How To Find Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs From Home In India

How To Find Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs From Home In India
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Online data entry jobs from home are popular work-from-home options for students and moms. Learn how to find genuine online typing jobs from home in India.

Are you looking for genuine work for stay-at-home moms in India? Do you often Google “data entry jobs from home” just to see what genuine home-based jobs you can find?

You’re not alone. For a lot of students and moms returning to the workforce and looking for WFH jobs, their lack of skills is the biggest obstacle to applying for the best online jobs from home.

Most genuine online jobs for women going back to work require some amount of skill in a specific field such as freelance writing jobs from home or any number of work from home jobs without investment.

On the other hand, online data entry jobs are a very popular choice of online jobs for students and moms who have never been part of the workforce, hence lack the necessary skills to choose from work from home options that pay better.

There are also many options for second career options for women, and even jobs for 40-year-olds and jobs for women over 50. who have the skill and qualifications or are willing to upskill and reskill themselves.

But, if you are absolutely sure that you want to find genuine data entry jobs without investment, read on to understand what this entails and how to go about it.

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What Are Data Entry Or Typing Jobs And What Skills Do They Require?

According to Study.com, data entry operators take written information from forms, applications, or company files and enter the information into computer system databases, or applications for business use.

Although employers may train data entry operators, this is usually possible in a situation where the operator works from an office. When you’re looking for online data entry jobs from home, you’re expected to have good typing and numeric key entry skills.

Besides strong reading comprehension, good spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are also essential for online typing jobs or return to work programs for moms.

The best companies for moms returning to work will expect you to have some knowledge of database software, spreadsheets, and word processing.

Even among data entry jobs, there are many kinds of online data entry work, such as becoming a transcriptionist or transcriber. You may have to specialize in one form or another kind of data entry specializations to find your niche.

You can find transcription work from home jobs with this list of the best transcription sites and transcription companies hiring for online transcription jobs for beginners.

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The Disadvantages Of Data Entry Work From Home Jobs

Today even 12th pass students have the skills required to do data entry work, which is why it is one of the best online jobs without investment from home for students in India.

It needs no special skills other than the ones you learned in high school. As a result, there are many thousands of unskilled people looking for data entry jobs from home in India.

So if you really want to opt for data entry work from home, you have to be ready to fight off stiff competition from all the other job seekers out there.

Even worse, you could become the target of scammers looking to prey on unskilled women desperately looking for suitable jobs for housewives in Mumbai and other cities in India. Are you prepared to take that chance?

If not, then you might want to consider learning some new skills and get the Managed Remote Solutions (MARS) program certification which helps women get certified as remote professionals so they can apply for legitimate remote jobs in various roles – including customer service, sales/lead generation, content creation, travel, remote sales jobs in the insurance industry.

That way, you’ll have the choice of a number of well-paid and genuine home-based jobs in India when looking for typing jobs from home.

Also remember that, if you choose a job such as online data entry that is easy to do, then it will also be easy to replace you. Whether you’ll be replaced by other humans or by automation doesn’t matter.

What is inevitable is that repetitive tasks that require very little skill are the easiest to automate, hence people who choose to do such tasks will be easy to replace in the near future.

If you don’t want to spend some time, effort and money learning new skills, and are happy with routine online internet jobs, then keep reading to learn how to find genuine typing jobs from home.

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How Can I Avoid Data Entry Work From Home Scams?

The first thing to remember is, don’t be desperate. Don’t jump on the first home-based data entry jobs that you come across.

Do your due diligence and try to look behind the façade to figure out if the remote work agency is offering genuine data entry jobs from home in India and pays its home workers regularly.

Look closely at the company’s website. Do they have genuine testimonials or fake testimonials with stock photos on their data entry jobs-from-home website?

Before you sign up with a remote work agency, please Google the name of the agency + the word “scam” to see if you turn up any reports of them scamming people.

Many people have reported having been cheated when doing data entry from home, and not got paid after all the hard work they did.

Don’t let that happen to you. Be smart and do your research before you start working for an agency, so that you don’t become the victim of any work-from-home scams.

Namrata's Story

Read the account of Namrata (name changed to protect her identity) who tried out one of these work-from-home agencies and was cheated out of the INR 2500 deposit that she was forced to pay.

She says that most of these agencies will ask for a deposit of anything from INR 2500 to 4000. And before you make the payment, they will give you lots of attention and sweet-talk, and make you feel like they really care for you.

Then they will force you to sign a work-from-home contract and if you don’t read the fine print carefully, you will not realize that the job they are giving you is impossible to fulfil unless you are a professional typist and have excellent typing speed.

In her words:

Though it feels possible, easy for a layman to do a typing job, it’s not so. They ask to type 250 pages in 18 days and only 3 mistakes are allowed per page. Mistakes include extra full stop, comma, spelling mistakes. Major mistakes include line repetition, wrong heading and page number.

If you make these mistakes, your page gets rejected. The assignment which I had taken had 250 pages… HTML typing.. to be completed within 18 days. A page is near about 48-50 lines. Initially, it took 1 hour 30 min for me to type a single page in a day.

I could not type more than 6 to 7 pages, and for the assignment to get completed my target on an average was to type 15 pages a day. Which is practically not possible for a person who does not have typing experience, only a well-qualified typist can think about this job, that too I won’t say it’s a part-time job.

It takes 12 to 14 hours of your day or more, which is way too hectic as compared to the Rs 50 per page which is being provided. That too if your accuracy reduces your payment again gets reduced.

So on average, after giving so much of your time you can earn Rs 7 to 8 thousand for 21 to 25 days. So I would suggest these kinds of jobs are for professional typists only. Or else you can give a try for yourself and experience.

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How Can I Find Genuine Data Entry Jobs From Home?

Only work with reputed providers of legal data entry jobs from home in India. Below I have listed a number of companies that provide genuine work from home in India.

However, it is up to you to do your due diligence and check each and every agency that provides work-from-home data entry jobs or typing jobs from home.


The Managed Remote Solutions (MARS) program is completely managed by the SHEROES platform for women which helps women returning to work get legitimate remote jobs in various roles, including customer service, sales/lead generation, content creation, travel, remote sales jobs in the insurance industry and more.

You first need to complete the MARS certification on the website, after which you’ll be certified for their remote jobs. Certification doesn’t guarantee that you will get a job, but it allows employers to contact you on the MARS website.

The SHEROES platform has created a remote workforce of highly skilled, MARS Partners who are highly qualified and eager to get jobs for women after a break.

But the reason the Managed Remote Solutions (MARS) program is the best return-to-work program in India is that it also provides employers with a number of benefits, including reporting, timesheets and performance reports, project management services as well as the tech platform and collaboration tools to drive success.

Arundhai Shewade, a MARS-Certified beneficiary of SHEROES’ remote work program, states:

It’s not easy for a working professional to sit at home and do nothing. SHEROES gave me the opportunity to strike a balance. Being a MARS Partner, I can take care of my son while working from home.

For 40-something moms returning to work after 10 years, the MARS program by SHEROES is the best back-to work-scheme for mothers.

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  • Megatypers

They are one of the companies that claim to provide Indian government data entry jobs from home as they provide data entry services to private and governmental institutions.

They support the client’s digitization requirements by converting scanned papers into editable digital documents and they are looking for typers from around the globe.

All you need to get online typing jobs with them is a computer with an internet connection and the ability to type at least 10 Words Per Minute.

You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as you please. The quicker you type, the more Typer Credits (which can be exchanged for a dollar currency) you earn.

Most of the experienced and top typers earn between $100 (Rs.6000) to $250 (Rs.15,000) per month. Beginners can earn $0.45 per 1000 word images typed and experienced people earn $1.5 per 1000 word images typed.

As TyperCredits can be automatically exchanged for a dollar currency (on a 1-1 Ratio), they may pay through Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union, although they recommend having a Paypal account.

I have never tested them out, but if you’re looking for work from home jobs without investment, this agency might be right for you. Try them out and leave your feedback in the comments below.

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  • Phenix Jobs

As they feature Amitabh Bachan on their website and have been in business for more than three years, I’m assuming that these guys are genuine providers of free online jobs in India.

They are a data entry company that offers professional work from home data entry services, data conversion services, data processing services, image scanning and indexing and other customized services.

The jobs they offer include:

  • Online and offline typing work from home
  • Manual form filling jobs (handwriting)
  • Digital form filling jobs
  • Excel numerical data entry jobs

They claim to be a “home-work job site providing an open and inexpensive service” and want to make their freelance workers rich.

  • Hiresine

Become an online virtual typist with this 100% Free and genuine jobs board that will help you earn money online without investment by typing work from home jobs.

Browse their website to get a feel for who they are and the type of work they do. Don’t get distracted by all the banners on the website.

  • Lionbridge

They have been providing work from home opportunities and home-based online jobs to individuals around the world for over 20 years and offer flexible working hours while working from home.

Their clients are some of the largest and most exciting companies in the world and they need your help to make their products and services better.

So if you’re searching for data entry jobs from home in Bangalore or data entry jobs in Mumbai from home without investment, this article on finding data entry jobs online from home without investment will give you all you need to find genuine work from home data entry jobs and avoid the work-from-home scams.

Now you no longer have to Google “online data entry jobs from home without investment.”  Whether you want data entry jobs in Mumbai from home or typing jobs from home in Mumbai or any other city, this article will show you how to earn money online in India.

Download the SHEROES app for women and get free career counselling and career guidance in India from career professionals.

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About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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