The Woman’s India Trip Packing List For Travelling To India

The Woman’s India Trip Packing List For Travelling To India
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Pack right with this India trip packing list for travelling to India as a woman traveller and ensure that your trip to Incredible India is delightful and fun.

India is an incredibly diverse country, in terms of both culture and geography, making it a traveller’s paradise. Right from some of the highest peaks of the world, glistening seas, expansive beaches, and arid deserts, India has a lot to offer for anyone bitten with the travel bug.

However, there is no denying the fact that India, by and large, is also a conservative country. Thus, for a woman travelling to India, packing right is really a big deal. Add to the high temperature and the diversity of seasons which makes a long vacation packing list for India a lot different than packing for any other country.

Here’s a basic women’s packing list of travel accessories and travel essentials for women to make sure your trip to Incredible India is a thoroughly enjoyable and delightful one.

Things to consider before you start packing

Before you start writing down your India trip packing list, remember there is more than one factor to consider when the country is as diverse as India. Here are some things you need to consider before getting your international trip packing list together.

  • Your travel destination

India is endowed with all of nature’s beauty when it comes to the variety in landscape. The temperature hits zero degrees in one region, and above 40°C is another region at the same time.

So, before you start packing know the region well. Decide on whether you will be trekking in the mountains, walking through the cities, or lounging on a beach.

  • The season and weather

The season of travel is also an important factor for India, though a lot of it depends on the area that you are visiting. The temperature generally soars between the months of March to May, while from December to February it remains pleasant with a nip in the air.

But this depends on the regions because in the summers the mountain will still be cool while in the winters, the south will still be hot.

Packing Guide For Women

India Trip Packing List For Women Travelers

There are several things that you must take on your long vacation to India regardless of the place that you are visiting. Here are some travel essentials for women along with the best travel gear and travel products to add to your India trip packing list.

Travel hack: You can save money and travel lighter, if you buy travel accessories online and ship them to your hotel or homestay in India well before you travel, so you’ll have them available as soon as you reach your destination.

1. Sunscreen & sunglasses

India is a warm country, and thus, you need to have good sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the Sun. Even in the mountains, the sun rays can be harsh in the mornings.

Make sure to carry sunscreen with a high SPF factor of over forty or fifty. It is best to go for sunscreens for the whole body to prevent tanning. Protect your precious peeps from the Sun with cool shades.

2. Yoga pants or leggings

India is known as the land of Yoga, and you deserve to treat yourself to rejuvenating yoga therapy before bidding goodbye to the country. Pack a pair of yoga pants for situations like that.

Leggings are also great to wear under kurtas just like the way Indian women wear them. You can wear leggings as layering under long skirts as well to keep yourself warm in chilly weather.

3. Comfy tops & tees

A number of lightweight, loose vests and tee shirts are the best bets to take in the sultry weather of the country. The vests are good to wear if you are visiting places like Goa and South India, but in other places, you will need to have a bit of layering on your clothes.

Loose tee shirts are good to go to those places. You can carry loose kaftans, a jumpsuit, and cotton tunics too.

4. Kurtis or saris

Ethnic clothes are must-haves in your suitcase if you are planning a trip to India. Take some colourful Kurtis and pair them up with dark-coloured leggings or even yoga pants.

Saris are something that you must try if you are visiting the land that is known for the variety and variability of saris. You can buy readymade sarees that require no draping skills from local craftspeople when you visit India.

5. Sarong or scarf

Sarongs have more use than one when you are in a country like India. You can cover your head when you are entering temples or just to shield yourself from the Sun.

Use it as layering in the evenings when you feel the chill during the winters. If you’ve chosen a beach destination like Goa for your vacation, lay it out to sit on it or wipe yourself with it like a towel.

6. Lip balm

Make sure to bring a lip balm that has high SPF in it. Right from the beaches to the mountains, the weather can lead to dry, chapped lips and such a lip balm will be of great help in such situations. Apart from applying lip balm below lipsticks, do not also forget to apply some of it when you go to sleep at night.

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7. Flip flops

You will have to remove your shoes pretty often when it comes to entering temples, houses, and even some shops in India. So, wearing shoes in such a situation can be quite a hassle as you just have to keep on tying and untying the laces time and again.

Take out your comfy flip flops or sandals from your suitcase once you reach the hotel. However, take trainers too if you plan on going hiking, trekking, or on a walking trail through the mountainous roads.

8. Tampons & menstrual cups

You get sanitary napkins all over India, but finding tampons and menstrual cups can be difficult. Only major cities and the places like Goa have a good brand of tampons and moon cups.

So, if you are not used to sanitary pads, and you are visiting at that time of the month, you better carry a pack of tampons or cups with you.

9. Power banks

Power banks can come in really handy when you are traversing the lengths and breadths of this country. If you’re taking long journeys in buses and cars in India, a power bank will be of great help to you.

Just charge it up and take it with you so that you never have to stay detached from the world due to a switched-off cellphone.

10. Prescription meds

In India, you will find all the medicines needed for common ailments like a cough, cold, or fever. However, there might be some medications that you take regularly which may not be available in India.

So, check up on the availability of those medicines in the country and it is best for you to carry such medicines with you. The same thing goes for any prescription medication that you take.

11. Universal travel adaptor

You will mostly find three-pin plugs in India, as opposed to the two-pin systems found in Europe and America. Travel adaptors are available widely in most electronic shops.

But landing in the country and immediately looking for a universal travel adaptor when your phone’s batteries are about to die can be quite a hassle. So it’s best to carry a travel adaptor with you before you leave for your trip to India.

Now that you’re armed with this India trip packing list and have all the women’s vacation packing tips and advice you need, go on and explore this magnificent ancient land on your Incredible India vacation.

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