6 Reasons Why Strong Women Need Mental Healthcare Too

6 Reasons Why Strong Women Need Mental Healthcare Too
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This mental health article lists 6 reasons why even strong, self-sufficient women can benefit from mental healthcare and psychotherapy.

In recent years, with the growth of mental health awareness, we’ve become a bit more mindful of our mental health, especially women, who are affected by mental health issues in different ways than men.

A study by the Health Organisation (WHO), reported some rather disturbing mental health facts, namely that India is the most depressed country in the world.

Another mental health statistic the WHO study reported is that at least 6.5 per cent of the Indian population suffers from some form of serious mental disorder.

Today we are much more open about depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues because there is a lot of mental health information available online.

It seems like almost every month there’s a celebrity checking into mental health treatment centres or going on a mental health retreat.

However, there are some self-sufficient women who see themselves as not needing mental healthcare. Perhaps they have mild depression and feel like they will just deal with on their own.

Or maybe they don’t have any noticeable issues and don’t think there’s any value in talking to a mental health counsellor. Click here to learn more about anxiety symptoms in women.

What is mental health? It is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

If you’ve been in counselling or therapy at any point of time, you’ll know just how beneficial it can be to deal with triggers that remind you of childhood trauma or just to help you with your mental health in the workplace.

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6 Reasons Why Strong Women Need Mental Healthcare Too

In this mental health article, I list 6 reasons why everyone needs mental healthcare and psychotherapy, even strong, self-sufficient women.

1. Because psychotherapy can help every woman

If you’re suffering from severe depression, anxiety, or any other mental health disorders, there’s absolutely no shame in speaking to a mental health counsellor, therapist or opting for psychiatric help and depression treatment.

Women’s mental health issues can be very different from men’s mental health issues as we undergo significant hormonal changes at every life transition, from puberty and menstruation to pregnancy and menopause.

Psychotherapy and mental health counselling, whether online or offline, can help you cope with all of these life changes and stressors.

And not just for depression help or mental health issues either, but even for relationship advice and to learn coping skills for any other life issues.

2. Because getting help is powerful

Everyone is talking about woman empowerment these days. From the woman CEO to women achievers who are prominently represented in the media, women are kicking butt.

But if you feel the desire to be a more powerful and authentic woman leader, you should know that it’s okay to be vulnerable and show weakness sometimes.

If you have mental health issues, admitting that you need mental health help and wanting to improve yourself is an act of courage. There are too many women who don’t get the help they need because they think it makes them look weak.

In fact, it’s the ones who try to power through that end up succumbing to their mental health problems or dealing with them in an unhealthy and toxic manner.

There are many reasons why a woman may have unhealthy ways of dealing with life’s issues, and many of them involve early childhood trauma or abuse.

A healthier response is to allow yourself to feel and release your pain in a safe environment with a therapist, instead of repressing it and letting you consume you.

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3. Because the modern woman is stressed

There are many ways in which the modern woman is stressed. From unwanted advances from men to balancing work and motherhood, the stress can build up.

Some levels of stress are okay and may even be beneficial, but there are other times when your mental health in the workplace can suffer and you may be facing burnout at work or just be too stressed to go on.

In fact, taking a “mental health day” has become very common for people dealing with mental health issues at work.

That’s when mental health providers come in useful. They can help you manage workplace stress in a healthy way and make it a whole lot easier for you to cope with it.

4. Because it’s good to vent with a therapist

You may have been told that venting about your problems, especially when it involves another person, just makes you come across as negative and dramatic.

However, if somebody or something is bothering you, and if you have trouble dealing with it, it’s okay to vent! Talking to a mental health counsellor or a therapist can help you feel better, as they’re a neutral party.

They will teach you how to feel good about yourself and allow you to get the help you need. And because they are taught to be objective and rational, they’ll be honest and truthful about the situation, without favouring any side.

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5. Because you want to age like fine wine

Many women want to age gracefully. However, they may think of ageing in a more physical sense. Looking great is good, but feeling great is even better.

You want to be a sharp, old woman when you age, and one way you can do that is through proper mental healthcare and mental health support.

Helping to reduce stress and depression can make you feel better inside and out. Looks fade, but a healthy mind can last a lifetime if you take good care of it.

You can read mental health books that show you how to improve mental health, keep you sharp and adapt with the times.

Turning to a mental health counselor and mental health support groups can help you hang on to mental wellness as you grow older.

6. Because you want to be strong for your family

Finally, you should seek online therapy or psychotherapy for your family’s sake. If you have a spouse or children, they need a strong woman in their life and seeing a mental health counsellor can help you learn the coping skills to become even stronger.

There are many ways to go about this, and one way is to bond with your family. You can click here or look here for some unique self-care ideas for women.

As you continue to show this world who’s boss, make sure you take breathers, remember that your mental health is a valid and important goal, and get the mental health treatment you need to thrive.

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About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate or sponsored links. For more information, read our disclosure.

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