman takes pride in, and a story that inspires every Indian girl.

She came into the race, first to conquer it and then to make it her own. While her success is internationally known, her success story might not be so well known and is worth taking a look at.

Making Of A DIVA:

Royalty ran in this diva’s blood much before she proved herself to be the Queen of her arena. Shahnaz Husain was born to a traditional, royal Muslim family, where she was married off at the age of fifteen. She was however fortunate to receive a modern education.

Shahnaz Husain, Queen of Ayurvedic CosmeticsWhile such an early marriage would be a formidable obstacle to any woman’s career, Shahnaz did not let this stop her. Despite having a baby a year after marriage, she decided to defy the norm.

From her early interest in poetry and prose, she had now come to admire beauty. And so it was during her stay in Teheran that she decided to take a beautician’s course.

For ten years,she trained in cosmetic therapy from pioneering institutes like Swarzkopf, Helena Rubinstein and Christine Valmy. However what set her apart was the extensive incorporation of Ayurvedic formulations in her products.

She believed Ayurveda to be the best alternative to cosmetics, so on returning to India after her training, she researched Ayurveda deeply before starting to create her range of herbal cosmetics and ayurvedic beauty products.

Shahnaz’s products soon became available for the remedy of a number of skin and hair problems like scars, blemishes dandruff, hair loss and other problems. Thus her range of Shahnaz Husain herbals was born, and there was no stopping it. Today the group extends to over 400 salons and 350 products in India and abroad.

Shahnaz Husain’s group has expanded to international markets like the UK, USA, Canada and Japan, with her products selling in leading stores like including Bloomingdale’s (New York), Galleries Lafayette (Paris), Seibu (Japan), Harrods and Selfridges (London), and La Rinaeccente (Milan). She continues to enjoy a tremendous rate of growth and has long since crossed the $100 million mark.

Awards And Ambitions:

Husain has been honored with the Padma Shri award in recognition of her brilliant work. Success, the U.S. Business Magazine, gave her the award of the “World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur.”

There is a huge record of national and international awards she has been presented with, too numerous to list here. And going by her relentless zeal, there are a lot more to come. Her current ambition is formulating a product that would help astronauts combat skin problems in space.

Having re-defined beauty, revived herbal cosmetics and created world-class ayurvedic beauty products, there are still miles that this legend desires to walk. And we can only salute her for her vision.

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