Resume Writer Jobs: Start A Professional Resume Writer Career

Resume Writer Jobs: Start A Professional Resume Writer Career
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Looking for resume writer jobs? Learn how to start a resume writing career and earn money working from home as a certified professional resume writer.

Resume writer jobs have been gaining popularity as there are several advantages to this work-from-home job option, including the flexibility it provides. You can choose to work full-time or part-time depending on what is best for your current personal and economic situation.

There are no signs of the resume writing profession declining any time soon as this profession is crucial for jobs seekers. Candidates who create a resume that helps them stand out from the crowd have an advantage through the entire hiring process.

Having a professional CV or resume boosts their odds not only for getting the post they are applying for but also opens up opportunities for a better job. That itself it is worth the money of hiring resume or CV writers.

One of the best things about a resume writing career is that you can be a work-from-home resume writer. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. If you take this approach, it will be easy for people from different walks of life to approach you for professional resume help.

However, learning how to become a resume writer is not as easy as it seems. Just like essay writing, many people seek assistance from professional writing services such as CustomEssayOrder for writing a good resume that makes an employer excited to call them in for an interview.

It is not easy for everyone to become a certified professional resume writer as it requires good business expertise, excellent writing skills, as well as interpersonal skills. However, with constant practice, dedication, and persistence, you can become a resume specialist or resume expert.

So, if you’re looking to venture into the resume writing business, do not worry too much about how you’ll go about it. Here is a certified resume writer guide for beginners looking to become resume writers and offer resume writing services.

What skills do you need to become a resume writer?

To become a certified resume writer, you need to have good interpersonal skills, excellent resume writing skills, and good business expertise. There is no learning institution that awards degrees to resume writing students.

However, a business, journalism, English, or communication degree can provide you with the necessary skills you require for this career. The ability to write in a persuasive manner and strong written communication skills are essential for this profession.

Also, if you have relevant work experience, that is usually sufficient to give you the expertise for this career. But, if you do not have any work experience or a college degree, don’t worry.

There are several resume writer certification programs and online courses that can help you get a head start in your resume writing career.

How can I become a certified professional resume writer?

Unlike other professions, becoming a certified professional resume writer does not require you to have any qualifications. You can get resume writing jobs from your customers without any certifications.

But, there are some places that require you to have a professional certification to become a freelance resume writer. If you can schedule and budget for these certification courses, you may find them useful.

Some of the institutions that will help you become a certified professional resume writer include CDI (Career Directors International), NRWA (National Resume Writers’ Association), and CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer).

While having a certification doesn’t hurt, and some resume writing companies prefer candidates who have qualifications, it is not essential for every resume writing company you work with. You may want to consider certification as a means of boosting your chances of getting a resume writing job.

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The professional resume format

Regardless of the kind of resume writing jobs you receive, it is important to remember that a professional resume format should have the following:

  • Contact details
  • Opening statement
  • Education and work experience
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Additional skills such as technical and computer skills
  • Awards and achievements
  • Languages known
  • Hobbies
  • A couple of references of past employers

How to improve your resume writing skills

One of the key skills you need to have to become a resume writer is good writing skills. Writing is a difficult skill to perfect, but it’s not impossible. Writing resumes for friends can help you get to practice.

With practice and tenacity, you can improve and develop your resume writing skills. People from different walks of life will come to you looking for resume help.

Whether it’s a consulting resume or executive resume, you should learn how to prepare resumes for people from all professions and at all levels so you can help as many people as possible and make a good living while doing it.

How much can you earn as a resume writer?

Professional resume writers can earn a pretty penny. A professional resume can cost $80, and if you include other tasks such as writing the cover letter and a thank you letter, it can generate as much as $500 per customer.

These price rates do not include certified professional resume writers’ charges, which can push up the rates significantly. If you have a resume writer certification, you can charge as much as $50 for a cover letter and thank you letter.

People who offer resume writing packages charge around $250 per customer, with additional costs depending on any other additional writing services. So, why struggle as a job seeker after your academic career, when you can get paid to write resumes?

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How to find resume writer jobs

There are numerous ways to get started in your resume writer career. You can work for a resume writing service as a freelancer, or you can start your own resume writing business from home.

If you choose to work from home, there are a number of professional resume writing services looking to hire new resume writers and you can sign up on their websites for resume writing jobs.

Some of them include FlexJobs, WriterBay, Upwork, RiseSmart, ResumeYard, Boardroom Resumes, WriteZillas, and Talent Inc.

Another way to promote yourself is to optimize your LinkedIn profile with the right headline, summary and keywords so you can get found for terms such as “resume writing services”,  “resume coach”, “resume experts” and “resume specialist.”

Becoming a resume writer and starting a resume writing career as a resume coach, resume editor or executive resume creator can be a very lucrative work-from-home option.

Many moms are venturing into the professional CV writing and resume writing business as it comes with many advantages. Not only can you choose to work from home but it also grants you a lot of flexibility as you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop and Wifi connection.

Why struggle with your job search when you can work as a resume writer for professional and reliable professional resume services or even start your own resume writing business.

But for you to accomplish this, you need to have good business acumen, outstanding writing skills, and good interpersonal skills in dealing with clients.

I hope this article on how to become a resume writer and offer CV writing services or resume services online will help you become a well-paid and certified professional resume writer.

Author bio:

Priya Florence Shah is the Group Editor at SHEROES and author of Devi2Diva, an emotional self-care book for women.

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