Nightwear For Women In India: Fashion Tips For The Bedroom

Nightwear For Women In India: Fashion Tips For The Bedroom
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Do you find yourself going to bed in the same old pajamas or baggy night shirt every day? Do you end up wearing the clothes that you deem unsuitable for wearing outside, when you go to sleep?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, here’s the truth – nightwear is no longer only about comfort and making use of old clothes!

Nightwear for Women in IndiaNightwear is another dimension of fashion that has caught up rapidly in the last few years. Women in India now have a wide range of options to choose nightwear from, both in designs as well as fabrics.

Earlier if you told yourself that the over sized T-shirt was the most comfortable thing you could sleep in, now it’s time you also looked at what makes you feel good.

The feel good factor that comes with the right choice of nightwear is incredible after a long, tiring day.

Nightgowns can be worn by women of any age. They come in a range of fabrics like silk and cotton and can be fitted or loose.

This is a classic choice for women across age groups, and you can pick out some lovely pastel gowns to make you feel like a princess while going to bed.

A peignoir is a night gown which is sheer and made of chiffon or some other translucent fabric. These come with embroidery on the hemline and cup. Depending on your mood, go in for a long flowing one or a short one.

Pajamas are the classic nightwear and come in so many different variants – pull up, long johns, and teddy sets etc. which come in cotton. Silk pajamas are also a great option.

Night shirts which are comfortable, mostly slightly over sized, are great in cotton. Chemise and lingerie are extremely well crafted and come in so many different colours and types now. These are almost like a second skin and need to be well fitted.

Plus Size nightwear, especially for pregnant women is specially crafted to suit specific needs. There are tops with adjustable spaghetti straps and the pajamas have a drawstring waist to provide extra comfort.

Choosing the right type of nightwear depends on the season and climactic conditions, as well as your body type. The choice of fabric is very important. Cotton is an all time favourite and can be worn any time of the year.

During winters, flannels or synthetic can be worn for warmth. Try on sleep wear before you buy, because the last thing you want is your sleep disturbed because of uncomfortable clothes. So go ahead and pick out some beautiful night clothes for that happy night’s sleep.

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