5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts To Show Your Indian Mom How Much You Care

5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts To Show Your Indian Mom How Much You Care
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Mother’s Day is the best time to show your Indian mom you care. These Mother’s day gift ideas will help you order meaningful Mothers day gifts online in India.

Indians have a great deal of love and affection for their mothers, prompting some of the most famous lines in Indian movie history such as “Mere paas Maa hain” (I have a mother).

Your Indian mom has brought you up with unconditional love and affection. She’s the person who made you who you are often sacrificing her own needs to give you what you want.

Now that you’re all grown up and have a job and a family of your own, Mother’s Day is the best time to show your mom how grateful you are for everything she has done for you.

Whether your Mom lives on her own or with you, the question you’re probably asking is what to send mom for Mother’s Day.

If you don’t live with your mom and are not earning a lot of money, you may be looking for some inexpensive or cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas that can be delivered to her home.

There are plenty of affordable and cheap Mother’s Day gifts available online and you can easily send her Mother’s day flowers or order Mother’s Day gifts online.

But, think of how much your mom has done for you and the fact that this day only comes once a year. Or maybe you also love your grandmother a lot and want to buy Mother’s day gifts for grandmothers online.

Shouldn’t you make her Mother’s Day special by giving her some thoughtful and meaningful Mother’s Day presents?

If you can’t figure out what to get mom for Mother’s Day, or live abroad and need to send Mother’s Day gifts to India, we’ve curated a list of gifts for Indian moms that will delight any Indian mother.

5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Indian Moms

These unique and creative gifts are some of the best Mother’s day gifts online. If you’re looking for meaningful gifts for mom, these Mother’s day gift ideas in India will give you the best gift ideas for mothers.

1. Mother’s Day hamper ideas for Indian moms who love pampering

The best and safest gift for mother on Mother’s day in India is a luxury hamper filled with goodies that no mom can resist. She’ll be thrilled with these beautiful mother’s day gift basket ideas.

The SHECO by SHEROES store has beautiful gift ideas such as organic skin care products that few women will be able to resist for the exceptional quality and lavishness of their products, with the added benefit of them being safe and cruelty-free.

2. Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa for the mom who loves music

Do you live abroad and are looking to send Mother’s day gifts to India? Look no further than the Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa. If your mom loves listening to music, especially old Hindi movie songs, this is the perfect Mother’s day gift for her.

Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot Image © Amazon.in

You can surprise your beloved mom with this unique Mother’s day gift that will not only play her favourite music but also help you keep in touch with her at all times.

This contemporary and unusual Mother’s day gift comes with Amazon Prime Music, to help your mom create and manage her personal playlist.

Her personal Echo Dot will also stream her favourite music from Saavn, Gaana, Hungama Music and TuneIn. All your mom has to do is ask for her favourite artist or song, or request a specific genre or mood.

She can control her Echo Dot hands-free, even in noisy environments, and ask it to search for music by album, decade, or let Alexa pick the music for her.

She can even wake up to her favourite music by setting a musical alarm, and if you buy her more than one Echo Dot device, she can fill her whole home with music with multiple devices across different rooms.

She can also use it to call or message you, make announcements and use Alexa to make Skype calls if you have your own Echo Dot device or Alexa App.

In addition to playing music, your mom can use the Echo Dot to answer her questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart lights, plugs, and remotes from Philips, Syska, TP-Link and Oakter, all using only her voice.

For all the reasons above, the Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa is the perfect Mother’s day gift if you’re an Indian expat who truly loves his or her mom.

3. Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot for the mom who hates to clean

Are you and your wife going to be first-time parents, or have just had a baby? Then you’ll know how difficult yet important it is to keep the home clean, spick and span, for your new, tiny Indian citizen who loves to crawl all over the floor.

That’s why a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best mother-to-be gifts, especially for those times when the bai (maid) plays hooky or falls ill.

As a first-time Mother’s day gift, this device will not only ease up your wife’s workload but make life easier for both of you. After all, to have a happy life one requires a happy wife.

In fact, the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is such a cool mother’s day gift, that we see husbands using it more than their wives (wink wink) because the home app makes it so easy to clean and schedule conveniently anytime, anywhere.

After all, which man would be able to resist cool technological features such as the Patented iAdapt 2.0 navigation with visual localization that helps your Vacuum Cleaning Robot seamlessly and efficiently navigate an entire level of your home, recharging as needed until the job is done.

It’s almost like having your own personal cleaning robot… oh wait, that’s exactly what it is! 😉 And unlike your lazy bai, it can cover an entire floor of your home, room by room without missing a spot, including in corners.

So if you buy a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner as a Mother’s day gift for your wife, don’t pretend that you’ve bought it just for her. We know better, don’t we?

4. Designer jewellery for the mom who loves bling

For the mom who loves bling, you can buy the most creative Mother’s day gifts online. They have some of the most beautiful necklaces and sets for women and, as gift ideas for mom, they will definitely be appreciated.

best mothers day gifts

I hope you liked these Mother’s day ideas and that they helped you order Mothers day gifts online, or buy the best gift for mother on Mother’s day in India.

5. Give the Gift of MasterClass for the mom who loves to learn

Give the most unique gift and inspire the person you love. Give a gift that helps them grow with online classes taught by the world’s best experts and gurus in their fields.

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Give the Gift of MasterClass

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Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts To Show Your Indian Mom How Much You Care

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