MARS Partner: Be A MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP)

MARS Partner: Be A MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP)

Looking for remote work from home for women in India? The MARS by SHEROES program certifies women as MARS Partners so they can find full-time remote work from home or part-time work from home in India.


Managed Remote Solutions (MARS) by SHEROES is an initiative to help qualified women find remote work from home and achieve financial independence without having to give up all the things that are important to them – flexibility, family and safety.

It is completely managed by the MARS by SHEROES platform for women, which believes in supporting remote workers and has created a remote workforce of highly-skilled, certified remote workers who appreciate the benefits of working remotely and are eager to find remote work from home with good companies.

These virtual remote work positions include office-type assignments, projects in marketing, customer support, customer service, remote sales work, lead generation, and operations that you can do while working remotely from home or elsewhere.

MARS by SHEROES is one of the best remote companies to work for because it partners with some of the biggest brands in India such as Bira, Zomato, Paytm, Delhivery, CureSkin, and more to help qualified women get access to remote work from home for women in India.

We are one of the most trusted remote work programs in India because we have experience in managing remote workers, working with remote teams, and provide employers with a number of benefits.

These include reporting, timesheets and performance reports, project management services, as well as the remote working technology platform, remote work tools and training to drive collaboration and success.

Whether you want to create a better work-life balance, spend time with your kids, or earn from the comfort of your home, MARS by SHEROES can give you the remote work experience and certification to get a head start and set you apart from the competition.

Why Become a MARS Partner?

To be a part of MARS by SHEROES, you must get certified as a MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP) – an elite qualification designed to help female career professionals stand out and be seen by large companies.

MARS Partners are an exclusive group of women professionals who get preference by over 20 thousand companies that hire remote workers or remote work from home professionals.

MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP) certification is the Gold standard in remote work and every MARS Partner is a top-of-the-class remote professional.

When you get your MCRP Certification, you’ll be qualified to apply for part-time or full-time remote work projects with some of the biggest companies in India, through MARS by SHEROES.

Keep in mind that the MCRP certificate is not a guarantee of employment, as you must also meet the required qualifications and job description for the online or remote work positions that you apply for.

However, becoming a MARS Partner increases your chance of finding remote work from home with top companies. It also offers a number of enviable benefits that no other remote work companies offer.

As a MARS Partner, you’ll have access to opportunities brought exclusively for you so employers can find you easily. This increases your chance of finding legitimate remote work from home with respectable companies.

In the competitive world of remote and gig work, that’s a huge advantage!

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Benefits of MCRP Certification:

  • Get priority and preference by over 20k companies that hire remote workers
  • MCRP certification is seen as the Gold standard in remote work
  • Exclusive access to the invite-only MARS Community on SHEROES
  • Exclusive access to new remote work positions in the MARS community
  • Exclusive access to online training in remote work best practices in the MARS community
  • Networking opportunities and learning from other remote workers in the MARS Community

MARS Partner: Be A MARS Certified Remote Professional (MCRP) 1

In order to access all these benefits, you must be an active member of the MARS community on the SHEROES app for women.

For all these reasons and more, your MCRP certification will help you jump the queue and give you a fantastic advantage over other struggling remote workers in the competitive gig economy.

As Arundhai Shewade, an MCRP-Certified beneficiary of the MARS Partner program states:

It’s not easy for a working professional to sit at home and do nothing. SHEROES gave me the opportunity to strike a balance. Being a MARS Partner, I can take care of my son while working from home.

Preethi Natarajan posted this review on the SHEROES app download page:

It’s the best platform for women. I have got a work from home telesales executive job through SHEROES. This is one and only platform where women got encouragement and motivated to be financially independent and they itself providing the training and explaining the simple tips to improve in our field.

If you appreciate the advantages of remote working and are open to working remotely, complete your MCRP certification so you, too, can be certified to apply for part-time or full-time remote work from home on the SHEROES app for women.

Click here to complete the certification process. If you’re selected, you’ll have the option to become a MARS Partner and join the remote workforce of one of the top remote companies to work for, so you can apply for genuine work from home for women.

Apply for MCRP certification now

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