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Sachin Kanvinde, certified fitness trainer for various fitness and health programmes like KRAV-MAGA, Sports Fitness, Power Yoga and T’ai Chi explains, “If someone attacks you there are three things you can do. You can move away from the attack in order to go away from the negative energy. Second you can stop the attack by deflecting the negative energy by your positive energy.  Third you can use your energy to attack your attacker.”

Self Defense for Women

“KRAV-MAGA concentrates on deflecting the attack. If someone tries to hit you and you go away from the attack, the attacker will think you are scared. If you hit him, he may hit you back which will escalate into a fight.  So the best option is to deflect the attack as it keeps you safe simultaneously giving your attacker the message that you know how to protect yourself.” KRAV-MAGA teaches you how to defend yourself if someone is snatching your bag, grabbing your hand, choking you, pointing a weapon at you etc.

Sachin says, “Confidence is a pre-requisite of fitness. There are indeed even body builders and champions who are so very under-confident that even if a skinny person points them a knife they will part with their wallet. This is why it is crucial for every person to radiate confidence while walking on the street or travelling by public transport.”

You shouldn’t show that you are frightened even when confronted with an armed burglar. Sachin informs us, “Feel self-assured if attacked. When your attacker is armed remember that he is confident only while he is holding the weapon. If you can take the weapon away from him 80% to 90% of his confidence will be lost. Learning how to snatch the weapon away requires plenty of KRAV-MAGA practice and excellent reflexes. This may be acquired at an advanced stage of KRAV-MAGA.”

  • If you have to attack:

Though KRAV-MAGA primarily concentrates on deflecting the attack at dire situations you may be compelled to attack your attacker. To cite an example what if your attacker has cornered you against a wall and you can’t escape unless you attack him to break free from him?

KRAV-MAGA teaches you how to administer non-fatal attacks. Sachin advises, “Hit your attacker on the upper, middle and lower body in succession. Hit the eyes, use your palm to hit the nose upwards, hit the chin upwards and then hit on the diaphragm, hips, groin and knee. These points hurt when hit. For instance if someone damages the knee it is difficult to recover. Hit these vital points successively not allowing your attacker to recover. You need to react fast coordinating your body and mind.”

  • KRAV-MAGA for fitness:

KRAV-MAGA for fitness has the following aims:
·    Strength
·    Endurance
·    Flexibility
·    Balance of the body
·    Balance between the body and the mind

“KRAV-MAGA strengthens your body and muscles to give it a perfect shape.  It ensures the flexibility of the joints and muscles. In the process it improves stamina and endurance. Krav Maga is beneficial for your abdomen and lower back by strengthening them thereby helping you to stand straight and confidently. KRAV-MAGA burns calories helping you to keep in shape.”

“Sometimes you may see bodybuilders with a strong upper body but weak legs. That is because of uneven distribution of energy within the body. Krav Maga will help you have the right balance between the right, left, upper and lower body. It improves the coordination between your body and mind thereby fostering spiritual growth in you.”

Sachin gives group as well as personal training for KRAV-MAGA, but he feels personally that KRAV-MAGA has to be learned more on one-to-one basis as everybody’s pace of learning is different. Before he starts to train you he will take into consideration your case history- details of your daily lifestyle, food habits and relevant information of your professional and family life.

You may contact Sachin Kanvinde at AM’S Fitness Consultant
Mobile: 9838879677
Email: sachin@amsfitnessconsulatant.com
and s_kanvinde@rediffmail.com


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