Learn Business Skills To Start And Grow Your Business

Learn Business Skills To Start And Grow Your Business
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Looking for a free digital training and mentorship program? Join the WomenWill program by Google on SHEROES available online for women to learn business skills.

The pandemic has revolutionized the world of digital technology. More and more businesses are flourishing online, opening endless possibilities for many women micro-entrepreneurs.

The WomenWill program provides free access to world-class education, mentoring, government welfare schemes, loans and support to businesswomen & aspiring entrepreneurs. It aims to impart business skills and expand access to digital technology to set up and grow a business

Read on to know more about this program.

What is the WomenWill program?

To encourage your ideas, support your dreams, and bring out the best in you, Google has partnered with SHEROES  to bring the WomenWill program. This program aims to help 1 million smart, aspiring & existing businesswomen to learn business skills, upskill, discover something new and get inspiring business ideas and grow their existing business

To become a part of the program, you just need a smartphone and an internet connection. Accessible anytime, anywhere from your phone, the free business skill training and mentorship program is available online on the WomenWill Community on the SHEROES platform. Available in vernacular languages, the program is self-paced and allows you to continue with the Curriculum based on your time and availability.

On finishing the course, you will also earn a Certificate of Completion.

The WomenWill program gives every willing woman the opportunity to get digital, financial and learn business skill with easy-to-understand videos and one-on-one live mentorship sessions. The program is designed to let you learn something new, upskill and get access to new income opportunities. 

The WomenWill training program will run into 2 phases: 

  1. Business Literacy Training – 1- 3 Months (Self-Paced learning)
  2. Accelerator Support – 6 Months (One-on-one mentor support for selected group of business women and live sessions)

Business Literacy Training Curriculum

12 modules|3 videos per module | 1 assignment (MCQ) per video

Starting a business requires thorough knowledge of finance, marketing, and legal requirements. The Business Literacy Curriculum helps one understand the basic foundation of creating a successful business. It also focuses on teaching the basics of social media tools and ways to use them to learn business skills and grow. The program explains everything in detail, from learning how to leverage smartphone features to grow your business to becoming a reseller and promoting your business online. 

Certification: Earn a certificate of completion from Google and SHEROES after completing the Business Literacy phase of the program.

What you’ll learn in the business literacy program:

  • Basic and advanced digital literacy                 
  • Basic and advanced financial literacy
  • Legal & Documentation                                     
  • Marketing 
  • 6 Case Studies
  1. How to start your Tuition Center?
  2. How to start your Photocopy & Xerox Center?
  3. How to start your Beauty Parlour?
  4. How to start your Kirana Shop?
  5. How to start your Tailoring Center?
  6. How to become a reseller?

Major takeaways from the Business Literacy Curriculum

  • Leveraging smartphone features to grow your income/business.
  • Tutorial on how to edit/crop an image.
  • Joining Google meet and other online groups.
  • Opening your online store and becoming a seller on Facebook, Instagram, and other online apps.
  • Opening a bank account, activating mobile and internet banking and doing online transactions.
  • Staying safe on the internet.
  • Applying for a loan and managing your business revenues and expenses.
  • Staying updated with Government Welfare Schemes.
  • Registering your business and the documents required to start your own business.
  • Promoting your business and making new customers.
  • Using social media to learn and grow.
  • Setting your tuition centre and tips on how to get more students.
  • Setting up your printing business and learning about different printing techniques.
  • Opening your beauty parlour.
  • Setting up your Kirana store and ways to scale your business.
  • Setting your stitching business and ways to expand it.
  • Learning how to become a reseller and start your online store.

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Accelerator Curriculum

6 modules|18 chapters |24 sessions|1 question & answer session per module| 12 industry expert sessions

The accelerator curriculum aims to help women grow their businesses by providing all the necessary guidance. The accelerator program empowers women entrepreneurs in all possible ways and will be a one-on-one mentorship via live sessions with industry experts. Founders, professionals and leadership coaches, we’ve brought them all together in one platform for one shared goal- your business growth! 

Certification: Earn a certificate of completion from Google and SHEROES after completing the entire course. 

What you’ll learn from the Accelerator Curriculum:

  • Guide to starting and growing your own business
  • Laying the foundation of your business
  • Personal Branding & Family Challenges
  • Sales & Promotion
  • Managing your Business Finances
  • Business Expansion

Significant takeaways from the Accelerator Program

  • Identifying challenges and opportunities to start or grow your business.
  • Understand the legal aspects of setting up a business.
  •  Branding – naming your business, logo and tagline.
  • Recording videos and editing photos on a smartphone.
  • Designing using tools like Canva.
  • Packaging & promotional material designing.
  • Maintaining a work-life balance.
  • Identifying different types of the target audience.
  • Different modes of promotions- online & offline.
  • Learning how to get more customers from your business.
  • Learning the basics of Social Media Marketing.
  • Learning tips on managing expenses & savings.
  • Innovation upskilling & new technology adoption.
  • Basics of cross-promotion- networking & collaboration.
  • Geo-targeted expansion.
  • Risk analysis & mitigation.

More about the WomenWill program

Who can access the program?

The WomenWill program is designed for women who are business owners and for anyone who is looking to start and grow their business and digital marketing skills. No previous experience in any field is required to access the program.

All you need is-

  • -Devote 1-2 hours every week
  • -Watch the learning module videos on your smartphone
  • -Complete an easy assignment with just one MCQ (multiple choice question)

What is the duration of the program?

The program can be completed at one’s pace and availability. It runs into 2 phases: Business Literacy Phase for three months and Accelerator Support for six months.

Is there an assessment?

After completing each video session the user has to attempt a very simple multiple choice question to proceed to the next video lesson. It is mainly to motivate a learner to learn more. The intent of the assessment is not to test but facilitate the process of learning. 

Are there any assistance and support sessions?

For one to one support, you can reach out to facilitators by clicking on the red  chat button placed at the bottom of the SHEROES screen. While watching the learning video, you can also ask questions to your mentors, as shown on the screen, and mentors will reply to your questions and clear your doubts. 

Is this course free?

This training and mentorship program by Google in partnership with SHEROES is entirely free of cost.

Is this course online?

The program is hosted online in the WomenWill community on the SHEROES app.

What will I earn after completing the course?

  • Badge
  • Certificate
  • Access to Government Welfare Schemes
  • Access to loans
  • Access to livelihood opportunities
  • Access to lifetime community support

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What does the WomenWill program aim to achieve with its unique Curriculum?

The WomenWill curriculum is designed to help women grow and support their economic potential through community building and digital skills. In a nutshell, the WomenWill program –

Promote Women’s Self Worth-The program aims to boost women’s self-worth by helping them determine their own choices and move ahead in life. It encourages them to enhance their skills and passion and become more confident. 

Imparting new business skills – The program aims to help one learn new business skills to successfully start and run a business. It enables one to grow as a woman entrepreneur. 

Provide business support– The program will allow one to learn about resources that can help market their business and run it efficiently. Right from sessions on how to join a Google meeting to creating a brochure and website, this course has it all.  

Government schemes for women entrepreneurs-  Specific schemes are being provided by the government of India and public institutions to support women and make it easier for them to get loans. The WomenWill program offers information on the latest schemes for women entrepreneurs in the country and their benefits.

Create a safer environment- Starting a business online has advantages and disadvantages. The course dwells on ways you can take to stay safe on the internet. 

Guide for creating online stores and creating reselling opportunities- Learn how to set up your online store and sell products or services online. Becoming an online reseller is one of India’s top emerging women-oriented businesses. Learn about the basics and start earning from the comfort of your home. 

Provide mentorship- The 24-weeks Accelerator Curriculum is a one-on-one mentorship session. Here an industry expert is assigned to guide budding women entrepreneurs to cultivate self-confidence and gain access to available business opportunities. 

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Why should you take up the WomenWill program?

  • It lets you learn new business skills from home
  • It is free of cost training and mentorship program for ambitious women entrepreneurs.
  • It is entirely available online and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and completed at one’s pace.
  • It aims to guide women who want to manage and promote their businesses.
  • After completing the course, it can help you earn a certificate from Google and SHEROES.
  • It can help one learn new business skills and online business opportunities, which can help kickstart your own business.
  • It can help you get one-on-one mentorship and guidance from industry experts, coaches and professionals.
  • It can help you identify new income opportunities, peer to peer networking & learning.
  • It lets you know about the chances to avail a loan for your business.
  • It goves to access to Government Welfare Schemes. 

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At SHEROES, we believe that when women are educated and supported, they can accomplish anything. The WomenWill program gives women the confidence and skills to embark on a journey that can help them turn their passion into a business. Come, become a part of this transformative learning journey and unlock your true potential. 

This program is a must-attend for all aspiring women just like you to embark on a journey of self-learning & growth. Get ready to start your entrepreneurial journey. Let’s all learn business skills, upskill and grow!

Join the WomenWill community to access the training resources. The WomenWill program can be accessed both on the SHEROES app and SHEROES web platforms. 

Download the SHEROES app on your phone or tablet to start learning.

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About the author:

Vandana Das is a full-time writer and blogger.  She also manages content for the SHEROES platform.

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