Naaree.com Celebrates The New Indian Woman

Naaree.com Celebrates The New Indian Woman
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In the midst of a flurry of dotcom launches in India, comes Naaree.com, India’s new portal and online magazine for the new Indian women.

Promoted by Priya Florence Shah, an entrepreneur, online marketing consultant and active blogger, it features inspiring and insightful articles and tips, written by experienced writers with a first-hand knowledge of what the modern Indian woman desires most.

As women, we have many roles to play. We are the nurturers, mothers, wives, lovers, career-women, daughters, friends. When we feel good about ourselves we can give our best to our families, children and careers.

In the process of multi-tasking and giving to others in our lives, stress takes its toll – on us, as well as our families. The new Indian woman is learning to live life on her own terms, and to value her own needs as much as her partner’s. Naaree.com aims to inspire women to transform themselves beyond their wildest dreams.

“Naaree.com does not have a feminist agenda. Our goal is solely to help the Indian woman break free of limitations, and disempowering thinking,” says Ms. Shah, adding “Both, family and society, benefit when a women learns to take care of her own needs, because she is then better able to care for her family and loved ones.”

“Indian women need more role models to inspire them. Besides a few well-known names like Preity Zinta, Sania Mirza, Kiran Mazumdar and Indra Nooyi, we know precious little about the thousands of women in our society who have silently and courageously overcome the limitations imposed on them by archaic attitudes and challenging circumstances,” states Ms. Shah.

Naaree.com invites you to send in profiles of woman achievers, successful women entrepreneurs and women who have overcome obstacles or demonstrated courage to rise above their circumstances and get where they are today. They will be interviewed and their stories published in a monthly “Naaree of the Month” feature.

Naaree.com aims to help the new Indian woman get in touch with her own needs, become self-actualised, and achieve balance and harmony in all areas of her life. “We want to help women nurture themselves, in body, mind and spirit. Visit us for the content. Stay for the community,” invites Ms. Shah.

For more information and interviews, please contact:
Priya Florence Shah
CEO, Naaree.com
priya [at] naaree.com

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