Loving Yourself: The #1 Way To Attract Your Soulmate

Loving Yourself: The #1 Way To Attract Your Soulmate
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By Scott & Shannon Peck

Without a doubt, whether you are sitting in an ashram chanting “soulmate, soulmate,” or surrounded by crystals or actively engaged in online dating, the # 1 way to attract your soulmate is (drum roll, please!) loving yourself!

There’s nothing that makes you more attractive than loving yourself. We’re not talking about egotism. We’re talking about knowing who you are because you’ve spent some time on your inner journey being accountable to yourself and tuned in.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have baggage, but it does mean you are probably (from having to go deep within) not likely to blame others for your own lessons to learn. That makes you very attractive.

Loving yourself means you have treated yourself as though you are worth spending time with. And in your alone, quiet time, you have tuned in to your own needs and feelings in order to care-take.

So if you discover you’re stressed, loving yourself means you get to bed earlier and even schedule some rest on the weekend.

Loving yourself means you are practising being good to yourself, forgiving yourself for mistakes and not beating up yourself all the time. It means you are taking care of yourself physically and being responsible for your overall looks and care. That makes you very attractive.

Loving yourself means you are willing to honour and speak your feelings. It also means that you are spending time dreaming about the possibilities of your life and taking action towards your dreams.

It means you are aware on days that your inner talk has become toxic and you start reversing the inner negative chatter, offering yourself plenty of empathy. It means you know how to set boundaries rather than trying to please everyone. See how attractive?

Usually, when people are trying to find their soulmate, they’re looking outside themselves towards online dating or wondering who they’ll meet at a social gathering. Yet, loving yourself – clearly, an inside job – actually has the power to attract your soulmate.

Consider another factor of loving yourself. Have you ever noticed someone who exudes confidence? Not egotism, but sheer inner confidence. When someone is loving themselves, there is inner confidence and this gets noticed.

People see something different about them. Maybe they’re not the most beautiful person in the room or the richest or have job status, but somehow, they have heads turn their way, maybe even talked about after they leave.

When you are in touch with your own authenticity, you have a pretty good idea of who you are. You walk in these confident shoes.

Most people are walking around almost in a daze, wondering what’s going to happen to them, worried about the future, regretting the past, wanting something outside themselves.

But for those who have taken a hard, long look within, they are on a path of growth to see what they can do to help themselves improve while loving themselves.

This brings confidence and exudes a certain aura that we all admire. And this is what attracts your soulmate to want to be with you.

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