7 Best Jobs For Women Over 50: New Career Ideas For Older Women

7 Best Jobs For Women Over 50: New Career Ideas For Older Women
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Looking for jobs for women over 50? These housewife jobs for older women will help you leverage your experience, wisdom and maturity when starting a new career after 50.

Entering a new career later in life can be risky, but in today’s connected world it is not unusual for older women to be looking for second career options for women or a new career at 50.

It is a common misconception that women over 50 are near retirement and should spend their time relaxing at home. Many women will tell you that they beg to differ with such an assessment as there are many jobs for women over 40.

“What if you replaced the concept of retirement with that of a third act in which you can continue to create value and receive value for those things that you truly love to do, while you also establish a balance with other personally fulfilling activities you may want to do more of?” asks Thomas Koulopoulos in Inc.com

“Your third act will not only create an ongoing revenue stream, which you can modulate up or down as needed for the rest of your life, it will also allow you to use the knowledge, wisdom, connections, and perspective that you’ve gained over a lifetime in a meaningful way,” the article says.

Career options for women over 50 are plentiful if one chooses to look for them. In the US, highly-educated, high-powered women who “opted out” of corporations, starting in the nineties to raise children and take care of ailing elders, have been returning to the workforce.

When their children are all settled in their own lives and they have a lot of time on their hands, women over 50 begin to think about themselves and venture out to pursue a new career.

A recent study in Psychology Today based on the 2010 list of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women pointed out an interesting trend: Of the 100 powerhouses on their list, more than 70 are over 50.

The article goes on to state, “It’s commonly accepted, particularly in marketing to women, that in terms of wealth and sense of confidence and well-being, women in the 50-plus age group are in the prime of their lives. But according to the Psychology Today post, they are also in the prime of their careers.”

The biggest advantage that the women over 50 have on their side is the experience they have accumulated over a lifetime. They have raised their children, held their hands during difficult times, and rejoiced in their success.

Their life experiences have given them invaluable skills that no college degrees or courses can teach. After all ‘Life is the best teacher’.

With their understanding and emotional maturity, older women have an edge over their younger counterparts and they can leverage these skills to achieve the success they deserve.

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Changing careers after 50 is sometimes motivated by the desire to try something new or by the empty-nest syndrome. At other times, circumstances such as the death of a spouse, or financial difficulties force women to look for jobs for a 50-yr old woman.

That said, there are a number of options available when it comes to looking for job opportunities for a 50-year old woman. In almost all fields, older women can effectively leverage their rich professional experiences and personal wisdom and maturity.

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7 Best Jobs For Women Over 50

If you’re a mature woman looking for a good job, in this article we’ve listed some of the best jobs for a 50-year old woman. I hope this women’s job list will get you thinking and give you a confidence boost in your search for the best careers for women over 50.

1. Consulting

For women over 50, consulting is a very lucrative career option. This job does not require any special office setup or staff requirement – just good networking and communication skills.

You can register with websites like GetMeExperts, a consulting management company that helps manage the consulting requirements of organisations “On-Demand” basis.

They promote the “Experts On-Demand” concept which focuses on providing engineering consultants, management consultants and technology consultants.

Their experts are available for on-call advisory from industry leaders which may be as short as 15 minutes. If you have been searching for careers for women over 50 then this can be a very good option for you.

Jobs For Women Over 50

2. Counselling Or Life Coaching

Women, by their very nature, are very good listeners; they have a lot of patience and often give very good advice.

Therefore, women have the potential to become very good counsellors. It’s no surprise that counselling jobs feature very high on the list of best careers for women of all age groups.

Women over the age of 50, especially, gain all the experience needed for this job thanks to a lifetime of dealing with family issues. Sharing your vast experience with others can really make a difference in somebody’s life.

You can either work with a government group, register with an online therapy website or strike out on your own as a self-employed professional.

If you have the enthusiasm, the desire to be of service, and some training in psychology, then life coaching is also a good profession to consider.

3. Start a Business

By the time you’re 50, you will have accumulated thirty-odd years’ worth of experience in terms of work, time management, interacting with and understanding other people – good qualities to have in the entrepreneurial field.

Additionally, you get to be your own boss, about as nice a change as could be for the majority of us out there. Build on your interests to fuel your venture with passion.

The hardest part of starting your own business is taking the first step. If you need more confidence to start your own business, start by upgrading your business skills, with these online MBA courses from top business schools.

If you already have a business idea, you can skyrocket your business by working with an experienced business coach or mentor to help you create a business plan and financial plan to launch and grow your business.

If you’re the creative type, think dance academies, libraries, art centres, social organisations. If you love creating beautiful embroidery patterns, you can start an embroidery business from home.

If you’re a trained beauty therapist, starting a beauty salon can be a very profitable venture. If you’re into technology, you can start your own software company or digital marketing agency or become a tech brand’s franchisee.

You could also start an online business such as blogging or a YouTube recipe channel and make money from affiliate marketing, advertising and sponsorships.

The benefit of an online business is that the cost of starting up is very low and you can start making money very quickly. However, you will have to learn a number of new skills such as how to outsource work effectively.

If you need more inspiration for business ideas, check out our entire series of articles on the topic:

If you have the financial resources, starting up a business of your own is one of the best careers for an over 50-year-old woman.

If you need funding to start a business, you can apply for small business loans for women in India that have lower interest rates and lower collateral requirements.

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4. Tutor Students At Home Or Online

Many women over the age of 50 enjoy teaching others as a profession. Moreover, their teaching skills are refined by years spent coaching their children at home.

If you’ve ever said, “I want to take home tutions,” then you should know that running a tuition centre from home is one of the most-favoured housewife jobs or careers for a 50-year-old woman in India.

It can be a low-investment, high-returns venture, provided you start simple. The most you’ll need is an area of your home that you can cordon off from the rest of your family during work hours, a table, some chairs, and stationery.

Depending on your educational qualifications, you can teach any age group of children a number of subjects that you have some knowledge of. You don’t have to be an expert – you just need to know more than your students.

Join tutoring agencies and spread the word around through flyers, advertisements, and social networking websites. In time, you can have a steady income throughout the year – sometimes with bonuses during exam time!

You can learn how to start and run a tuition centre and attract more students to your business every month without wasting money on ads.

If you prefer to offer homework help to young people over the internet, another of the best housewife jobs for an over 50-year-old woman, where your age can be an advantage is in deciding to be an online tutor.

To do this, you have to register as a tutor on a number of online tutoring websites and online tutoring companies and teach students over a computer or laptop. If you want music tutor jobs, you can join music tutoring websites and apply for online music tutoring jobs.

Cut short your learning curve and learn more about online tutoring in our free online course, How to Become an Online Tutor.

You can help College Students across the globe (from Undergrad to PhD) learn a wide range of subjects from Accounting, Finance, Management, Economics, Engineering, Comp Science, Science to Maths and Stats.

Once you register and choose a subject, you’ll be required to prove your expertise by clearing tests. But you’ll get paid handsomely for your expertise and in terms of second career options for women, teaching is one of the easiest and most respectable.

5. Teach an Online Course

Online education has become a very lucrative field, with many corporates recognising online degrees and diplomas for the purpose of recruitment.

If you have a lifetime of experience in a particular field, becoming a course creator is truly one of the best jobs for older women.

Of course, you’ll have to get comfortable creating a course syllabus and video tutorials to go with your course. But you can do that with simple tools like Powerpoint, which can then be used to create a video.

You can set up an online school of your own on websites like Teachable and teach an online course. Get your family and friends to take the course and give you feedback so you can improve your course until it is really valuable for your students.

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6. Work Freelance

Freelancing is another excellent job option for women over 50. A vast number of companies abroad prefer to outsource their administrative, clerical, data entry work-from-home jobs, and even ghostwriting jobs directly to people in India.

Fiverr, SolidGigs and Upwork are a few examples of websites that connect clients to potential freelance workers.  Want a list of over 90 freelance job sites for women? Check out our work-from-home options and learn where you can find the best freelance jobs for women.

You can choose to offer any number of services on these websites such as freelance writing, freelance video editing, work from home customer service jobs, proofreading services, selling art and illustrations and many more freelance tasks, depending on what your talents are.

If you’re skilled at communicating in more than one language, working from home as a freelance translator may the perfect job for you. If you’ve been a secretary or are skilled at administrative tasks, you can become a virtual assistant.

Of course, to be a successful freelancer you’ll need to learn a few client management tips to keep your clients happy when you’re running a freelance business. You also need to learn how to sell yourself as a freelancer so you can charge what you’re worth.

Watch my interview about working-from-home as a freelance digital marketer to understand the benefits and pitfalls of a freelancing career in digital marketing.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or student, these 21 highest-paying freelance jobs from home will help you earn extra cash even if you’re a beginner.

The MARS Partner program by SHEROES helps women get certified as remote professionals so they can apply for legitimate remote jobs in various roles – including customer service, sales/lead generation, content creation, travel, remote sales jobs in the insurance industry.

7. Be a Financial Advisor

Another excellent work-from-home job opportunity for women in India is becoming a financial consultant or insurance agent. This is one job that allows you to earn passive income without any cap on the limit you can earn.

There are many benefits to a financial consultants job in your golden years as young people are more likely to take advice on finance and investing from someone who is mature and experienced.

Also, there are many reasons why women make the best financial advisors. You can learn how to become a financial consultant or insurance broker and find work-from-home insurance jobs in India after free training with an insurance company.

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Career Tips For Older Women

Careers for women over 50 are not limited to the options above. There are many other choices for older women to start a new career, including nursing jobs or hospitality jobs.

In a connected world, there’s really no reason why an older woman can’t find jobs for a 50-year-old woman. Also, check out these jobs for 40-year-olds for even more work-from-home jobs for housewives.

Even the government offers a number of educational grants to women over 50 if they want to further their expertise in a specific field. Many women have also chosen to work with the government under non-profit schemes.

Of course, when searching for a housewife job for women over 50, the biggest factor that goes against you is that employers will automatically assume you expect to be paid as highly as you would’ve been in your previous job or career.

Consequently, when filling positions, they prefer to exhaust their pool of younger (and cheaper) applicants before they can consider you.

You might want to indicate in your cover letter and resume that you’re willing to be paid at the same level an entry-level candidate, especially if you choose to work from home or in a new field.

Don’t be disheartened when new colleagues assume you’re stuck in the Stone Age when it comes to technology. Prove them wrong instead. If you actually do need to brush up on your tech skills, though, try to do so as soon as possible.

Expecting to replicate the level of success of your previous job or career can be unrealistic – remember that it took you close to thirty years to get where you were before. But you can use your experience and maturity to set yourself apart from younger candidates.

As the article in Inc.com says, “The new rules are for a world in which knowledge is the universal currency for creating value, a world in which you can use the experience of a lifetime to create what may well be the greatest experience of your life.

Of course, when working from home, you should also take steps to secure your sensitive data and devices so that hackers can’t steal your information when working from home and set up your home office to maximise productivity.

If you’re an Indian woman looking for remote jobs, WFH jobs or work-from-home business ideas without investment, learn how SHEROES can help you find work from home for women in India.

So what do you think? Would you be ready to start a new career or business after 50? Or would you prefer housewife jobs or online work-from-home jobs for women over 50? Do let us know your career preferences in the comments below.

About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links. For more information, read our disclosure.

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Jobs For Women Over 50
Career Ideas For Older Women
Jobs For Women Over 50

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