6 Job Interview Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

6 Job Interview Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

If you’ve been giving job interviews for a while without being the one called back for a second, you need to take a good look at yourself and find out if you’re making any of these six mistakes that put off interviewers. Don’t worry – there are solutions for all of them.

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Mistake # 1: You talk too much

The advantages of the fact that you are open to discussions and you are decided to persuade the fact that you are the best can turn against you. There is the risk of boring the other person with so many details and you can even look like you don’t have the cap city to concentrate on one given subject.

Solution: Try to answer the questions, in not more than 60 seconds. That doesn’t mean that you have to answer with simple yes and no, but long answers will make the interlocutor lose his interest. And you might also lose your concentration.

Mistake # 2: You don’t listen

Assure that the answers will are about to give is the one the question is asking for. This is a test that will demonstrate the employer that your future project will follow the exact steps he’s expecting.

Solution: Listen carefully and answer questions directly. If you did not understand a question, ask them to explain it better to you, do not answer unless you are sure what you have been asked.

Mistake # 3: Falling for it

An experienced recruiter will set you the trap of relaxation, trying to make you believe this is an interview with a little importance. This does not mean that you have to avoid jokes or affirmations that have nothing to do with the professional area, but you must always promptly go back to the subject of the discussion.

Solution: Look your interlocutor in the eyes, because this thing shows that you have confidence in yourself and that you are focusing on the subject. Show some enthusiasm towards the firm you are trying to work for.

Mistake # 4: Trying to take the lead

If you try this you can seem arrogant. Companies tend to search for people that can work efficiently in a team.

Solution: When talking about thinks you’ve done on previous jobs try to use instead of “I” the pronoun “We” as often as possible. Prepare to tell them what your past activities have been and the way you consider they can influence your career. Give some examples that can end up leaving a good impression of you as a team player.

Mistake # 5: You don’t ask questions

Try and make a discussion as professional as possible, asking questions that are right on the subject. Make realistic observation regarding the company and avoid emphasis.

Solution: Ask questions during the interview. The questions you will ask show that you are proactive and that you want to make sure this place is indeed the right work place for you. Find out as much as you can about the company you intent to work for.

Try to document yourself about everything and a thing the job you are competing for can include, the products or services the company offers. Knowing these things will make you feel more confident when you will be asked specific questions about the company.

Mistake # 6: You’re late

Many employers can’t understand why the candidates continue to be late, so being on time or not has a great importance in their decision. If you can’t make it on the settled hour, call in time and try to reschedule the meeting, depending on the person that conducts the interview.

Solution: Be early or on time.

Additional Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Make sure you are carrying with you a copy of your CV, written in a professional manner, including all details that could be of interest for that specific company.

Dress as professional as possible. If the company style claims the wear of a suit, the wear that suit and look as presentable as possible because that is most important and it will make just the difference you need.

Send a “Thank You” note at no more than 2 days after the interview. Express your interest towards the job you are interested in and thank them for their time. Even if you end up not being interested in the job anymore, that person can’t become a great contact person for you.

And finally nothing succeeds like confidence and good body language. Put yourself into a confident frame of mind before you enter the room and make sure your body language is appropriate for the image you want to present.

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