Want To Look Younger And Avoid Wrinkles? Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes

Want To Look Younger And Avoid Wrinkles? Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes

Want to avoid using botox? Tired of shelling out on expensive wrinkle creams? Our natural skincare expert, Angela Purcell, shows you how a few simple modifications in your skincare routine can help you avoid mammoth sized saboteurs that are causing your skin to age rapidly.

Look YoungerIt is not how many skincare products you own, how many minutes you invest in your skincare routine, or even how much money you spend on expensive skincare products that determine how beautifully you are aging.

The real secret to having gorgeous skin is to have a careful, but quick and inexpensive routine.

It is better to do twenty five quality sit-ups with correct form than fifty fast ones with an improper form, right? Your routine should be careful by consciously recognizing exactly what you are placing onto your skin and into your body.

Recent studies indicate that there are many ingredients in commercial products that are very hazardous and further irritate the skin.

Your routine should be quick so that it is easy to stick to in the long term and you will not feel too tired performing it, even after long days.

Your routine should be inexpensive so that it is easy to maintain and can still do so if you are on a tight budget.

You have heard the advice to wear sunscreen over a zillion times by now probably, but all the sunscreen in the world will not make much of a difference if you make these mistakes that are about to be mentioned below.

First mistake: Not removing all makeup (or other unnatural facial products) thoroughly and washing twice every night.

It is crucial to completely clean off the face and neck if you wear any facial makeup such as foundation, blush, concealer, eye shadow, etc. This is one of the main contributing factors to clogged pores that could lead to acne and older looking skin (from previous foundation piled up on each other which will create an uneven, blotchy texture that may cause the skin to look older).

One wash will not be enough. After cleansing off the makeup with an all natural makeup remover (to avoid harsh chemicals) be sure to wash the face twice with a gentle cleanser. This is to make sure all the makeup is off. After cleansing, gently blot dry with a clean towel, and apply a rich moisturizer.

Second mistake: Not letting water and tea make up 99 % of all beverages consumed regularly.

For the most part, let most of your beverage consumption be only from decaffeinated tea and water. Let water be around 90% of your beverage consumption and tea be around 10 %.

From my experience, I drink around sixty-four ounces a day that the experts state, but some days I go under this amount, and some days over. It depends on a lot of different factors such as climate, exercise duration, sickness, etc.

Water cleanses out toxins and wastes that could clog your system. Dehydration can lead to acne, constipation, premature wrinkles, and dry and dull looking skin.

Tea helps prevent wrinkles with its enormous antioxidant content. Dr. Stephen Hsu mentions that tea (especially green) helps alleviate skin problems such as rosacea and wrinkles. Be sure to purchase a brand of naturally decaffeinated tea using the process that involves water and carbon dioxide.

Some other naturally decaffeinated teas use a method involving ethyl acetate, but studies reveal this type of process removes most of the beneficial phenols in the tea.

Fruit juices (excluding fruit juice from a raw fruit), coffee, and refreshments should be minimally consumed, if at all. Fruit juices are too high in sugar content and refreshments are mostly composed of chemicals and hazardous genetically modified ingredients (which is detrimental to your skin and body).

Caffeine is known to dehydrate the body which may cause wrinkles, so it is best to stay away from coffee for the most part. There are decaffeinated versions to coffee, but coffee does not offer the antioxidant protection of tea.

Third mistake: Not using an eye cream starting from age 20 at the latest.

The under eye area is the quickest and easiest way to determine the age of someone. It is best to start using eye creams as young as possible to avoid premature wrinkling. To prevent the formation of wrinkles in this area from starting is far more effective than trying to cover up settled in wrinkles.

The under eye area does not contain any naturally secreting oil glands. It is critical to provide natural oils under the eyes. If you avoid taking care of this area, over time, that area will develop wrinkles faster than any other area on the face.

You do not have to use a commercial eye cream to receive great benefits. I no longer use commercial skincare products because I have found greater improvements in my skin by staying close to nature as possible. I use grocery store bought oils and certain foods on my skin in place of commercial skincare products.

A money and time saving trick is to use your moisturizer as a double up. Just apply only a small amount under the bone of the eye (not directly under the eye) and let it absorb into that area itself. Also, with some left over (chilled) green tea, dip an eye gauze inside the cup to use as eye padding (with your eyes closed of course). Let the gauze stay on for at least ten minutes or more.

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