6 Job Interview Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

6 Job Interview Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them
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Failing at job interviews? Learn six job interview mistakes that put off recruiters, plus interview preparation tips and how to answer job interview questions.

Do you worry that job interview mistakes are ruining your chances of landing your dream job? If you’ve been giving job interviews for a while without being the one called back for a second interview, you need to take a good look at your interview skills and preparation..

6 Job Interview Mistakes & How To Fix Them

In this article, we list six job interview mistakes that put off recruiters and show you how to prepare for a job interview and how to answer job interview questions. And don’t worry – there are solutions for all of these interview mistakes.

Mistake # 1: You talk too much

The advantages of the fact that you love to talk and have decided to persuade the recruiter that you’re the best candidate can turn against you.

There is the risk of boring the other person with too many details which makes you look like you don’t have the capacity to concentrate on one given subject.


Try to answer the job interview questions, in not more than 60 seconds. That doesn’t mean that your job interview answers have to be a simple yes and no, but long answers will make the recruiter lose interest.

And you might also lose your concentration and get confused.

Mistake # 2: You don’t listen

Is there a mismatch in your job interview questions and answers? Make sure the job interview answers you’re about to answer match the job interview questions being asked.

This test demonstrates to the employer that their future employee is a good listener and is willing to take instruction.


Listen carefully and answer questions directly. If you did not understand the job interview questions, ask them to explain them better to you, do not answer unless you are sure what you have been asked.

Mistake # 3: Falling for it

Did you know, in 2019, most modern employers are using carefully worded behavioural interview questions designed to expose your biggest weakness?

An experienced recruiter will trap you into relaxing to make you believe this is an interview with little importance.

This does not mean that you have to avoid jokes or affirmations that have nothing to do with the job, but you must promptly go back to the subject of the discussion as soon as possible.


Look your recruiter in the eyes, because this shows that you have confidence in yourself and that you are focused on the subject. Show some enthusiasm towards the firm you are trying to work for and the job you are interviewing for.

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Mistake # 4: Trying to take the lead

If you try to take the lead in an interview, not only will you seem arrogant, but you will miss many of the cues that a good listener will pick up on. Companies tend to search for people that can work efficiently in a team.


When talking about work you’ve done on previous jobs, instead of the pronoun “I” use “We” as often as possible.

Tell them about your past activities and the way they’ve influenced your career. Give some examples or tell a story that will leave a good impression of you as a team player.

Mistake # 5: You don’t ask questions

If you don’t ask any questions during the interview, you may come across as uninterested in the company and the job.


Learn what questions to ask in a job interview to demonstrate that you are proactive and want to make sure this organisation is indeed the right workplace for you.

Find out as much as you can about the company you intend to work for. Ask about everything – the job you’re interviewing for might include, the products or services the company offers and the company culture.

Knowing these things will make you feel more confident when you’re asked specific questions about the company. It will also give you a good idea of whether you’re a good match for the organisation.

Mistake # 6: You’re late

Being late is disrespectful to everyone and indicates that you don’t respect other people’s time. It can be the deciding factor against you.


Be early or on time. If you can’t make it at the time decided on, call in and try to reschedule the meeting, depending on the person who conducts the interview.

If you’re being interviewed by someone senior, they may be unlikely to reschedule.

Additional Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Make sure you are carrying with you a copy of your professionally written resume, including all details that could be of interest to that specific company.

Dress as professionally as possible. If the company style requires you to wear a suit, then wear a suit and look as presentable as possible. How you present yourself is most important and could give you the edge you need over less professional candidates.

Send a “Thank You” note no more than 2 days after the interview. Express your interest in the job you are interested in and thank them for their time.

Even if you end up not being interested in the job anymore, the recruiter could become a great contact for you and may refer you for another job opportunity.

And finally, nothing succeeds like confidence and good body language. Put yourself into a confident frame of mind before you enter the room and make sure your body language is appropriate for the image you want to present.

About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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Job Interview Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

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