How To Apply For Online Jobs For Widows After Your Husband’s Death

How To Apply For Online Jobs For Widows After Your Husband’s Death
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Looking for jobs for widows or employment for widows after your husband’s death? Here’s how to apply for jobs online if you’re not financially independent.

Losing a spouse is very difficult, even more so if you’re not financially independent. Shock, denial, anger, grief and intense pain – these are some of the emotions that grip you in turn or all at once if you have lost your spouse.

Everyone tells you that you need to move on, and you know that you do. It takes immense courage and rationale to be able to say, “OK, life has to go on”, but it is possible with will power and the support of your family and friends.

If your husband provided for you and your family well enough that you don’t need to ever work again, you’re one of the lucky few. If you’re entitled to widows pension after the death of your husband, learn how to avail of widows pension income.

Take stock of your investments and savings, and talk to a financial consultant about how to can put your money in low-risk instruments and draw out some of them for immediate need until you find a job.

The SHEROES Money Matters community organises weekly financial literacy events and expert workshops for women to learn how to save and invest money on topics such as, “How to grow your savings – best savings options for working women and homemakers.”

However, for the majority of homemakers who have been out of the job market and do not have the means to manage without a steady income, life may seem overwhelming, emotionally and financially.

Chores, bills and the whole routine seem like an impossible mountain to climb.  If you had a job before your husband passed away, then review your job situation and see if you want to carry on in the same position.

If it is something that will continue to be financially viable, and something that you want to continue doing, it makes things a little easier. Ask your employer for a break long enough for you to get back to your feet after the terrible loss.

If you were a homemaker when your husband passed away, then you need to seriously think about what you can do to make yourself financially independent. If your husband was a government employee, find out if you can get government jobs for widows.

If your spouse was the breadwinner and you’re not financially independent, you need to learn how to apply for jobs online. This article will show you how to apply for jobs for widows or employment for widows, once you’ve dealt with the grief and emotional upheaval of losing your husband.

Rajini Shivaraman's #LifeChangingStory
Insurance agent Rajini Shivaraman's story

Read the life-changing story of 27-year old Rajini Shivaraman, a graduate from Tamil Nadu, who is a single mother as her husband expired in a massive accident. Rajini was lucky that her husband insured himself for 10 lakhs of sum assured, and on his death, she received the insurance amount, which she saved for her children’s higher education.

Being a Maths graduate, Rajini took up a job as a teacher for senior classes and was able to take good care of her children. She had the desire to give back to society and thought of educating other families about life insurance to insure the breadwinners of the family.

Rajini joined as an insurance agent with Shriram Life Insurance and started educating her neighbours and relatives by visiting them personally. Within 6 months she insured over 100 families with the help of her relatives, neighbours and referrals.

More than just earning extra income, Rajini’s target is to insure more and more families under Shriram life Insurance plans as she found the plans to be the best across the industry.

Uma Manjrekar's #LifeChangingStory
Uma Manjrekar

This is the story of 53-year-old Uma Manjrekar from Maharashtra, the only child of her parents, who was very pampered and was not interested in continuing her studies after 10th standard, but she is well known for her awesome cooking.

After marriage, around 25 years back with her husband’s support and encouragement, Uma started food catering services which fetched them extra income. Uma earned the trust of many families for the quality and on dot delivery catering services and her 20 employees are always busy as the orders pour in.

Uma slowly built hierarchy and delegated few responsibilities to one of the team member working with her since a very long time and she took only the supervision of the catering services. Then, with her own interest, she updated herself in computer operating and also learnt about a few investment instruments.

Uma has shown more interest in learning about insurance as it secures families after the breadwinner and as well as pays more than what customer pays if all the premiums are paid regularly.

Uma’s husband has suggested her to join Shriram Life Insurance as one of his colleagues is employed with it. She now does multitasking by taking care of the catering business as well as rendering her services as an insurance agent with Shriram Life Insurance Company.

How To Apply For Online Jobs For Widows

If you had worked at some point in time before your husband’s death, then you can find jobs for widows by contacting previous employers or business associates and setting up interviews.

Don’t do this at a time when you are still in denial of your husband’s passing, because you never know when reality will choose to rear its ugly head and reduce you to a bundle of nerves.

Do it only when you have gone through some grief counselling or online therapy and accepted reality for what it is.

How To Grieve & Heal The Loss Of a Loved One

The loss of a loved one, a marriage, peace of mind, job loss, business loss or any kind of loss that makes you feel low can be processed and healing is possible. In the wake of the life-changing events of the pandemic, our expert, Pratiksha Sahasrabudhe, is available to answer your questions.

free grief counselling

Pratiksha is a Clinical Psychologist, pursued her Masters (2014) and M.Phil (2016) in Clinical Psychology. Additionally, she has completed certificate courses in Trauma-Focused Therapy and Emotional-Focused Technique.

Click here to ask your questions in the comments on the SHEROES app for women.

It can help to undergo a personal development program to recreate yourself and figure out who you are without your spouse and marriage. Understand that you may face some challenges of living as a single woman in India.

Take stock of your educational qualifications, do a career guidance test, and see if you need to enrol in an online course which will help you stay abreast of recent developments in the industry of your choice.

Millions of women in India never complete their education for a number of reasons. However, the lack of a degree or even a Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) is no reason to despair when it comes to making money or getting a job.

If you don’t have a degree, you can still start a good career for women without degrees from this list of career options after 12th or after 10th standard.

Whether you need career guidance after 10th or 12th or graduation, you can get free career counselling and career guidance from a career strategist on the SHEROES app for women.

SHEROES also helps women achieve financial independence from home by offering certification for remote jobs for women, so you can find genuine jobs for housewives and online work from home jobs in India for stay at home moms.

SHEROES is also helping women earn money online in India without investment by helping them start an online business without investment in India.

Whether you’re a housewife or a working woman, you can get closer to your dream of creating an identity for yourself with the support of our Career Community on SHEROES.

Take a Career Test to learn about careers that match your interests, try an Online Course to learn a new skill or improve your English, practice for a Government Job exam using Online Tests or create your own Resume in just 20 minutes using our Easy Resume Builder.

Refresh your resume, sign up on remote job sites and check out our job seekers guide for job interview tips. Don’t be dejected in case a couple of interviews don’t go as well as you expect.

Be active on social and professional networking sites like LinkedIn and stay in touch with prospective employers. Don’t hesitate to go out there and network with people.

When looking for online jobs for widows, you can consider doing a number of freelance jobs from home or online jobs without investment.

There are many online jobs for retired people and second career options for women, including jobs for women over 40 and even jobs for women over 50, if you’re willing to look for them.

It may be difficult in the beginning, to even think of a semblance of social life or of getting back into the workforce after a tragedy, but if you need to support yourself and your kids, you must do what it takes to find genuine online jobs for widows and become financially independent.

Remember that you need to be strong and get back on your feet again. Keep at it, and with will power and determination, you’ll be able to bounce back into life with your head held high.

If, at any point of your journey of applying for online jobs for widows, you feel the need to talk to a professional for counselling, advice and support, please connect with a counsellor for free online counselling on the AskSHEROES chat helpline for women.

About the author:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

financial consultant

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