7 Last-Minute Study Tips For The Upcoming Railway Exams (RRB NTPC)

7 Last-Minute Study Tips For The Upcoming Railway Exams (RRB NTPC)
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Crack the upcoming railway exams and get a government job with the Indian Railway Recruitment Board with these last-minute study tips to prepare for the RRB NTPC exams.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all the upcoming Indian government exams dates were postponed, including the Indian railway exam 2020.

The stage 1 examination for Indian railway recruitment 2020, was held on December 15, 2020, via the RRB NTPC CBT (computer-based test).

Candidates interested in landing a government job with the Indian Railway Recruitment Board rolled up their sleeves and focused on creating an effective preparation strategy to pass the RRB recruitment exams.

The railway recruitment cell conducts the RRB NTPC exam or Non-Technical Popular Categories exam all over India to recruit candidates for a number of RRB jobs.

Some of these Indian railway jobs include the posts of Assistant Station Master, Traffic Assistant, Commercial Apprentice, Special Class Railway Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice, Goods Guard, etc.

Young engineers interested in applying for the post of Railway Recruitment Board Junior Engineer (RRB JE) have to prepare for the upcoming RRB JE 2021 exams.

If you want to do railway exams after the 12th, you can pass the RRB ALP exam or Loco Pilot exam and apply for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP). This railway job involves the task of assisting the Train Driver and entails a great deal of responsibility.

Most candidates who apply for Sarkari jobs usually prepare for more than one competitive exam for upcoming government jobs in India..

7 Last-Minute Study Tips For The Upcoming Railway Exams (RRB NTPC)

The competition for the RRB NTPC Sarkari exams is fierce. But, you can crack these exams with these last-minute smart study tips to prepare for the upcoming railway exams.

1. Make a Time Table

List all the topics included in the upcoming railway exam syllabus. Dedicate a few hours to each topic in your timetable. Avoid mental blocks by including different topics in your timetable.

Allot more time for topics you haven’t yet mastered. Your timetable should also make room for a few hours for revision and practicing with a mock railway exam online test series.

Even if you’re stuck on a particular topic, don’t let it stretch beyond your scheduled time. Stick to your timetable and get back to the difficult topics later.

RRB Syllabus


2. Prepare for General Intelligence and Reasoning Tests

The RRB NTPC reasoning and general intelligence section carry 30 marks in CBT 1 and 35 marks in CBT 2 exam. The only way to master this section is to solve as many questions as you can.

The more you solve, the better you will get at using shortcuts while solving logic and abstract reasoning questions.

3. Prepare for the Mathematics Test

Mathematics compromises 30 marks in CBT stage 1 and 35 marks in CBT stage 2. To fetch a high score in this section, you need to memorize the most important formulas.

Cover all the topics included in the Class 10 and Class 12 Maths syllabus. However, keep in mind that the questions will be presented to you in a trickier manner.

4. Prepare for the General Awareness Test

The General Awareness test carries the maximum weight with 40 marks in CBT stage 1 and 50 marks in CBT stage 2. In this section, you’ll be tested for your knowledge of current affairs, general science, Indian history, and much more.

To excel in the General Awareness test for the Indian railways’ examination, you must read the newspaper daily, and pay special attention to business, politics, and economic news.

5. Prepare for the Typing Test

The railway board also tests you on your typing speed. To qualify, your typing speed should be at least 30 words per minute in English and 25 words in Hindi.

Grammatical or spelling errors will lower your score, so practice typing with a stopwatch. It will help you avoid mistakes due to pressure or nervousness.

how to study for exams

6. Take Online Mock Tests

Practicing with the RRB NTPC previous year papers is a must for those preparing for the railway recruitment board exam because it helps you revise what you have learned.

Revision helps you retain information better, so remember to revise the exam topics starting from easy to difficult levels. Taking the online exam with the railway exam papers from previous years will familiarize you with the exam pattern and improve your time management skills.

Practicing with online mock tests with RRB NTPC’s previous year papers will also give you the opportunity to assess your performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses in these competitive exams.

The more you practice and take mock tests, the more your confidence will grow and you’ll be ready to appear for the exams with a positive attitude.

Register on the Glow and Lovely Careers Website to gain access to free railway exam online test series designed by subject experts. You’ll get Railway Group D mock tests, RRB JE mock tests, and more.

7. Practice Self-Care

Lastly, take regular breaks and sleep for at least eight hours a day. Remember, your brain can absorb and retain much more information when you’re well-rested.

You can practice yoga and meditation to reduce exam stress, boost focus and alertness during the exam. Remember to eat nutritious meals and get all the micro-nutrients you need to keep your brain functioning at peak levels.

Don’t forget to reward yourself and do something you enjoy after study sessions. It will help keep you motivated and you’ll look forward to studying.

Even though the RRB NTPC recruitment 2020 was postponed, that doesn’t mean you need to stop your preparations for the upcoming railway exams.

You can use the additional time you gained during the lockdowns to prepare for the RRB NTPC exams in 2021. In particular, use this time to do online mock tests with RRB NTPC’s previous year papers.

Here’s wishing you the best of success in your railway NTPC exams and RRB results, as well as landing RRB jobs through the Indian railway recruitment process.

For more Indian railway exam details and RRB NTPC job alerts, check the RRB NTPC official website.

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