The Needs Of Working Mothers And Child Care Options In India

The Needs Of Working Mothers And Child Care Options In India
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Balancing motherhood and a career can be an overwhelming feeling for the best of us. Working mothers say that they are pushed into feeling guilty by others when they decide to get back to work. But simultaneously, frustration begins to creep in when they are unable to use their education and intellect in a career of their choice.

There are plenty of options for childcare to help you achieve a balance, and if you have decided that you want to work, stick to your decision guilt-free. Speak to your husband and come to a decision on the child care options you have.

In India, the joint family system still prevails in many households, despite the increasing trend of nuclear families. Some working moms are lucky enough to have their parents or parents-in-law staying with them. Children get personal attention, and feel safe.

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On the other hand, their exposure to other children is limited, so get them to meet kids in the neighborhood. Ensure that you don’t take your family’s support for granted. They, as much as you, need to be appreciated. Tell them how much their support means to you, and you could perhaps gift them surprise outings.

If you don’t have the luxury of a family support system, there are day care facilities available. Most of these are quite well equipped these days, but ensure you do thorough research (experience of the staff, hygiene levels, neighborhood) before enrolling your kids in one.

Children are exposed to others in their age group and learn a lot through the story sessions and games that are conducted. If your child shows any signs of restlessness, irritation or displeasure on returning from the day care facility, check if it is lack of sleep or an injury which is causing it or some problem in the facility.

Parents tend to prefer day care facilities to domestic help, because of the safety factor. Not knowing how the maid or nanny is treating the child is an uncertainty that parents find hard to handle, and hence opt for day care facilities.

Some companies support working mothers by allowing them to work from home or work flexi-hours. Even while working from home, ask a domestic help to assist you with household chores and some chores related to the child. This will ensure that your work is uninterrupted, while at the same time, you are available to feed your child when he’s hungry and play with him during your lunch break.

MindTree Technologies is one of the few firms which have a day care centre for children of women employees. This is a great system to have in place, and if a company can invest in this, it will definitely give working moms confidence to enhance their careers.

So whether you choose to work from home, or move to a lesser paying job, remember that you and your child need to be happy, and there is no room for guilt or frustration.

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