Become An Online Tutor With Online Teaching Apps

Become An Online Tutor With Online Teaching Apps
Become An Online Tutor With Online Teaching Apps

See how online teaching apps can help you find work-at-home online teaching jobs. Learn how to become an online tutor and find online tutoring jobs at home.

Learn about online teaching apps like WONK and get online tutoring tips and online tutoring ideas from the co-founder of this online teaching app.

In addition to a good salary, a WONK Tutor earns respect from students and parents and makes a positive contribution to society.

How To Grow Your Career As An Online Tutor With WONK

Join us on the SHEROES app for women for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on 2nd September, 3 to 4 pm with SHEROES Champion Vidhu, CEO & Co-founder of WONK, India’s first tutor discovery and booking app. WONK has 120,000 registered tutors of which over 90,000 are women.

On the upcoming occasion of Teacher’s Day, learn all about online tutoring and how to join WONK as an online tutor. You can apply, get verified as an online tutor and receive reviews and ratings from students and parents.

The best part of being an online tutor is that you can work from home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection and tutor students across India & abroad!

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Online Tutor With WONK


About the WONK Online Teaching App

WONK is India’s largest expert tutor booking app with 75,000 tutors and believes that learning should not be a privilege of a select few and hence it provides this wonderful opportunity to women.

Co-founded by Vidhu Goyal, WONK is India’s largest online teaching app and home tutoring booking app providing services in India and across 5 continents. It provides a complimentary course to tutors to improve their skills and effectiveness.

At WONK, here are the minimum qualifications to become an online tutor and take up remote teaching jobs:

  • Graduates preferred – but 12th pass are welcome to register
  • Proficiency in using Internet-based tools and resources to reach online
  • Good communication skills
  • Subject-matter expertise
  • Student empathy

The WONK Team certifies a tutor for quality before onboarding them to take on online teaching jobs from home. Once certified, parents can book you directly and you can start earning as per your qualification and experience. You can teach for any grades between KG to 12.

Generally, online tutors prefer to teach subjects in which they have completed their undergraduate or post-graduation studies. In the case of junior classes, you can choose to teach all subjects given that you have the knowledge and understanding of the board and curriculum.

WONK provides complete flexibility to tutors to take up online tutoring jobs part-time and choose the number of hours and working days as per their convenience. Online tutors spend on average 4 to 8 hours every day teaching online.

As a WONK tutor, you can earn between INR 300 to INR 1000 on average per hour in your online teaching job. On average WONK Tutors earn INR 40,000 per month.

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The tuition fees and the amount you earn depend on the number of classes and subjects that you teach. It also depends on the board of the student and the academic qualifications or teaching experience of the tutor.

In the case of entrance exams and competitive exams, it also depends on subjects, profession etc. Once you are enrolled and are taking classes, the Finance team processes the payment.

One of the reasons why these are some of the best online teaching jobs in India is that there’s no defined age to start teaching or learning. As even 12th pass students and undergraduates can register on the platform, these are also some of the best online tutoring jobs for students.

The WONK platform has tutors aged between 65 to 75 years as well, who are performing very well and admired by the students. They also have a high percentage of tutors from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who are earning very well in home-based teaching jobs.

WONK Online Teaching App

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