Midnight Vanities: How Too Much Partying Can Hurt Your Health

Midnight Vanities: How Too Much Partying Can Hurt Your Health

By Lachmi Deb Roy

When we open the events pages of any newspaper or any glossy magazine all we can see is familiar faces partying hard. For journalists, it is a fantastic place to get scoops and scandals, but for these party animals their only mission is to let loose till the wee hours.

Office Party

If done in moderation parties are a great place for networking, but when you start overdoing the partying stuff, you’re surely heading for a disaster.

Of you get sozzled and eat like there is no tomorrow, then soon instead of heading for parties you will make rounds to the doctors. Too much partying can be injurious for health.

Nightlife can be highly enticing and staying away from it requires a lot of discipline. Leading a balanced life is what is important. And keeping track of the amount of alcohol you are dunking in is also important.

The real damage to our system starts when our sleeping pattern gets out of control due to our late night parties. When your sleeping pattern is disturbed, the natural biological rhythm of your body gets disturbed.

The whole day you will feel irritable and lethargic. Late nights hampers the digestive system too.  The best thing is to meditate and do a little bit of pranayam before you go to bed. You can also try reading a book and can switch on some light music. These will sooth your mind and soul.

Alcohol if consumed in excess, can destroy one’s immunity and damage one’s liver for life.  It can also lead to accidents.  Pancreatitis may also occur because of excessive alcohol consumption.

Too much downing of alcohol can lead to diseases like lupus, heart diseases, Crohn’s disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer.

Drink a lot of water to avoid bloating. Do not drink on an empty stomach. If you plan to drink in a party have your meal first. This way you can prevent yourself from overdrinking.

Partying, drinking and having a nice time with friends may appear to be glamorous, but it is better you know where you should draw the line.

Discipline yourself. Great careers have ended because one could not handle the burden of social pressure along with a demanding career.

Set your priorities right in life. If you are looking for a successful balanced life with a good career and family then it is always better to have a good life style.

The glitz and glamour of the party circles can actually lead to the down fall of a promising career. The glamour of social partying can be seductive, but this can lead you to scintillating highs and make you bite the dust too.

If you’re seriously looking for success in life, when it comes to career and a healthy lifestyle, then it is advisable to stay focused in life and look beyond midnight vanities.

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