How To Earn Money With Online Tutoring In India

How To Earn Money With Online Tutoring In India

According to research from Allen and Seaman, college enrollment overall is in decline, while online enrollments are increasing with each year (2017). The global online education market is projected to reach a total market size of US$286.62 billion by 2023.

Online Tutoring Advantages

Online tutoring is one of the best part-time jobs a work-at-home mom (WAHM) can do in order to earn some extra cash. Even students can tutor other students online.

Service jobs sometimes can hamper the educational life of students because they have the tendency of trying to earn more by doing double shifts. This is not a good practice! You need to be smart.

To cut down on working service jobs, like being a waiter or a bartender or a barista you can take on an online tutoring job. We live in a time where technology acts as a bridge between two points. Use this technology, work smart and earn more.

If you have a talent for academics, you can use that talent to earn a good amount of money via online tutoring portals just by sitting at home or in the garden of your campus.

You’ll be astonished to know that providing tuitions online can help you earn $20 to $50 an hour depending on your subject expertise.

Even more, when you become an online tutor you’ll get the kind of respect that you probably won’t get in a service job. Moreover, you are helping a student excel in their studies, especially the ones scoring poor marks.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Offering online tutoring services is one of many options when it comes to working from home. You can become an online tutor with Transtutors and teach students over a computer or laptop.

You’ll help College Students across the globe (from Undergrad to PhD) learn a wide range of subjects from Accounting, Finance, Management, Economics, Engineering, Comp Science, Science to Maths and Stats.

Once you register and choose a subject, you’ll be required to prove your expertise by clearing tests. You can get paid handsomely for your expertise.

Tutor.com also employs teachers, professors, adjuncts, PhD students, and industry professionals, who are all passionate about their areas of expertise and eager to help students learn. Their students range from kindergarten through college to adult learners.

Teach Languages Online

If you are doing a bachelor’s degree, for example in English, then you can apply for the post of an English tutor to online tutoring agencies. Some of the most popular portals are Tutor Vista, E-Tutor and Sylvan Online.

italki pays you to help people learn a language. It is the world’s largest marketplace for online language teachers. As an italki teacher, you set your own prices and can teach from anywhere.

All you need is a computer, a headset and an internet connection. Teach as much or as little as you want can earn thousands of dollars as an online teacher. Students schedule lessons for times that you are available to teach.

You can also teach English online via myTEFL’s placements. Besides a high salary and flexible hours, you get to choose the times you want to work. You have the freedom to stay at home or travel with an online job.

You need to enrol in their 120 Hour Professional TEFL course and get certified to access job opportunities. This course is required for students planning to teach in countries that require an internationally accredited TEFL certificate in order to obtain a work permit.

You’ll get accredited training with a socially responsible TEFL organization and a solid platform from which to embark on your TEFL career or upgrade your current skills and abilities. They will match you up with great employers upon course completion.

Improve your existing English language teaching (ELT) skills and kickstart your career by joining a professional development course for educators.

Online Tutoring: How Does It Work?

The application process in each of the online tutoring websites is almost the same. All you need to do is, send your updated and well-written resume or submit an online form from their website.

Even though you are applying for a part-time job, you need to put your best foot forward as you would do for any reputed physical job in a company.

The only way you can be assured of being selected is by emphasizing a few important things like:

  • Previous tutoring experience (if you have any)
  • Your grades
  • Your efficiency in doing research on the internet
  • Your typing speed and
  • Your communication skills.

Once you’re selected, you will be notified by email or a phone call from the online tutoring agency. Your skills are then matched with the students’ requirements through an online portal. Once matched the student is assigned a tutor.

In addition, you may be called on to help out when the student faces difficulty doing their homework. Tutoring sites also reward the teacher if she has good reviews from students.

The most common process of tutoring on online tutoring sites in India is via an electronic whiteboard. This digital whiteboard is only accessible through the online tutoring website.

The digital whiteboard gives you and your student the privilege to work on an uploaded assignment at the same time. If you want to chat with your student regarding a topic, you will find a section for that either underneath or on the side of the digital whiteboard.

If you feel the chatting feature is not much of help then you can communicate directly with your student via email or telephone.

If you are not approved by the online tutoring agencies, then worry not – you can start your own online school. Here’s how to go about it.

Start Your Own Online Tutoring School

To start with, you will need a digital board and a digital chat room. You can obtain both of these for free but they come with limitations, the most painful one being annoying advertisements.

Some online whiteboard options include:

Moreover, such free tools may not have enough bandwidth, which means you will only be able to teach online for a short period of time. If you can afford it, consider buying a digital board along with a chat room specially designed for online tutoring.

For tutors with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, starting a tutoring venture or online school is a very good option. But first, you should determine to which demographic of students your company will offer online tutoring.

For example, your online tutoring business can be geared towards high school students or primarily focused on prepping students for specialized exams such as GMAT or SATs.

You also need to decide who the tutors will be, what necessary qualifications should they have, how the company will attract students, and so on.

Once you earn enough from individual online tutoring, you can start employing more tutors with expertise in various subjects. In this way eventually, you’ll end up creating a brand for your online school.

Teach An Online Course

Creating and teaching your own online course is a very lucrative way of earning an income online. Students are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a good course that helps them learn new skills.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to turn your online course into a business, watch this video from Eben Pagan,  where he walks you through 5 steps to turn your “big idea” into a successful, growing online business (just opt-in to watch for free).

There are many ways to create an online course. Here are 3 platforms that help you do that without worrying about technical issues:

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the world’s largest online learning marketplaces. You can upload your course there, but your earning potential will be limited because of their deep discounts. Most of their courses end up selling for $13.

2. Kartra

Kartra is a complete Membership Portal management system that makes it easy for you to deliver full courses with categories and subcategories. You can design a beautiful, custom-branded membership portal with the simple, drag-and-drop interface and create multiple membership tiers, each with different content, price points and logins. Try it out for just $1.

3. Teachable

Teachable is another platform that lets you create a beautiful school that 100% matches your brand by adding your own logo, images, colours, and page elements with their easy to use page editor, even if you zero technical skills and you’re just getting started.

You can create courses without ever having to worry about tech, hosting, design, or marketing integrations. In fact, I use Teachable to host my Naaree Academy school.

Marketing Is Key for the Success of Your Online Tutoring Business

Marketing is a must for any business – online or offline.  Marketing your online tutoring services is one of the most important things you should focus on while starting an online tutoring business. Your marketing endeavours should be targeted towards a specific age group or student demographic.

Another important thing is the location. You should market your online tutoring business in areas where there is a lack of online tutoring ventures or where the existing online tutoring services are substandard.

Marketing for an online tutoring business doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or expensive. Again, Kartra makes it a snap to craft automated marketing funnels and comprehensive campaigns to engage your customers, even if you’ve never done this kind of thing before.

From the simplest 1-step automation to the most complex, multi-layered campaign sequences, if you can drag, drop and click, you can start selling your courses in minutes.

They also offer done-for-you marketing campaigns that include all the assets you need, pre-designed and written with world-class copy, including emails, landing pages, squeeze pages, thank you pages, checkouts, and more.

Website traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. Learn how to get unlimited amounts of laser-targeted traffic to any website, any promotion, any company, anytime, virtually on-demand in this free traffic and conversions masterclass.

Make sure you set an income goal and implement the strategies to achieve those goals.  If you face any problem in running the business, seek help from coaches who are trained to run a successful online business.

I hope you found this online tutoring guide helpful in giving you the confidence to start your online tutoring career in India.

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Raul H.Powell is a content developer and freelance writer and works with Smile Tutor as a content developer and a writer. He has expertise in writing articles on various types of online tutorial. He also wants to promote such kind of work to help people develop their skills.

How To Earn Money With Online Tutoring In India



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