Quick Beauty And Makeup Tips To Look Fresh After Last Night’s Party

Quick Beauty And Makeup Tips To Look Fresh After Last Night’s Party

After that exciting girls’ night out with your best friends or the morning after the New Year party, looking fresh might seem almost impossible.

But there are some quick tips which will help you look and feel good. Here are some we recommend:

  • Makeup TipsMoisturise

Take a lukewarm shower and apply moisturizer after, in order to cleanse and hydrate your skin. This is very important to maintain the suppleness of your skin and prevent dryness.

  • Cleanse

Make sure you use a cleanser to remove all the makeup before you go to bed. Never sleep with makeup on.

  • Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water or some orange juice rich in Vitamin C, which gives your skin a natural glow.

  • Sleep Tight

Get a good night’s sleep – beauty sleep works wonders on your skin.

  • Eye Care

• Put some tea bags or cucumber slices on your eyes, this allows your eyes to recover from fatigue and reduces puffiness.

• To get rid of dark circles the morning after, use a light coloured foundation depending on your skin colour directly under the eyes and let it dry. Use a cotton swab to blend some concealer into the skin and then dab the foundation on.

  • Make Up

• Use bronzer or shimmering powder over your foundation to add some zing, but don’t overdo it and risk looking all caked up.

• Go in for a nude colour lipstick and use one which has a moisturizer so that your lips are hydrated.

• Use a light coloured eye shadow and black mascara and liner. This instantly brightens up the sleepiest-looking eyes.

  • Dress Smart

Wear bright coloured well-fitted clothes. This is an instant mood lifter.

  • Smile 🙂

Above all, wear a smile and a positive attitude. Nothing makes you look better!

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