Naaree.com Intuition Workshop Is A Success

Naaree.com Intuition Workshop Is A Success

Naaree.com’s free Intuition Workshop, titled ‘Develop Your Sixth Sense’, and held on Sunday, 11th March, 2007, was a success.

The workshop was conducted by psychologist and trainer, Tarannum Siddiqui, who has six years of experience in training and conducting enlightenment workshops, to help people to better their visionary skills and perpetual insight. She conducted a very interactive session with her audience, comprising both men and women, while sharing her knowledge on the practical, spiritual, psychological and philosophical aspects of intuition.

In the Dictionary of Psychology, J.Atkinson E. Berne and R. S. Woodsworth define intuition as, “Direct or immediate knowledge without consciousness of having engaged in preliminary thinking.” In a world of gizmos and gadgets, facts and figures we tend to rely too
much on rationally proved evidence. In the process we sadly ignore
essential information gained by perceptive insight or intuition.

Breaking intuition into ‘in’ and ‘tuition’, Tarannum simplistically explained intuition as, “Tuition that you may give to yourself”. She went on to say that intuitive awareness is essentially within us, it is just for us to realize it.

Tarannum notes, “The more aware one becomes of oneself, one’s inner powers and abilities, one’s sixth sense starts working. It is only when you are using all of your five senses effectively together that they combine to form that one more extra sense- the sixth sense. There are certain brain centres like the hypothalamus and pituitary gland which are centres for intuition”.

Tarannum elucidated all the four psychic senses: feeling, gut feeling, intuition and vision. Feelers are people who feel the positive and negative vibes from all the people who are around them. If a feeler is near a positive person he will feel good and if near a negative person he will feel low.

There’s just a thin line between a feeler and a gut feeler. A gut feeler can soon descend to the level of a feeler. Though a gut feeler receives messages from above the ears he seems to feel a tingling sensation from the stomach giving him a hunch of what may be in store for him in the immediate future.

A gut feeler has so inundated him/herself with self-created worries, that he can’t yet rise to the psychic level of an intuitive person. Whereas gut feeling sours and lingers on intuition comes like a flash of lightning. Intuition is the inner voice which guides one in day to day life.

A visionary is a person who has the ability to visualize whatever one wants with clarity and precision to the minutest details. A person can only become a visionary if he uses positive words in his thoughts and speeches and has strong imaginative powers. “We think in words and imagination,” says Tarannum.

Words like ‘can’t’, ‘don’t’, ‘maybe’, ‘if’, ‘but’ are limiting words, and should be avoided according to Tarannum. “Don’t live life in fear,” advises Tarannum, explaining that though research showed that women were more intuitive than men, men, being more confident of the two genders used their intuition more optimally, as they are more likely to trust their hunches and gut feeling. Women tend to doubt themselves and don’t trust their intuition as much as they should.

Tarannum asked the participants to write down three things they wanted to achieve within the next three months and reasons as to why they thought that they couldn’t be achieved. Everyone was asked to view all negative thoughts as to why they thought that their targets couldn’t be achieved and replace them with the single line, “I intend to complete this assignment by this particular date.”

A fun insightful game of telepathy followed in groups of two. The transmitter had to write down 5 three lettered words without showing them to his/her receptor partner. The receiver had to guess those words with some hints from the transmitter. The participants were advised to calm their minds to help them concentrate better.

In the highly interactive session, participants shared their personal problems asking Tarannum how it could be improved with intuition. Her old students also came forward to share their success stories.

Vinita Rajgharia of Mithibhai College in Mumbai said, “Through her enlightenment course Tarannum has taught us to love ourselves. Only when you love and value yourselves can you can make others happy. She taught us to appreciate people and things around us. Friends now tell me that I nowadays don’t even fail to appreciate a hair clip I like. Tarannum’s protection shield technique really works. I gave a protection shield to my uncle, thereby preventing a fatal accident he would have met with on his trip to a hill station”.

Beautician and journalist, Sonal Khanolkar said, “A year ago when I was seriously depressed and financially unsettled I joined Tarannum’s workshop. Her visualization technique helped me immensely. I bought my beauty parlour exactly where I had visualized it to be and landed a job with a salary of Rs 50,000 with Star World”.

To participate in future “Enlightenment” Workshops contact Tarannum Siddiqui on 9820188998.

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