Jobs For Women: How To Become A Personal Assistant

Jobs For Women: How To Become A Personal Assistant
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Do you have what it takes to become a personal assistant? Some people do and others don’t. But if you are serious about working at this level, what do you need to do?

First of all, you don’t have to take a course in college to become a personal assistant because there aren’t any. You may have an advantage over others who apply if you have a business or accounting degree since some employers need someone who can do some budgeting.

In fact, anyone can become a personal assistant as long as they are willing to work long hours, be able to multi-task, handle the pressure that goes with the job, be internet savvy and very comfortable using modern technology.

You should also have people skills since you will relate to people both internally and externally in the organization. Some employers want their personal assistants to learn a second language so if they have to travel, he or she can act as a translator.

Given that you are working in the inner circle, certain information that is classified as confidential should remain that way. You should be able to keep this under lock and key. If people ask, don’t make the mistake of revealing what you know since this will cost you your job.

The first step in becoming a personal assistant is to apply for the position and hope you get it. This will give you the opportunity to learn how things work in a company because even if there are differences in various working environments, there are a few activities there that are very common.

During the interview, remain calm and highlight your assets. It will be a great if you can tell the interviewer your previous work experience if you had the chance of working as a personal assistant in the past.

However, if you just graduated, highlight other things like you are conversant in foreign language, you can type X number of words per minute, you are internet savvy and very familiar with the latest high tech gadgets in the market.

If you are not able to get a job yet because the employer wants someone who is experienced, try to become a personal assistant through an apprentice program or offer your services for free.

There are also some agencies that help applicants look for a job so you can also consider sending your resume to them.

It is also possible to get the job by working first for a non-profit organization and building your network so when there is an opening, your name will be on top of the list.

Some people don’t sign up to become a personal assistant first. They enter the organization working in one position and then when there is an opening, they decide to apply for it since most employers are likely to hire within the company before putting an ad in the newspaper.

There are many ways to become a personal assistant. You can apply for the job directly or making your way to that position.

Whatever happens, expect to work longer hours because your job does not end at 5PM. There will be times you will have to travel and stay up late longer than usual so don’t expect to have a social life.

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