MBA Courses In A Woman’s World

MBA Courses In A Woman’s World
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Have you ever been inspired by a woman to fulfil a career and gain success? I was inspired by a female leader, my mum who helped me to choose the right career path.

For students it’s very difficult to believe that your parents can be pushing you in the right direction. You have big decisions to make regarding your future, your career path is unknown and your higher educational study choice could impact your career options even your salary and your lifestyle.

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You look to people to guide you in the right direction because you know they have been there done that and often their advice helps. Witnessing how many successful women there are in the world in high end jobs pushed me to want to succeed in my career choice.

It is amazing to see women with MBA’s thriving in their jobs like the cream on top of a cake or the cherry on top. But, not all inspiring women have MBA’s.

For instance Carol Bratz the CEO of Yahoo did not have an MBA, but she had a business mind and became one of the most valued business women out there, even battling breast cancer and fighting her way to the top. This is business ambition and just as good as having an official MBA qualification.

Once you have achieved your grades comes the big decision of deciding what to study at university, seeing inspirational case studies like the Carol Bratz career development makes it a little bit easier to make the choice. Sometimes you just want to follow in their footsteps and so you do what they did.

Many students however, choose a degree because of their parent’s expectation or just because the course is popular. The influence that surrounds career choice is vast, but it is great that there are so many choices these days.

The Female Figure in Careers

Mums are female figures we look up to, the inspirational woman who can put you on the right career path. We’ve all heard the stories where children from lower income groups achieve high aggregates throughout their school life.

This is down to two things – their understanding of how important education is, and the support they receive from their parents and sometimes a firm female leader.

Women who thrive in their careers tend to be motivated, self-driven and confident. Some of the best jobs that suit them are related to the business and finance world, but there are some jobs such as Lawyers which are popular and social media jobs have kicked women up the ladder in more ways than one.

Have you heard of Sheryl Sandberg? This woman made it big for her role as the Facebook COO (chief operating officer), one of the richest women in the US, because she invested well outside of her career, netting around $1.25 billion from Facebook stocks.

Do you really need an MBA now or should you just buy wisely?

How Can an MBA Course Help Your Future?

At the end of the day, it always good to have a degree behind you and an MBA is the most sought after degrees in the world. Anyone with an MBA degree has more career choices, they have better success when applying for various jobs and they can expect a higher salary than those with a school qualification.

There are a variety of options when obtaining an MBA degree; basically they cover all business and management principles from executive and senior management to accounting and business management to finance and marketing.

Anyone who holds one of these degrees can enjoy a choice of career opportunities from a CEO of a company to a financial analyst to a PR specialist to a product manager or human resources manager.

Very often you find that companies will state that applicants must hold an MBA degree as they are in-demand degrees that give you insight into the running of a business, and to employers this is a step in the right direction.

But just remember, if you do not have this it is not the end of the world, there are many similar university degree courses that will help support your application to a future job.

Author bio:

Writer Jenny Beswick always listened to her mum’s advice! With the advice her mum gave her she found a good Telegraph MBA Course online. Since educating herself and working internationally in business she is now a writer. Let us know if a female leader helped you?

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