Integrity In Business: Keeping The Crown

Integrity In Business: Keeping The Crown
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When your words match your actions, your actions are consistent with your values. When you deliver exactly what you promise and are scrupulously honest about your intention – that’s integrity.

For entrepreneurs, business values and personal values are the same. Our core personal values define what we believe in and what we are, align our true selves with our businesses, provide a distinct path to finding solutions for tough matters and decisions, and establish a strong voice that every entrepreneur needs today. When you adhere to your code of values, you are bringing integrity in to your business.

Women in the world of business seek to discover a ‘Business Model’ that would fit their own ideas of business and life. There are a number of existing business models in the market and while they work for some, it just does not for others.

Woman Leader Integrity

Every business woman wants an approach to business that aligns with her values in life. Yet, the desire to earn profit also exists, this being the very definition of a business. Several women, in their path to finding or fitting in to a business model, have discovered that their business is just an extension of their lives and both are inseparable.

Choosing Our Values

For any woman in business, it is important to identify what the core values are. Integrity is all about adhering to the code of values. For some it might be achievement, success, wealth and magnificence while trust, charity, service and strength might be the core beliefs for others. Whatever it might be, choosing your set of values is the first step towards integrity.

Prerna Karan is aspiring entrepreneur who follows a set of values, and she believes in doing business with integrity. She often asks herself these questions.

√ How are the values showing up in my life?
√ How are the values showing up in my business?
√ Where in my business do the values miss?
√ Where in my life do the values miss?

Analyzing your core beliefs would explain why you are unable to move beyond an obstacle. It would also help you discover corrective measures that might be as simple as revamping your website.

By doing small things that are in synchronization with your core values at work everyday, and living a life with a strong code of conduct on a day-to-day basis, you will create a good reputation for yourself at work, and at home too.

Refusing to get involved in games that others play might make you a target of office politics. Trying to stick to your core values do not mean that you have to be timid or naïve. You just have to stand up for what you feel is right.

Following the principles of honesty and integrity opens doors to a peaceful and happier life. When we only do what we say and live a life according to carefully selected principles of integrity, other people in our business are inspired to do the same. When our children see us living a life of principles, they learn a lot deal from us, much more than what books can teach.

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